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Do Marcionites Celebrate Christmas? Learn the Surprising Story Behind the Answer


Like presents under the Christmas tree, you never know what you'll get when you open viewer mail and this week was no different. Christmas, Greeks, secession, PDF flipbooks and a solar eclipse in 29 A.D. are among today's topics.

Topics discussed in the episode:

Arrival of Jesus and the Eclipse:

The star of Bethlehem : an astronomer's view

by Kidger, Mark R.

Isbn 0691058237


The Very First Bible Flipbook:

The oldest inscription bearing the name of Jesus in the world:

Vatican documents and translations referencing Marcion of Sinope:

Marcionite Christian Church:

First Bible Network:

Like presents under the Christmas tree.You never know what you'll get when you open viewer mail, and this weekwas no different. Christmas, Greeks, secession and a solar eclipse in twentynine a d are among today's topics. I had already started writing today's episodewhen I was interrupted by several voice mails and emails from Marcianite presbyters. presbytersare a kind of well there. Like priests, they lead a small congregationof believers in mass and discussion, but...

...they do it in a meeting house, not a church. They use a liturgical guide provided by the Church toconduct mass, baptisms or any of the usual rites and sacraments. You commonlyfind it a Christian church. And of course, the liturgical guide and massand things the presbyters learn is based on the foundation, the Soloscriptura of thechurch, the very first Bible, the pre Nice Scene Bible of one hundredand forty four a d. In any event, the voice mails and emailswere suddenly all about Christmas. It's right around the corner and there parishioners areasking a lot of questions, and prispitters aren't the only ones that have takenan interest in what the Marcy Night Church does about Christmas. Let's set thetone with a viewer voice message from just a couple days ago. I Darren, I've got a question that's on the lighter side from the covid topic andbut the holiday season coming up, I was wondering what holidays, as MarcianKnights, we should be observing and and...

...maybe if you have some traditions youcould share with us, I'd be interested in hearing about that. Got Mylittle family here and my my young ones, and we've always done the traditional Christmasis former Catholic. Yeah, I'm just curious what you do and howyou choose to celebrate. Thanks now it first glance it seems like a simplequestion, and most of them are until FBN gets ahold of them and startslooking under the hood, and this one was no exception. Now, forstarters, mercy nights use the pre nice seen Bible, and that Bible onlyhas one Gospel, the Gospel the gospel of the Lord, delivered to Paulby Jesus on the road to Damascus, and that Gospel doesn't have any storiesabout prophetic Persian kings and horse stalls and...

...pregnant Jewish women. So we don'thave a birth story per se, but we do have an arrival story,a descent story, and mercy night celebrate the day that Jesus arrived on earthand took on human form. When he became human. In fact, hedid it twice, once when he first descended to Earth and again when hevisited the apostles after his resurrection and ascension. That visit is also found in theModern Bible. Now, did he need to be birthed by another Jewishwoman, or any woman for that matter, when he returned in human form tovisit with the Apostles after his resurrection? Of course not. He's simply descendedagain, just like he did the first time. So the short answeris yes, Marcie and night celebrate Christmas.

Now let's look under the hood,and before I get into this is regular listeners know, when we tackletricky subjects, I leaned heavily on Bishop Andrew the Aphilis at the church andI wanted to do that this time as well. But he's traveling to ElSalvador of all places. All of a link in the show notes explaining whatthat trip is all about, if you're interested. So He's gone. Butwhen one door closes, another opens, and the Chancellor of the central puntiateof the church, aw Mitchell, agreed to help me with this Christmas issueand, as he explained to me, it is in the first sentence ofthe gospel of the Lord that we find what direction to go to for ouranswer. We learned that Jesus descended first arrived on earth in the fifteen yearof the reign of Tiberius Caesar, and he arrived in a town called capernoumeon the edge of the Sea of Galilee. Now you're going to see why allthree of those facts are so important.

Now, for us, the fifteenyear of Tiberius's reign translates into the year two nine e d now that'spretty good. At least it gives us a start. Now we know theyear when he arrived and we know where he arrived. And if we werelike the Catholics and other Christians, we would just slap a random day andmonth on it and call it Christmas. But we can do better than that, a lot better in fact. The mercy nights can not only tell youthe exact day that Jesus arrived, they can tell you the exact hour andminute that he arrived in the exact place that he arrived. Now do theyknow this from secret, magical, hidden knowledge? Some Dan Brown novel treasurechest? Some Indiana Jones secret scroll? Know The mercy and nights? Aren'tNasticks. What they believe is right in the first Christian Bible and anybody canread it for themselves. Now, if I were an evangelical preacher on TV, we would drag this out for a...

