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Episode 45 · 5 months ago

From the first church to ban Covid RNA 'vaccines,' a message of hope - and a warning


With battle lines drawn between the one percent and normal people, a war of attrition is now taking shape with one side anticipating a mass die-off this winter and the other expecting total submission. But a lone voice is suggesting both may be wrong about what's coming.

Topics this episode:

*Leave the cities immediately. *Remove children from public schools immediately. *The conditions for Christian Just War have been met and exceeded. *Absolution of sins committed in defense against the beast mark and system.

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With battle lines drawn between the onepercent and normal people. A war of attrition is now taking shape, withone side anticipating a mass die off this winter and the other expecting total submission. But a lone voice is suggesting that both may be wrong about what's coming. The latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the first Christian'stune into the FBN worldwide twenty four seven radio stream. Now your host,Darren Colama. It's now been a little over a year since the Marciani ChristianChurch went public and became the first church in America to specifically ban RNA COVIDvaccines and ban them for a period of seven years. So I thought nowwould be a good time to touch base and get their thoughts on what's transpiredover the last thirteen months and where they see things going. I sat downwith Bishop Andrew Theophilis and we talked about a range of subjects, beginning withthe big picture view of where all of this is going. Theophilis says thesituation is very similar to what the first Christians experienced after Jesus and the apostleswere murdered two thousand years ago, when they were forced to live under atyrannical set of Torah laws and regulations, its superiod most aren't familiar with andusually quickly glossed over by most priests and pastors. In fact, most peoplethink of just the ten commandments and they move on from there. But realitywas very different for the first Christians. They were subject to not just tenbut in fact six hundred thirteen commandments, six hundred thirteen Torah laws that coveredeverything from circumcision to worshiping lunar cycles to...

...what segments of a bug were OKto eat. And just like we see now, there was great division inthe Church. There was a schism, a divide so deep it caused awar among the remaining apostles. Peter and Palum was literally came to blows.Paul Rightly wanted to reject the alien ways of the Jew but Peter embraced them. Today we have not one but two popes and bishops are an open defianceof thousands of years of church doctrine in teaching. In fact, one ofthe popes not only is accepting the covid shots derived from testing and development usinga boarded babies, but he's even ordering everyone at the Vatican to submit tothe shot, to the mark ordering the faithful to submit to the beast shot. And now many pre s are in open rebellion, some even heroically signingreligious exemption letters for their parishioners. So you see, the division now andtwo thousand years ago is very similar and just as now, back then theyalso had judaizers fanning the flames of subversion. They were called the Ebionites, theequivalent of today's Judeo Christians, those evangelicals who see prancing around on stagewith Hebrew prayer shawls in front of TV cameras, hard core subversive set withthe goal of destroying Christianity with false gospels, while all the while protecting and defendingJudaism and, of course, gathering their thirty pieces of silver for theirhard work. And two thousand years ago, that schism, that division and fightfinally came to a head after festering for over a decade. The yearwas forty eight a D and it was at the Council of Jerusalem where PeterPaul and all of the remaining apostles agreed to toss the six hundred thirteen alienTorah laws into the theological dumpster. They...

...had chosen, rightfully, chosen theGospel over the laws. Fast forward to today, and Christians faced tyranny ina blizzard of new laws and edicts and orders. The covid laws, bioweapon and actions involved with aborted babies and animal parts, a Frankenstein cocktail ofSatan in a Syringe, face diapers that contravene new testament teachings and warnings aboutface coverings and veils, antisocial distancing that prevents and discourages brotherhood and community,Laws Against Communion, worshiping and singing, church closures. You See, thisis a war against Christians, and behind that mask are the same Jesus killersfrom two thousand years ago, the same enemy, different millennia. You thinkthese laws are just some giant coincidence that happens to contravine every fiber of ChristianTeaching and doctrine, that somehow things just somehow all fell into place that way, haphazardly and without direction and design. How Gullible Are you? Does yourmother still dress you in the morning? The Apostle Paul warned us that theseare the enemy of all humanity, and you're going to allow them to injectinto your body and unknown substance designed to change your genetic structure. You're goingto willfully ignore first Corinthian nineteen, which says, know Ye not, thatyour body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, whichYe have of God and Ye are not your own. Now, what wealready know of the beast shot is bad enough, but it's what we don'tknow that's really scary. The Jesus killers have been testing and tweaking these areany bio weapons for the last twenty years. There's nothing experimental about them and theyknow what they'll do now and what...

