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Episode 71 · 8 months ago

Billions of people have rejected Christianity because of the Old Testament - Why?


What's the true cost of stapling the alien writings of the Hebrew Torah and its carnal deity onto our Christian bible? Even mainstream pastors are beginning to recognize the problem while using words like 'unhitch' when discussing it. In today's episode we look at how we got here and why so many denominations are failing.

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What's the true cost of stapling the alien writings of the Hebrew Torah and its Carnal Deity under our Christian Bible? Even mainstream pastors are beginning to recognize the problem, while using words like unhitch when discussing it. In today's episode we look at how we got here and why so many denominations are failing. The latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the First Christians. Tune into the FBN worldwide twenty four seven radio stream. You've probably heard the phrase a man who won't believe in God will believe in anything. And when we look at the ease in which a fake plague was sold to the world and the speed at which support for a new World War was generated, the truth of the Maxim really hits home. But where did all these atheists come from? How do you go from having an innate, instinctive connection with God to being a professor with all the answers who believes in feathered dinosaurs, space,...

...aliens and the missing link? Well, there's plenty of studies and Pew Research polls out there that report on and celebrate the decline in Church memberships and mass participation, but almost none of them ask the simple question of why. Well, we here at, FBN, have been conducting our own poles and doing our own research, and doing it by asking a simple question of atheists, what caused you to turn away from Christianity? And for the second year in a row, almost all of them had an answer that included something they read in the Old Testament. Some were even able to remember the subject matter that caused such a repulsive reaction, and most had to do with the Deity of the Old Testament ordering Jews to kill women and children. It's in order given by their deity many times in several books of the Old Testament, recurring theme to kill women and children. Now, other atheists referred to magic tricks used... Moses or Jacob getting into a wrestling match with the Deity of the Jews and winning the contest. The stories just sounded made up, written by psychopaths or a self worshiping, self chosen barbaric tribe. But no matter the specific story they cited as the reason they rejected Christianity, they all had one thing in common. All of the examples they used came from the Old Testament. There was nothing in the New Testament that caused them to reject Christianity. It all came from one place, and it's no coincidence that when you argue with an atheist, they'll always use examples from the Old Testament as weapons to beat you with. And you, as a Christian, are now suddenly put in the position of having to defend the bizarre scribblings of Jews and their deity because it's in your Bible. Think about that. You have to defend murdering women...

...and children well, at the same time claiming it's the word of God and what Jesus would have wanted. Now, wait a minute. This is an impossible position for a Christian to be put in, and the atheist knows it. Now is Christians were instructed to always seek the truth and to hold fast to what is true. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who's an atheist. Ask him what bearing, if any, the Old Testament stories had on his decision. You'll find that what I'm telling you is the truth, but each of us should confirm it on their own. So now we see what the fundamental cause for the rejection of Christianity is. Now, before I move on, I want to interject a little of my own experiences in dealing with and debating atheists is, you can imagine. As host of First News on FBN, I interact with them mainly on our social media accounts, on telegram,..., Bitchute, Youtube and, too a much lesser extent, on twitter and facebook, and sometimes also in person. Now in these debates I let them go full throttle. I never interrupt them. I have years of experience and already know what their arguments and talking points are before they even say them, before they even make the argument. I already know what's coming. Trust me, I've heard it all. Now, some are better than others, but inevitably they all bring up something from the Old Testament. is their coup de grace the final cut to defeat Darren the Christian and his God. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is help them make their own argument for them while nodding and apparently nodding in agreement. One verse they frequently use as the command of the Old Testament Deity to the Jews to cut off the hand of any woman that touches a man's genitals in a fight. Now again nodding in agreement, and then I add, yeah, he even...

...says to show the woman, no pity as her hand is being chopped off. And in response the atheist will yell yes, exactly, defend that it's in your Bible. And in response to them I elegantly and the debate by simply saying no, it isn't. In fact, nothing from the Old Testament is in the very first Christian Bible that was compiled in one hundred and forty four a d. it's the original unedited Christian Bible and it remains unchanged to this day, containing the gospel of the Lord and the original ten epistles from Paul the Apostle. And for hundreds of years it was the only Bible used by millions of the first Christians. The Gospel of the Lord delivered to Paul by Jesus on the road to Damascus. Now, you may know, it is the revelation and Paul talks about it in Galatians. Let's read it together. But I certify you, Brethren, that the Gospel which was preached of me is not after man, for I neither received it of man, but... the revelation of Jesus Christ. And of course we find that in Galatians one hundred and eighty nine and the reason that first Christian Bible doesn't contain the Old Testament is the same reason it doesn't contain the Koran or the Hindu or Buddhist Bible either. See that somebody else's religion, and none of those reflect the Christian God revealed to us only through Jesus Christ. There's no mystery here. All facts are in the public domain. This was foundational Christian cannon for hundreds of years, right up until your Bible was changed at the point of a sword in three hundred and twenty five a d at the council of Niceia, and the Old Testament was staple to it. Of course, back then it was called the Torah and it was written in Hebrew. Today, you know it is the Old Testament written in old English, and your Modern Bible of today was the result of a lot of time and effort by the Judaizers,...

