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Marcionite Church Outreach Director Interviewed on the Free Thought Podcast


Wide-ranging discussion with Darren Kelama, Outreach Director for the Marcionite Christian Church and host of FirstNews on FBN. Topics include Marcionism, the Tor Onion network, censorship, Wikipedia and the Covid scam.

Free Though Podcast:

Marcionite Christian Church:

Hi Everyone. You are listening to the free thought podcast and today I am talking with Darren Klama of the Marcionite Christian church, and it's just a free flowing conversation about what the Marcianit Christian churches views on the Covid scam are and what Marcianight ISM is in general. So I hope you enjoy here. It is sure well. I got my start with the church about roughly ten years ago. I was in the air ambulance business, believe it or not, and I was semi retired and I think in life when your semi retired it gives you the opportunity to explore things maybe that you would thought about but because you're on the the mouse wheel of life, you never really get the chance to explore further. And so I had that not rare but but unusual opportunity to do that. And one of the questions throughout my life that always kind of nagged at me a little bit was the whole issue of the Old Testament and how it related to Catholicism. And I had grown up as a Catholic altraboy Chicago, really the whole nine yards. I mean, if you looked up Catholic guy, it would be a picture of me. But the the whole issue with the Old Testament, at the Old Testament, that God just never sat right with me. It just never made sense to me at all. So, long story short, I had the time to explore this further. This led me into someone named Marcian of Sino, but historical figure, which in turn led me into the Mercian I church, which I was surprised to find out still exists, and then that in turn led me to their founding doctrine and dogma, which is the first Christian Bible, what we call the pre Nice Scene Bible, or the very first Bible, which was compiled or transcribed by Mercian of Sigino back in one hundred and forty four a D and, to bring the circle to its conclusion, he that First Bible did not contain an Old Testament, which, you know, there I was. I was like, well, this this is what started me on the entire journey, and now I find out that it was right to have these nagging thoughts about this Old Testament and in the ded portrayed within it, because it wasn't there in the beginning. So that long story is how, more or less kind of we got to the point where we are. I did get in touch with that church and because of my circumstances, I had the opportunity time to become their outreach director, which is my current capacity now and which I'm assuming is why we're Chit chatting. Yeah, yeah, I mean I was during this whole covid scam. I I started thinking, are there any churches that have come out against the COVID BS and have made public statements? So I did a quick search on the Internet. Of course had to use like Duc duc go or brave search or something like that, but to see, you know, churches and Covid. Were there any churches that had n't any statements to do with covid? And I found your church, the Marcianite Christian Church, and then I found a bunch of podcast that you had been doing kind of explaining the theology behind it and a lot of the stuff going on in the news lately and the Marcianite Christian churches take on everything, and I was just very intrigued and I have a podcast where I try to have on people that things like that I get interested in. If I can reach out to them and they're willing to come on and let me pick their brain for a while, I'll talk to him and so that's where I reached out to you. So how long have you been doing like the the online stuff? I know you got into more our seeing night or marcianism ten years ago, but the podcast thing seems more recent. In might correct in that it's it is more recent and it's it kind of gets us into the the double edged sword of Covid, because I would have really I would have never gotten into this podcasting thing if it weren't probably for the COVID situation. And to be honest, I'm a little bit sick of talking about covid just and this is no reflection on you, I'm just saying in general, I am because it takes away from our our core mission of what we do, which is,... know, bring people to the church, etc. Etc. But without the COVID I don't think we would have had the the the spark of interest in the church that we had because of our anti covid position. Our position against these RNA injections, are positions against the masks and the testing. So without that I don't think we would have had this, this this spark of interest that we've had, but at the same time it does take away from our core mission. So again it's kind of a double edged sword. And I forgot what your question was. When did we start? About a year and a half ago, mainly for our own parishioners to we we have people. We don't have centralized churches, so to speak. We have what are called meeting houses, you know, where you've got like ten or less people who will do a mass every week or meat and shit chat about scripture, and they're all over the world and the easiest way to keep in touch with them is through these podcasts. And then the podcast started getting shared with other people and I don't know, we we started to pick up some some pretty good numbers from that. And as far as our mission with the COVID goes, it's you know, I'm just kind of stunned in general that we're I'd maybe I don't get out enough, but it seems like we're the only church that's really forcefully come out against these these vinos, these vaccines in name homely, and that stunning to me. I mean you got the Catholics, Lutheran's evangelicals, episcopalians. Not only are they not saying anything about it, they're outright endorsing it. You literally cannot go to the Vatican without being vaccinated and showing your digital slave papers, your vaccine card. You literally cannot go to the Assistine Chapel without showing a vaccine card. There's just something fundamentally wrong with that. It in fact, you can't even work at the Vatican without being vaccine. At the is the Swiss guards quit and mass because they were given this mandate. I mean the whole it's surreal the levels that this has gotten to. So this should be a hint to people that