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Episode 6 · 2 years ago

Constantine, Marcion and the Old Testament Hustle


The street corner hustle known as the Council of Nicaea, stapled church to state, erased the first Christian bible and glued the Hebrew bible into Christian canon. And that was before they all broke for lunch - get the rest of the story about the events in 325 A.D. on today's podcast.

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Time for another edition of the Right Bible podcast, your weekly deep dive into the story of the very first Bible and the Marcion I Christian Church. Find out more at the very first Bible Dot Org. Stripping away two thousand years a false doctrine isn't easy, but we've had lots of coffee now your host, Darren Colombay. Everybody, great to be back with you again on another edition of the Right Bible podcast. I'm Darren Klama. It's a beautiful Sunday again, and just a quick reminder that this covid has been kind of the long running excuse and justification for locking down churches, but we may be entering a new phase of things now, after the election, where they don't even bother with pretenses like a common cold virus to attack Christians. So you really do need to be kind of on guard and be prepared. And one of...

...the things that you may not see coming from left field is the fact that your digital library, your ebooks, are subject to a retroactive editing and deletion by large retailers like and I'm not trying to single them out, but like Amazon and Apple. They can actually go back and a race or edit sections of the e books that you buy from them, because when you make that purchase you're not actually buying the EBOOK, you're buying a license for that Ebook and they have the legal right to make changes that they deem necessary at any time. So in our show links we have some places and some tips for you on how you can protect your digital library, ways to change its underlying formatting and structure so that you can save it on a USB stick and not...

...have to worry about that again. Also in the show notes we're going to have links for you for those of you justifiably concerned about this ongoing covid hoax and the things that they're rolling out for it, like testing and masks and vaccinations. Just a reminder that the MARCI and I Christian Church offers exemption forms for those and in our show links you'll be able to access those resources. And of course those are all for free. That's part of the mercy and I outreach programs. It's just for your benefit and you don't have to pay for it. So we'll have those links in the show. And speaking of ebooks and paperbacks, today's show we're going to, as promised, get into a little bit about how it was that the Old Testament even got into the Bible in the first place, and one of the good reference points to start with is going to be on page two hundred thirty eight of the very first...

Bible. That's in the reference in study guide in the back section. So page to thirty eight. If you turn there you'll be able to follow along a little bit more coherently as we get into it. Now, one of the things that a lot of people agree on is it the addition of the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament into your modern Bible with stories of its psychopathic deity. When people read that Old Testament it has driven untold millions of people away from Christianity, souls that are now lost forever. Will never get those people back. So we want to get into a little bit about how did that Old Testament even get there, because the god, the Christian God that we know, the one that was revealed to us through Christ, is nowhere to be found in the Old Testament. And of course we know Jesus isn't anywhere to be found in the Old Testament. So to kind of make that trip we're going to need to take a little journey back in time to a... in Greece, and the name of that town was called NICEA and the year was three and twenty five a d. and at that time, to be blunt, Christianity was a complete mess. The judaisers had done their their their job pretty well by that point. Even some of the big big names and early Christianity were celebrating Easter on Saturdays and they were basing the day on Jewish interpretation of the lunar cycles. Now, at this point you had faction, sex offshoots and breakaway church as scattered across the Roman Empire, literally across the known world, and there were all poisoned by the faith and customs of an alien religion and Deity. Some were even falsely preaching that circumcision was necessary to be saved. Now, staining against all of this chaos and confusion and false gospels was the largest group of organized Christians with a coherent faith in dogma,...

...with the very first Bible as the bedrock of their faith, and they were the Marcian Nights. The MARCIAN KNIGHTS had millions of followers and were much larger than the Church of Rome that was established by Peter who at one time had also been a Judaizer, before being corrected by the Apostle Paul, and later that Church would become the Roman Catholic Church, as we're going to see later in our in our episode today. Now, the Marcy Knights also had lots of enemies, powerful and well financed enemies that hated them for rejecting the Hebrew Bible, or is, you know, at the Old Testament, and they came to the obvious conclusion that our Christian God was not the same as the psychotic Colonel Deity that's portrayed in the Old Testament. Now, unlike the Marcianites, the Romans didn't have a Jewish problem at all. They had just crushed to rebellions one and seventy eight D in Jerusalem and another, with finality...

...and extreme prejudice, in one hundred and thirty five a d even going so far as to literally salt the earth, to plow salt into the earth. They had had quite enough of the Jewish rebellion. Now the Hebrews had rolled the dice with yet another in a long line of false Messiahs, and Rome really made them pay. And on a historical side note, it was during this period that the Hebrews invented. Terrorism is a tool of wards, the first time we've heard of it, and the Romans suffered heavy casualties as they learned to counteract US new technique of resistance. And ultimately, we know, they prevailed. In fact, you can still find the coins that they minted in celebration with the words Judaea Capta Judea de Victa, which means Judea captured, Judaic conquered. The arch of titus, you may have heard of. That also commemorates their hard fought victory over rebellion and terrorism of the time.