...they can do in the future.What receptor can be triggered and when and by what? Your Natural Immune systemaltered, in hijacked, replaced by a lifetime of slave booster shots just tostay alive? It may take as many years to unravel and discover what's inthe bio weapon. Is it did for our enemies to create it? Willyou be a willing participant in this latest goy humiliation, ritual and Christian genocide? Will you roll up your sleeve and present your bare arm, pull downyour pants for a physical and spiritual circumcision? It is a sin which will resultin both your physical and spiritual death. There's no reset button, and oneof the mutant strains of the bioweapon you shed and infect others with intofifty eight d just two hundred years after the council of Jerusalem, there camethe decie and decree and the earliest known form of a vaccine passport, andit was just as is insidious and devious is the one we have today.It required that every citizen acquire a Libellus, a certificate proving they had sacrifice tothe Roman gods, and this passport had to be signed by official witnesses. Jews, however, were exempt. They were not required to get theLibellus as they were already making special sacrifices and prayers to their God. Onbehalf of the emperor. There was a great deal of black market trafficking infake certificates and people turned each other in. Again, parallels with today. And, by the way, that first form of vaccine passport that lasted forabout eighteen months. From the mark of the beast, we move on tothe system of the beast, the vaccine passports and the covid laws. Nowit's a satanic system designed by the enemies...

...of humanity and it is, ofcourse, an Athetical to the teachings of Christ. You are to shun itand shun those who accept it. Your conviction to not get the mark isdeep and touches on the very cornerstone of your belief in God, as itshould. You See, you're defending God's perfect creation on a genetic level,but the desire of the Jesus killers to inject you and mutate your DNA isjust as deep. Mixing in aboarded babies is just the icing on the takefor them, and it completes your submission to Satan and your rejection of Christ. Simply put, we're in a war, and it's a war of the onepercent against you, and their motto is, by way of deception,thou shalt do war. And so they put on their camouflage, a whitelab code and a stethoscope and said we're doctors, were scientists, and everybodylet their guard down. And then the Jesus killers use that opening to stabyou in the back. Remember, by way of deception. Now the Departmentof Homeland Security just put out an alert, special bulletin that equates people who questionthe covid scam and bioweapon injections with terrorists and terrorism. In the eyesof this government, you're no different from Isis or the Taliban. Let thatsink in. You cannot negotiate with these people. You will not make adeal with them. You're not going to vote your freedom's back. They don'tunderstand the word no. They don't care about your protests, they don't careabout what you think. They don't care about your little Internet memes or whatthe facts are. The Jesus killers have a system they demand you submit towithout argument or debate. They only understand force. It's not complicated, itcan't be bargained with, it can't be...

...reasoned with, it doesn't feel pityor remorse or fear and absolutely will not stop ever. To you are dead. Whatever remains of the population after the culling will be locked into the newbeast system of biometric ideas and a lifetime of immune system replacement injections. Forthe Jesus Killers, this is the final solution to their gentile problem. Andthis isn't a dry run, this isn't a precursor to the real thing.This is it and you're in it and it's worldwide and its long term.They're literally building camps to deal with you. If you doubt me, see whatthey did to thirty million Christian Russians when they hid behind the mask ofBolshevism. Now, in some countries, this squeeze of the BOA constrictor willbe harder than others and happen faster, but the end goal is always thesame for all countries. Satan and his serpents are squeezing and your options aregetting pretty limited. Bishop Theophilis is urging all Christians to immediately disconnect from thatsystem. Now, this will be challenging, but there's no other way. Ifyou're going to remain a Christian, you will have to have faith inGod that you will have the Strang to survive what's coming. There's not goingto be some secret rapture that spares you from having to endure what's coming.You need to forget about false gospels, scope field bibles, Judeo Christian WordGames and serpents wearing Hebrew prayer shawls prancing in front of the TV cameras.These are liars that preach death, and their father is the Supreme Liar,Satan. If you refuse the mark, the system will just disconnect you anyway, so you might as well take first...

