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Episode 11 · 1 year ago

Christians Warned to Prepare Catacomb Churches Now


As lockdowns grow across the world and governments demand citizens be injected with bioweapons masquerading as experimental RNA vaccines, the Marcionite Christian Church is urging all denominations to prepare underground Catacomb Churches for the safety of parishioners. In today's show we'll discuss the liturgical guide issued by the church that helps lay people (regular parishioners) prepare to conduct a simple mass or baptism as it's expected we'll lose many priests and pastors during the coming purge. 

Links mentioned in the show:

Liturgical Guide for Mass, Baptisms and Prayers

The Very First Bible of 144 A.D.

War on Christians

Religious Vaccination Exemption Affidavit 

Stripping away two thousand years a falsedoctrine isn't easy, but we've had lots of coffee. Now your host,Darren Calambay. Everybody, Darren Calama again with the Right Bible podcast. Youknow, just days after our most cherished holidays, and even Christmas was defiledby the creators and enforcers of this covid hoax or, as it's quickly becomingknown, the Talmud flew. We now look on as a new satanic phaseis revealed, the bio weapons masquerading as vaccines phase, and were reminded ofdark days experienced under the Bolshevik revolution just a hundred years ago, when sixtymillion Christian Russians were murdered and they were driven underground to conduct mass they werecalled catacomb churches, secretive underground basement churches where the faithful gathered in small numbers, hunted by the Jesus killers, living in fear and poverty. And nowwe fast forward to today, as a... satanic wave sweeps across the world, hiding behind the mask of a fake plague and wielding as syringe filled witha deadly cocktail of gene altering poison, and their final solution for Christianity isin that syringe. What was once old as now new again, and althoughthe plague is fake, the tyranny is very, very real. Christians arebeing targeted and hunted by the Pharisees once again, just as Jesus and hisapostles were two thousand years ago. Unfortunately, they have technology and advanced surveillance toolsthis time, making these catacomb churches a viable and necessary option for Christiansthat are able to evade the deadly hour in a bio weapons and the enforcementarm of the Pharisees and their new laws. And speaking of laws, in NewYork a bill is being considered to put people who they claim have covid, and even people they suspect of having Covid, in special quarantine camps.Let that sink in. This is exactly... the Bolsheviks operate. It's rightout of their playbook and it's happening today. Unfortunately, the leaders of most Christiandenominations are missing in action, found only on the back of milk cartonsor, worse, encouraging the faithful to be injected with these satanic bio weapons. One can only imagine the eternal punishment that awaits these traitors to humanity,as their souls are forever carved with the words at versus Christus. But thereis at least one church standing up to the satanic agenda, and in someways it's not really a surprise. The mercy and I church has been aroundsince one hundred forty four a D and it was founded on the very firstChristian Bible come piled of that same year. The marcian nights have been persecuted forMillennia and they know how Satan's children operate. Last July, the churchissued a ban on all RNA and nanotech vaccinations, just as the enemy beganto reveal itself and it was recognized by our leadership. Now the church,through Bishop and Drew Philo Logos, has...

...issued a new warning and advisory andis urging all Christians to go to ground, actually underground. And going underground isnothing new for persecuted Christians. For centuries we used catacomb churches, subterraneanchurches, to meet, Prey and worship God, safe from the enemy.And just like one hundred years ago under the same Satanic Bolsheviks, we're goingto lose a lot of priests and pastors. Thousands were killed the last time andthat means late people, normal parishioners, were called on to fill their roles, and we're going to talk about that. But first I want toread a little bit from the catacomb church press release that just went out and, by the way, I'm going to have a link in the show notesyou can kind of follow along with this. But the the pressor has a headlinethat reads church issues, Christians to prepare for underground masses, semicolon issues, catacomb church instructions. Subheadline warns of...

New Crackdowns on Christians as vaccine refusalsgrow with the date line of Washington DC. And it begins as lockdowns grow acrossthe world and government's demand citizens be injected with an experimental our in avaccine. The mercy and Christian churches urging all denominations to prepare catagomb churches forthe safety of parishioners. Quote, in terms of defense against surveillance, shootingsand arson, conducting mass underground is the safest course of action. Sus BishopAndrew Philo Logos during the Bolshevik revolution, in which millions of Christian Russians wereslaughtered. The use of underground catacomb churches was instrumental in saving lives. Unfortunately, above ground churches have been used in the past by governments to force vaccinateChristians as they arrive for services. Continued Philo Logos. We saw that inMexico during the communist takeover in the S and it's a technique that's likely tobe duplicated in our time and the story...

...continues. In response, the Churchhas issued a basic guide called mass baptism and prayers of the very first Christians, that layman can follow if they're called upon to conduct mass in a catacombchurch setting. It's anticipated that priests and pastors may not be available to performservices and these guides will help others up into a leadership role locally. Now, obviously, we were able to get a advanced copy of the book calledMass Baptism and prayers of the very first Christians, a reconstructed liturgical guide,and it asked some pretty basic questions. When your church is lockdown and prayingtogether as band, what are you going to do? What if you arecalled upon to lead other Christians in your town in prayer, would you knowhow to conduct even a simple mass. What if you're called upon to doa baptism? Now this liturgical guide walks you through the rights and sacraments justas they were performed over twozero years ago, as they were done just by millionsof other Christians just like you.

And if you're interested in getting acopy of this new liturgical guide, I'm going to have a link in theshow notes. You can click on it and downloaded. I believe it's inPDF and EPUB. EPUB format. Or if you want to also pick upa copy of the very first Bible in paperback form, just go to Amazonand type in the forwards the very first Bible. Or, as always,you can read it and downloaded for free at the very first Bible Dot Org. This has been Darren Killama. Thanks for being with me on another weekendand we'll see you next time on the right Bible podcast.

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