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The coming ban on the New Testament and its historical parallels


Given the morally bankrupt and Satanically-subverted society we live in today, it's not a question of IF the New Testament will be banned - it's simply a matter of when. In today's episode we'll look at another book that was hunted down and destroyed - ensuring you would never hear about it. Until today.

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The Very First Bible

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The latest news, history and analysisfrom the perspective of the first Christian's tune into the FBN worldwide twenty four sevenradio stream. When I first learned that Amazon and apple can and have deletedand edited the ebooks bought from them retroactively and without your knowledge or consent,a few things came to mind. But before I continue, I should addthat both companies apologized for doing it, but it did lay bare their abilityand eagerness to do it under the right circumstances. And by the way,you're buying a license to read those ebooks, not the book itself. That's howthey justify their right to edit or delete content later. Anyway, itreminded me that pastors are being jailed and harassed for things that they say intheir sermons, things involving homosexuality and the covid fraud. I wondered how longuntil the New Testament runs a foul of some new creative interpretation of the ADLand their socalled hate laws, hate of...

...course, being anything they disagree withwith. These big tech monopolies censor and edit your religious digital library? Wouldthey search through it with an algorithm that detas and erases offensive words and phrases. Literally alter the words of the New Testament because the ATL or a layerof bureaucrat, says so. A year ago I would have said no,but today, in our society hijacked by the Jesus killers and they're duped judaizers. We live in a culture that not only tolerates evil, it celebrates it, idolizes it. transhumanism, transgenderism, what's the latest now? Nike Satansneakers promoted in music videos where the singer has gay sex with the devil.A country in which the Supreme Court has codified anti Christian laws. Is itreally that hard to imagine someone like Alan...

Dershowitz arguing before the judges or,in our case now, arguing before the Sanhedron Council, why the New Testamentshould be banned? Not only is it easy to imagine he'd take the casepro bono, is he attacked this scripture, no doubt using the same reductio ADabsurdum arguments he proffered in a way to justify torturing prisoners by jabbing needlesunder their finger nails. But, just so you don't get a bad impression, he did couch his argument by saying the needles would be sterile. Whata humanitarian truly a light under the nation's how is he not gotten the NobelPeace Prize yet? Well, in life there is mystery. In any event, it's not a question of if, it's simply a question of when theymuscle the New Testament. Maybe they have...

...their hands full right now trying toget everybody injected with their new experimental bio weapon and they need to focus onthat before taking on the New Testament. What will come as a shock tosome is that the Hebrew Bible, what you know, is the Old Testament, will remain unmolested. You won't see Dershowitz and the Pharisees attack one oftheir own. That Old Testament has nothing to worry about. No, they'resatanic wrath will be focused on the New Testament only, and I imagine they'llbe taking careful aim at anything written by Paul the Apostle, especially first thussalonians to fifteen. I bet they can't wait to start burning that scripture inthe town square, just as the Jesus killers before them did on their wayto murdering fifty million Christian Russians back in one thousand nine hundred and seventeen whenthey called themselves bolsheviks. Today they hide behind the mask of neocons, andwhen that form is no longer convenient,...

...they'll find a new mass to hidebehind. Is they burn bibles and murder Christians. What was old is nownew again and, as regular listeners know, at Fbn we like to look atKurrent events through the prism of the first Christians, but today we're goingto flip that prism around and look at Censorship and book burnings of the firstand second centuries and see if we can spot some similarities among the usual suspects. Will we find similarity among the material that has been routinely censored in bannedfor the last two thousand years with what's happening today? The answer is yes. And the book in question was so dangerous and so hated that it andanyone who owned a copy was hunted down, murdered and burn the book posed sucha threat to world order, such...

...a growling menace to religious orthodoxy,that the world's largest church and two Roman emperor's unleashed the full might and furyof their power against it. Ancient Writers and critics like Tertullian Iranius hippolottis andJustin murder, filled the known world with books and scrolls warning against reading it. Tertullian wrote no less than five books. He spent a lifetime dissecting and attackingevery word and syllable contained in that dangerous book, and over the courseof two centuries they managed to find and destroy every last copy of it,even torching entire royal libraries to ensure the job had been done correctly. No, it wasn't a Dr Seuss Book. It wasn't anything that bad. Infact, you've probably never heard of it. But what subject matter would engender sucha vicious, scorched earth response?...

Even gay sex videos with Satan andsix sixty six gym shoes filled with human blood don't get that kind of response. I mean, this book must have been pretty outrageous. But the bookwas simply titled Antithesis, just that antithesis. But you may ask, if everycopy was destroyed, how do we know it even exist at how dowe know the title and what the subject was? After a huge church andtwo Roman emperors spent centuries bowing to a race from the earth, how couldwe possibly know? Well, the answer to that is called the law ofunintended consequences. Tertullian, Eranius, hippolatus and Justin Martyr had written so extensivelyabout the book. As they warned about it, they ended up quoting fromit so much that we can actually piece together large portions of what was containedin antithesis. And because their books weren't...

...burned, antithesis ironically survived, andthe subject matter was relatively simple. The book simply compared the differences we see, that we can all see today, between the deed portrayed in the OldTestament and the God revealed to us through Jesus Christ in the New Testament.The book was published in one hundred and forty four a D, and bankthen there was nothing called the Old Testament. It was called the Torah, orHebrew Bible. It would be renamed the Old Testament many years later,around the time that the slight of hand magic show was happening, what wecalled the Council of Nicea back in three hundred and twenty a d. allthat's covered in a different episode and I'll have links in the show notes soyou can check that out. The book laid out and made the case inacademic fashion that the Old Testament, Colonel Dedi, could not possibly be thesame Christian God we see in the New Testament. Really, it was justa simple exercise and contrast and compare,... simple that anyone who read itimmediately understood it, and I mean anyone. Millions of people left the Judai's versionof the Christian church as a result. It was a human wave of conversions, a mammoth sea change of ecclesiastic vision and understanding. This new churchwas based on the first Christian Bible, born of the Movement based mainly onthe Gospel of the Lord is received by Paul the Apostle, and it wastaking over the entire known world. The man who wrote the book was namedMercion of Sinope and he and his books had to be stopped at any cost. In part two of this episode will take a deep dive into the scriptsure, and do our own comparisons. Will we come to the same conclusionthat millions of the first Christians did? Until then, you can do yourown independence study at Mercy Night Church.

DOORG DOT Org. Just click onthe antithesis Lincoln. Of course, grab a free copy of the very firstBible at the very first Bible. Dot Org. Dot Org. This hasbeen Darren Klama, and I'll see you next time on FBN.

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