...mover advantage and get it done.And when I say disconnect, I mean everything. Healthcare, money benefits,grocery stores, travel, emergency services, everything, anything in everything connected tothe government and private companies will require the mark. You need to get usedto acquiring those things in a different way and you need to start now.I asked Bishop Theophilis what his recommendations are, what guidance the church is given,and Bishop Theophilis is urging all Christians to immediately leave the cities and removetheir children from public schools as they disconnect from that system. Bishop Theophilis hasdetermined a grave necessity now exists for a general absolution of sin in your missionto keep you, your family and other Christians safe from the mark. Theinjection. This absolution now applies. You are under no obligation to be truthfulwith authorities or anyone else who questions you about the mark or matters related toit. Any actions you take of a defensive measure that hinders the progress ofthe Satanic Mark is hereby absolved. Bishop Theopholis has also determined that the underlyingcriterion for just war have not only been met, they've been exceeded. Inshort, that means in action. The failure to prevent the satanic market agendafrom being achieved is in and of itself, a sin. In action in thismatter is a sin. Is a Christian, you are obligated to takewhatever action is necessary to stop these covid RNA injections under recognized Christian Canon.The Church has determined we're in imminent danger of death and insufficient time for apriest or presbyter to absolve sin under ordinary means is at play. Any baptizedChristian who registers with the church will receive...

...this absolution. For now, seekout other unmarked, uninjected Christians and strengthen and protect each other as you builda parallel society with sufficient means for health care, food and Tra of interest. Is What transpired recently in Afghanistan, although not a perfect example by anymeans, the numbers are interesting to reflect on. Afghanistan, as a countryslightly smaller than Texas. EIGHTYZERO rebels not only held their own, but oneagainst a military budget of three trillion dollars and the most sophisticated weapons on theplanet, and they did it for twenty years. In America, there areabout a hundred million Americans who have refused the beast mark the injection. Nowthat's a lot more than eighty thousand, and many of that hundred million arearmed. In light of the demographics, resistance and victory are very, veryachievable. If you leave the cities and form your own communities, will bevery difficult for the Jesus killers to justify coming to hunt you down, andeven if they do, there really aren't enough of them to do it effectively. If normal people are separated from those injected with the bioweapons, how canthey claim you're a threat? You see, it destroys their false narrative. Theycan only maintain control if you stay in the system and play by theirrules. Again, they win only through your voluntary submission. As Christians,we are now obligated to reject them, reject their deity, Satan in themark of that Deity, and we must defend ourselves. Remember, no jobis worth your physical and spiritual death. Pray to God with an open mindand Openheart, ask for his Holy Spirit to guide you, and you willknow what the next step is. If... have already submitted to the mark. You must repent. Nothing more can be done for you in this world. The church has created a special tour based forum which will remain operational evenduring some forms of Internet outage, like with DNS shutdowns. I can havea link in that forum where you can engage with others as we go forthin these difficult times. and to use that form you are going to needthat that special tour browser and it's spelled tr I'll have a link in theshow notes where you can download that for free. I'm Darren Killama and we'llsee you next time on FBN. First News. You won't find the OldTestament in the first Christian Bible of one hundred and forty four a d.that's because our Christian God was revealed to us only through Jesus. Christ reconnectwith the bedrock of faith for millions of the First Christians, the gospel ofthe Lord delivered by Jesus to the apostle palm reconnect at the very first Bible. Dot Rg.

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