And with the memory of these Jewish rebellions still fresh on their minds and a growing group of Christians quickly becoming restless, the Roman Emperor Constantine devised a brilliant plan that would unite the divided young church under one roof while at the same time making Rome's Jewish problem someone else's problem. And he called it the Council of NICEA. And Constantine, by the way, was a pagan. He was a devoted worshiper of the Roman Sun God, Saul and Victus, and he was so devoted, in fact, that he had coins minted with his profile on one side and the image of the Sun God on the other, minted, in fact, even as the Council of NICEA was in session in three hundred and twenty five a d now, the Council of NICEA codified Christianity and its set the framework for a new Christian Bible, with the Gospel of...

...the Lord that we know replaced by the four gospels that you're familiar with, and it would also contain a Hebrew Bible renamed to the Old Testament. Now, the Marcionites, the largest organized group of Christians on Earth at the time and keepers of the very first Bible, were not invited to the Council of NICEA. Also, we find that Pope Sylvester the first was also absent from the proceedings, and of the one thous eighteen hundred bishops under Roman rule, three hundred were selected to be on the council, but they were instructed that failure to agree with any pronouncements that were to be issued in the name of the council would be met with exile from the Roman Empire. And at the end of the council, three ran afile of Constantine's wishes. Areus, theonus of Marmarica and secondest of telemay areas. His teachings were declared as heretical and his books were burned, just as they would soon burn the first Bible. And, by the way, areas himself was exiled by the emperor to Illyria.

Now, one of the things you'll notice if you do a Internet search on the Council of NICEA, you'll notice it all the top results loudly proclaimed that no Bible was created at the council. But yet we find in history books we see that Constantine ordered fifty bibles created right after the council ended. And Remember, at this point in time there was only the Bible that the Marcia Knights were using, the very first Christian Bible prior to Niceea. So really the only question is which Codex was called this, this new Bible. There were two codexes and that's really the only argument that historians have is which one of those codex has was part and parcel of the fifty bibles ordered by Constantine. But it's kind of a moot point in terms of an argument, because both of the codexes in question, they both contained the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament. So in one stunning move and one fell swoop, Constantine...

...had merged the divided Christians under one roof, solved the empire's Jewish problem and also merge that Christian roof into the Roman Empire, Blending Church and state. Now is a pragmatist. As an outside observer, it's actually hard to argue with the outcome. Because of the Christians now had the full protection of the Roman Empire, no more persecutions and being fed to lions. So it looked like a pretty good deal. But it wasn't such a good deal for the Marcy Knights and their first Bible. They would now be labeled as heretics and the True Bible, with its ten books and Gospel of the Lord, would be hunted down and burn also, by decree, Constantine ordered that all of the mercy night churches be handed over to the Catholics. What this means is a constantine and his Pagan Street Corner Hustle had effectively ended their ministry and codified an alien Hebrew Deity into a new Bible. Now, fifty years later, in eighty two a d the newly minted Roman Catholic Church announced the unveiling of...

...its New Bible and it looked very similar to one of the fifty bibles that were issued by Constantine some fifty years earlier. Now, in this new Catholic Bible, there were forty six books for the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament. There were twenty seven books for the New Testament, for a total of seventy three books with four different gospels. Most, by the way, of those gospels contain snippets and pieces of the original gospel of the Lord, but they've been redesigned and weaved in such a way as to give Christ an imaginary Jewish back story. And, by the way, less than three percent of the words in your Modern Bible are actually attributed to Jesus Christ. Now, as Christians, we know Jesus meant for his salvation to be universal for the whole world, not just for a special race of people. But some people are rideful and greedy and they want ownership of it, they want authorship of it, they want control over its narrative. And in the next episode of...

...the Right Bible podcast we're going to look at how the gospels were edited by the Judaisers to achieve just that goal. And when you contrast and compare the original Gospel of the Lord to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You'll immediately see how they did it and you'll see where they did it, and we're going to have a link in the show notes so you can download a free copy of the very first Bible and hopefully that'll help you kind of break away from internalizing the commands of your oppressors. is at work. And just to wrap it up, you'll notice on this show we don't, you know, bombard you with endless advertisements or hurt felt please for donations, but if you'd like to show your appreciation for the content, I'lls they have to do is like, share, subscribe on the podcast or the Youtube Channel, and it's especially helpful, by the way, if you just leave a quick review. People love to read those and it helps guide them towards towards better content,... we would appreciate that. Also, if you'd like to pick up at the paperback version of the very first Bible, just go to Amazon, type in the forwards the very first Bible or click on the show links at the bottom of the page and with that will see you next time on the Right Bible podcast.

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