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Episode 39 · 1 year ago

Comply or Die: Your Genetically-Altered Immune System Dependent on Booster Shots


According to one high ranking church official it's a dystopian reality about to be experienced by millions who have been injected with the RNA Covid bioweapons. In today's episode we take a closer look at the ultimate comply or die weapon of the 1%.

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... According to one high ranking church official, it's a dystopian reality about to be experienced by millions who have been injected with the urn a covid bio weapons. In today's episode, we take a closer look at the ultimate comply or die weapon of the one percent. The latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the first Christian's tune into the FBN worldwide twenty four seven radio stream. Now your host, Darren Colama. It's stunning to think about it, evil in its purest form coupled with the ultimate control over life and death. And even more shocking is how many millions of people willingly rolled up their sleeve and let it happen. But what's done is done. Today's episode isn't about warning anybody at this point. Those who refuse the mark the shot will... so fighting to the death. The lines have been drawn and nobody is going to be tricked or bribed with a crispy cream doughnut anymore. The gulobal ones have already complied and nothing more can be done for them now except pray that they were one of the lucky ones given a placebo, as has been reported in a few countries. I had a chance to sit down with Bishop Andrew Theophilis over at the Marcionite Christian Church and get his take on what's happened and what we can expect next. You might remember, they're the church that banned these covid RNA injections a year ago, and what he told me is so bizarre I couldn't even think of a horror movie to give you a frame of reference, so I'll simply quote him in some places and do my best to explain in others. The only fictional account I've seen that even gets in the same zip code as what he described is from a very short scene in...

...the movie Jurassic Park. How do you know they're all female? Where somebody got the parking pull at the dinosaur skarts? We control their chromosomes. It's really not that difficult. All vertebrate embryos are inherently female anyway. They just require an extra hormone given at the right developmental stage to make them mail. We simply deny them that. And I don't know, John, the kind of control your we simply deny them that now. We're going to come back to that phrase in a minute. We could get lost in the weeds for hours exploring the science behind how the COVID by a weapon alters you on a genetic level and alters your immune system, and we've gone down some of those rabbit holes on prior episodes. In fact, the corporate sponsored scientists pushing the Covid scam are only just now admitting that these mrn a covid injections can and do rewrite your DNA. It's just another and an endless wave of lies.

They've been caught doing yet another reversal, yet another inversion of reality, and it won't be long until they're forced to admit those same genetic alterations are passed onto your offspring again. We've already done episodes on that and the settled science, the crisper cast nine technology behind all of it. If you're aware you're at the magic show, you expect the magician to do tricks. That's what they do. Well, you're at a magic show, you don't turn to the person next to you and say, I wonder if that was real. Now, because FBN first news looks at events through the prism of Pre nicing Christianity. We're in a very advantageous vantage point to study and review the enemy, the tiny group of people behind the covid scam and the Zombie juice injections. Bishop theophilis says that to have an idea of where all of this is...

...going, you have to know where the people behind it came from. You see, the Jesus killers have a two thousand your track record of being forcefully expelled from over one hundred countries, and not always because they use the wrong fork during the salad course at dinner. I'll let them explain it all to you at lane, but we're just here to explore the mindset it behind the covid scam and what they hope to achieve. This tiny group of people want you to view them as a repressed minority, victim class. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. You See, they've needed a way to hold on to power, even when people try to expel them yet again, and that's exactly what these RNA Vinos, these vaccines and name only do think about it this way. Imagine a population with a genetically altered immune system whose very life depends on the government providing them with a monthly or quarterly booster shot.

Moreover, using crisper cast nine technology, the genetically modified and fatally flawed immune system is passed down to your offspring. They too are dependent on the booster shots just to stay alive. Now, without it, you could die from the common cold or a simple infected cut on your skin. Now, we actually covered all of this about five months ago. Here's a quick peak value. It's a simple as act, but they lack the mechanics and delivery system to get the job done. But they didn't stop. They worked hard, backed by a waterfall of cash provided by billionaires and Satanic so social engineers. They burn the midnight oil and in two thousand and nineteen, just a few months before you started hearing about covid and seeing grainy fake videos of people supposedly...

...falling over dead on the grimy streets of Wuhan, they hit paid dirt. Yep, well, you were sitting down to another big bull of batsup bullshit propaganda. They were putting the finishing touches on rolling out the biggest scam the world has ever seen. Care this station. The Eureka moment happened in January of two thousand and nineteen when biologists at the University of California San Diego announced they successfully use the crisper Jene editing tool to control genetic inheritance and mice for the first time. In fact, let's go to the video and hear about this wondrous news directly from them. Typical way that jeans are inherited is, let's say you have an animal that has two copies of a gene and one... different from another. For one copy of a gene to get passed out to the next generation, half of those offspring would inherit that copy of the gene. And what we did is essentially leverage of technique using the crisper cast nine system to control the inheritance of one copy of a gene so that it is is inherited at the next generation by more than half of the offspring. The ideal goal would be for that to get past to a hundred percent of the offspring and the next generation, and so this act of genetics approach, which controls the inheritance of a desired copy of the gene, would allow that to happen at much higher frequency and it would let us model complex evolutionary traits, complex human genetic diseases. And this is where the control aspect comes in. The comply or die angle the way to ensure that they'll never be rejected or expelled from countries ever again. You see, it's their guarantee to hold...

...on to power forever. If anyone doesn't tow the line or they cause problems for the one percent, they're simply denied the booster shot. There's no need for Bolshevik style, messy murders of millions of Christians. Again, it's all very simple and easy and clean. You either comply or you can have fun dying from the Common Coal Chromosomes. It's really not that difficult. All vertebrate embryos are inherently female anyway. They just require an extra hormone given at the right developmental stage to make the male. We simply deny them that, and I then we simply deny them that. Add the vaccine, passports for further monitoring and it's very well thought out. It's quite the plan. In fact, nothing else makes sense. Larry Fink over at Black Rock, Carl Schwab at the world economic form, that Jesus killer CEOS. It fires her in...

Maderna, the World Bank, the IMF. They're centralized media propaganda outlets, all working in lockstep. You wonder why they stop the world to make sure nothing distracted from the plan to inject everybody. Now. There are, of course, many more moving parts to the plan, but we wanted to just cover the meat of it, where the rubber meets the road. Now, for those of you who trusted your instincts and rejected the Zombie shot, congratulations, but the bigger fight still awaits. It's still right on the horizon. For those of you who ignored that inner warning, and you know that you heard it, because we all heard it, nothing more can be done for you. We would only ask that you not help the one percent sentence others to a lifetime of physical and spiritual slavery and death. In fact, you don't have anything left to lose. Maybe you can figure out a way to make some good come out of it. Will, of course, pray for you. Now, before we wrap it up, it's interesting to note that...

...all of the major Christian denominations have knuckled under to the Satanic Covid scam and told the parishioners to take the shot, and they all have something in common. Do you know what the differences between all of them and the pre nicen Christians like the Marcian Night Church? Well, one of them uses the first Bible, just as it was compiled in one hundred and forty four a d and do you know what's not in that first Christian Bible? That's right, the Torah, or is, you know it, the Old Testament. You See, worshiping the same deity as your enemy isn't going to get you very far. That's something to think about as you wonder why your church wants you to take the injection, wants you to take the mark. If you'd like a free copy of that original Christian Bible, used as the bedrock of faith by millions, I'll have a link in the show notes, or you can...

...just go to the very first Bible Dot Org and in our next episode will show you a preemptive action that you can take to stop those title x clinics from injecting your kids behind your back. I'm Darren Klama and this is first news on FBN. Download Yours for free at the very first Bible Dot Org.

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