...few days or weeks and pump youfor donations. Maybe sells some books in videos, maybe some trinkets, reallymilk this out before telling you what the answer is and how we found it. But we're FBN. It's not how we operate. Besides, the creditgoes to Chancellor Mitchell for telling me in the first place. So let's recapquickly. We have our year of e D and Our place of Capernow,just as the gospel of the Lord says in that first sentence. Now thefun part. In the years that Jesus was on earth there was only onetotal solar eclipse in that region, just one. Now, would you liketo guess what year it happened? Yeah, that would be d the month wasNovember, the day was the twenty four, the time was a fiveam and at lasted, precisely one minute...

...and forty nine seconds, it wasninety five percent visible from Jerusalem and one hundred percent visible at the Sea ofGalilee, that's right right over caprinow. This is an astronomical fact that doesn'trely on stories or words. It just is, and if you don't believeme, you can just go to the NASA website and look it up.Christmas is about brotherhood and celebrating Jesus's time with us, and there's nothing wrongwith being with friends and family on December twenty five, but never forget whathappened on November twenty four at five am. Now, the other questions we gotthis past week had to do with the lineage of the first Christians.These pre niceen Christians were first converted by the Apostle Paul, and most ofthem were Greek, not Jews. Learning about Greek culture, music, historyand language is a very good idea.

In fact, the First Bible andPaul's epistles were all written in Greek, not Hebrew. In fact, inthe fourth century that Catholic Church obtained copies of Paul's original epistles from the Marciannight church. The pope at the time had commissioned St Jerome to acquire copiesand translate them all from the original Greek to Latin. What we know todayis the Latin vulgate Bible. Now, surprisingly, the Vatican library still maintainsthe original documentation of the work done by Saint Jerome, which specifically references innames Marcian of Sinope, and I'll have links in the show notes. Youcan look at that. It's pretty interesting. Now, the Bible, written inGreek isn't the only place where language plays a role. The oldest inscriptionin the world bearing the name of Jesus was found by two French archeologists inSyria in one thousand eight hundred and seventy.

...was carved into the doorway of anancient Marci night church. And yes, it was written in Greek and itdedicated the church with the words to our Lord and Savior, Jesus thegood and it was inscribed with the year three hundred and eighteen. A Dagain will have links in the show notes. Now is we close out today's episodewith some music that would have been heard by those pre nicen Christians aroundGreece and Italy. Just some quick housekeeping notes and a reminder that you canget all of our past FB and episodes in video podcast or the listen livestream at first Bible Networkcom. It's also where you can leave a comment orquestion in for the show in your own voice. Just Click record in yourall set. Now we also have extensive coverage of the covid scam on theFBN news page. Be Sure to bookmark that. In fact, one ofthe stories that FB and covered was a couple towns in the US that haveseceded. One is in California and they...

...took the step after seeing no otherway to escape the Bolshevik tyranny of the covid cult and needle plunging nut jobsrunning the state. Now we hope to see more of these secessions and itserves as a reminder to remove your children from the public schools, get outof the big cities and reconnect with other unvaxed pure blood Christians and create afree, parallel society. And finally, way under the Christmas tree we seea gift with your name on the tag. You may have noticed the fancy flipbook I was using at the beginning of the episode to look at thatopening sentence of the gospel of the Lord. It's pretty nice that flipbook. It'sthe complete pre Nicene Bible, has a clickable table of contents, builtin links and videos, the latest edition of the Study and Reference Guide byChancellor Mitchell in the back. It's the...

...whole UNCHOLADA. It's now what weuse here at FBN during search in production. It's our go to Bible and evenbetter, it's a standalone windows version, so you don't have to be onlineto use the flipbook. And it just came out. It's free foranyone who bought a paperback or hardcover version of the very first Bible and Iwas able to talk them into adding our FBN viewers and listeners to that listto get it free. I'll have a link in the show notes where youcan go and get your own copy, or you can just go to firstBible Networkcom and Click on the link. I'm Darren Kalam and we'll see younext time on first news on the First Bible Network.

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