...the people described by Paul as, quote unquote, false brethren who pushed perverted false gospels. As we read once again in Galatians, you won't find anyone named Jesus in that Old Testament, nor will you find anyone named Yahweh or Yeshua in the New Testament. You see, it's oil and water, or is the pre-nicene? Christians were fond of saying not my book, not my God, and truer words were never spoken. Now again, is Christians were compelled to seek the truth and hold on to it, and today we want to find out the truth behind why people are driven away from Christianity. Now we've found part of the reason in the Alien Torah Old Testament, but there's much more to it. You see, the mechanisms and tools used by Satan's parasites to keep people away from Christianity and God go far beyond simply...

...perverting the Bible. Now, remember, many atheist come from broken homes, have a poor relationship with their father and have been saturated and bombarded with anti Christian propaganda their entire lives. Their love of God replaced with a lust for a materialism, a bottomless void of consumption and quick dopamine hits that can never be filled. Spiritual zombies, and it's all by design. See, atheists are the easiest people to control. That's why government's love them. They believe everything and nothing at the same time, and they'll do it on command. It's his easy as flicking a light switch. Now, if your church has been pushing the fake play, the bioweapon injections and pushing another World War. That's not a church, it's a pizza hut in a suburban strip mall no different. Remember, you didn't leave them, they left you. If you...

...or someone you know is drifting away from Christianity, I really encourage you to give the real Christianity a chance. Get the first Christian Bible, the Gospel of the Lord, the one that Paul traveled the world to give you. I think you'll find your faith restored, the veil removed from your eyes and find yourself back on a solid theological foundation. In fact, you might have been be able to win over a few atheists back to our side. It's free at the very first Bible Dot Org, Dot Org. Now the largest church that still uses that pre nice seen Bible is the Marcionite Christian Church, but there are others. Imagine if we could get just one generation of kids steeped in the original pre nice seen faith. I think that's a goal worth achieving. I think that'll do it for our episode on atheist now I want to jump on some very quickly, some housekeeping items for our parishioners.

The Very First Bible has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese and is available for free. Ask Your presbyter at your meeting house to get a copy for you or download the Ebook for free. I'll have a link in the show notes for that. And with that the main languages of the Western Hemisphere are now done. Okay, we've got a translated now into English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, unless you count Canadian to be a foreign language. Ay, and by the way, the Marcionite Church has made it its mission to provide the very first Bible in every language for free. So we've got three down and a lot more to go now. If you'd like to help as a translator, please send an email to outreach at marcionite church Dot Org. And, now that I think about it, even the audiobook version that we have is available for free also. We went ahead and put up a telegram... The name to get to it is first Bible network. We update stories there daily and also update them at First Bible Network dot com. It has a chat room attached to it for discussions and comments. It's also where we post some of our popular FBN memes, those little cartoons with the political agenda and the new presbyter training center is being built by the Marcionite Church in El Salvador. We had a breakthrough on the legal front there, so it's sailing along and, by the grace of God, is fully paid for. Bishop theophilis says that what's needed most right now is your prayers that everything comes to fruition. Last but not least, the FBN book of the month is the first New Testament by Professor Jason BeDuhn. Now I've read it and if you want an academic deep dive into the original Bible and the events and people that...

...surrounded it, I can't recommend this book enough. There's more footnotes than you can shake a stick at. Thanks for joining us and just a reminder, you can listen to fbn seven on our streaming radio station or catch us on spotify, apple, Google, Amazon, any of the big video or podcast platforms. More likely than that, we have a presence there. I'm Darren KOLOMB and we'll see you next time on first news on FBN. Kill them all, old and young, girls and women and little children. Does that sound like something Jesus would ever say to you? The first Christians didn't think so. Da and that's why you won't find the Old Testament in the first Christian Bible of one four for a d reconnect with your pre niceene Christian roots and the Bible you were meant to have. Ten Books and the Gospel of the Lord Downloads Your Free Ebook at the very first Bible Dot Org.

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