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Has Your Church Become a Neoliberal Freak Show?


The current state of mainstream Christian churches is an unmitigated disaster - the result of decades of corrosive influence and a bad decision in 48 A.D. In this episode we'll explore the causes and discuss possible solutions for parishioners as a Satanic wave pollutes the world.

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Time for another edition of the RightBible podcast. Stripping away two thousand years a false doctrine isn't easy, butwe've had lots of coffee. Now. Your host, Darren Calama is,your church become an unrecognizable neoliberal freak show. Alien Agendas and culture infiltrating your churchlike an uninvited rude guest at the wedding that nobody knows but nobody saysanything about because they assume someone else invited him. We've been witnessing a strangeshift over a period of many decades, and in some ways it mimics andmirrors what we've been seeing within society at large. Now, things like sodomy, abortion, usury and moral relativism have not only been mainstreamed, they're celebrated. Some of these churches don't even mention the name Jesus Christ during the wholemass, instead substituting it with a Hebrew Bible name called Yahweh, a namethat you won't find anywhere in the New...

Testament, doubt. Me Go look. It's not in there, not once. Now, imagine that, an entireChristian mass without a single mention of Jesus. It's complete bizarro. World, and it's exactly how the Judaizers wanted. Every structural support of a moral societyhas been corroded and weakened like termite damage. The facade of the churchAPP years normal, but inside it's a very different story, and it seemedto happen first on the periphery, so we really didn't pay much attention toit. Like women dressing up as priests with the Episcopalians, we just kindof wrote it off as a passing fad among some weird outliers. But now, with one of the Catholic popes making strange pronouncements, and by the way, I said one of them making strange pronouncements on everything from homosexuals to workingwith fortune five hundred companies and encouraging Christians... be injected was something that usedaboarded babies in its testing and development, it's clear that mainstream churches have goneoff, completely off the rails. Moreover, almost all of them have knuckled underthe covid hoax tyranny and have agreed to lockdowns and bands, on singingand even communion, in effect helping market and perpetuate an agenda with satanic underpinnings. Now I'm actually a product of many years of Catholic schooling altar boys taughtby brothers in a Catholic High School, eight years of Grammar School. SoI speak from personal experience on this issue. In fact, in high school wehad a brother named, or rather nicknamed brother holiday because of his advancedage and it was tradition at the school that when one of the brothers diedthe school we close for the day. We would get a holiday. Soit's dark humor, I know, but...

...he actually joked about the nickname andhe was a really just a great Latin teacher, Amo Amas Amat. Istill remember it now. I usually don't interject personal past on the show,but it's important that we have a little context as we move forward on thisimportant subject. Long Story Short, we can directly trace the problems faced bymainstream churches to the failure at the Council of Jerusalem in forty eight a Dit's failure to eradicate the insidious and corrosive influence of the Judaizers and instead ofstriking the root, they managed only a glancing blow at a branch, andbecause of that failure we are where we are today. Now we covered thisextensively in multiple shows and I'll add links in the show notes so you canget up to speed on this. But our focus today is on what's happeningnow and what you can do about it. I'm not going to waste your timewith a lot of platitudes and theological nonsense. So if you don't likedirect answers and straight talk, you really...

...should just find another podcast, becausethe only way out of the mess that we're in right now is the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or squeamish it appears to be. It's on yourmind. My options, sir. First, if your church is engaging in perpetuatingthe rights and behavior modification of this covid cult, do not attend achurch. Many are doing it because they fear losing their five hundred and threeC charitable's tax tatus. Well, that's just tough luck, Boohoo, becauseif money overrides the responsibility to you as a parishioner, they're worthless. Infact, it's worse than being worthless actually, because they've become tools and marketing affiliatesof a Satanic Scam. Just stay away from that church, stop givingthem money, find a real church and do it today. You didn't leavethe church, the church left you. But that doesn't mean you should leaveChristianity behind. But maybe you should do...

...your own version of a reset andhit the reset button on the Judaized frauds masquerading as churches today. One ofthe ways to do with this satanic wave that's engulfing a world right now isto get back to our roots. As Christians. We have a long historyof being persecuted, it hunted down, and none more so than those firstChristians. One of the things that got them through those dark times, besidesunwavering faith in God and prayer, was the first Bible, the one compiledin one hundred and forty four a D and for hundreds of years it wasthe only Bible. Now many denominations of the first Christians used it as theirbed rock of faith. There's nothing heretical about it. It's simply the gospelof the Lord that Paul received in a revelation from Jesus Christ when he wason the road to Damascus. You've probably heard that story. It also includesten original epistles from the Apostle Paul, and you'll notice straightaway there's no HebrewBible in it. Today they call it...

...the Old Testament and it was addedin the fourth century. But you're not going to find Jesus in that OldTestament once again. Go ahead and look, it's not there. Now. Thisis the Bible for Christians and it's never been edited or changed since thevery first day that it was compiled. In fact, it is from thisfirst Bible that Saint Jerome did his translations from Greek to create the Latin vulgateor Latin Bible, and I'll include a link in the show notes so youcan see the actual Vatican manuscript documenting Marcian of Sinope, and the First Bibleis Saint Jerome's source material. So there's no Dan Brown conspiracy here. It'sjust simple historical facts on a timeline. Now, until this satanic wave we'rein blows over and mainstream churches are cleansed of this demonic influence of the Judaisers, you need to use the same spiritual shield that the first Christians did.Simply put, this is a war between...

...the Talmud and the gospel of theLord and you need to decide which one will be with you in the foxholewhen the shelling starts. As always. This has been Darren Colama, prayingthat the Holy Spirit finds and guides you. Will see you next time on theRight Bible podcast.

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