something is fundamentally wrong here. But then we can take a step back and we can say, well, wait, what, it is surreal? What what is this telling us? I think we can look at this in a way as a kind of a litmus test the churches that are endorsing this, endorsing these injections and the mass and the testing and going along with having their churches closed. That is a litmus test that shows us who are these wolves in Shepherd's clothing? Who are these institutions that are leading the flock astray? And there you have it. Any church that goes along with this. Is it de facto adversus Christus. There's no debate about it. So in any event, we're surprised at the amount of listeners that we get, but I on a personal level, I'm surprised and disappointed at the lack of churches that have spoken out. I can assure you, if you look at this from the Thirtyzero foot view, from the macro view, if the Catholic Church had come out against the vaccinations, the injections, this would have never happened. It would have been possible to institute this on a worldwide scale if the Catholic Church had been opposed to it, if the pope it's stepped up or one of the popes had stepped up and said it's aid versus Christus. We're not doing this. We're not. We're not allowing our parishioners they be genetically altered over a ridiculous flu bug, a rebranding of the flu. We're not going to allow it. In fact, they could have gone pretty hardcore on this and Gone Crusaderville and said we're going to issue a general absolution to all Catholics to do whatever it is that you have to do to fight this, and everyone knows what that means. You know you it's it's a dog whistle that's pretty loud and it says put a stop to it right now or we're going to go crusade level and it would have stopped. But they're behind it. Not only are they behind it, they're actively endorsing and marketing it. It is surreal,... the only word that I can come up with. Yeah, and it's one thing to take an injection that you may think may help you or you've done research on, but the idea of mandating something has to be injected into your body in order to just be a normal human and societies is very it's very strange that so many people endorse that view. You know, you mentioned the Mrna injections, but I'm wondering why the focus just on Mrna? I feel like if you're a Christian, your body is something. Either you can believe in the autonomy of your own body or you could believe that your body is in some way sacro saying because it's given from God. Why? Why not just any injections? Why doesn't the Martian night Christian church take an even stronger stance that says, we are against all mandates. WHY JUST MRNA? Is there something special about that? Well, we're the the church. From a DOC doctrinal standpoint, isn't against vaccines in general. We are against specifically these RNA covid vaccines and nanotechnology vaccines, anything that plays around with you on a genetic level. And, first of all, is an issue that needs to be explored and looked at. But but moreover, beyond that, it's the people behind these injections. So you take those two things together. One, it's experimental and too, the pole that are behind it and funding it. These are not pleasant people. These are people who wake up in the morning and, with their first cup of coffee, are thinking of new and interesting ways to control people or depopulate the planet. So you know, if someone like that comes up to me and says, Gee, I want to inject you with something, don't worry about what's in it. It's experimental, but I have your best interest at heart. I want to save you from the flu that that you have a ninety nine point ninety nine percent survival rate from anyway, but I need to save you from that point zero, zero, one percent chance that. You know, I look at someone like that, I say, you know, get out of here. Yeah, it's it's insane to even entertain the thought and then to actively promote it is just even beyond that level. So, you know, we're not a church that is you know, we're here by circumstance. It's not like, you know, we've been out, you know, years, out in the forefront saying, Oh, don't you know, maybe there's autism in this, and there may well be, but in this particular circumstance, the the the battle lines are clear, they're drawn. So we're not a health oriented church. There's an a scripture to support what you should get behind or shouldn't get behind, and this is one of the things that you definitely do not want to get behind. Yeah, yeah, how many members would you estimate are part of the Marcia and night Christian Church? And where arts are their headquarters? I saw on a website that there's an address somewhere in Greece. Yeah, well, the headquarters is an end Alexandropolis, but the the there is no centralized structure to the church. It's all done the same exact way that it was done, you know, the first, second and third centuries, which was a meeting house and it could be, you know, it doesn't have to be a fancy house either. I mean as long as they can accommodate we have a guide for this, by the way, and free online guide. As long as it can accommodate up to ten people, you can, you know, you can hold your mass in those structures. As far as we don't have exact numbers, I can I can tell you as the outreach director for the America's for the Western Hemisphere. You know, we thousands and thousands of people and one of one of the things that they're frustrated by is that we don't have centralized physical structures that they can go to end mass like an others. You can't just point to a large city like Chicago or at Louisville or something and say, you know, go to x and x street, you know that's where the church is. It doesn't work that way. It may turn out, by the way, that ends up being a good thing because in the atmosphere that we're in, I'm not so sure that having a physical structure is the safe way to go. They're on average there is a... burning every day in this country and the ATMOSH, the Anti Christian atmosphere in general is pretty shocking. So I don't know that we would want our people in a centralized physical structure to begin with. I think for now the meeting houses are fine. People want to get together in these smaller cells or groups or meeting houses. I think that's that's probably the way to go right now. Yeah, yeah, that makes a lot of sense, I mean, especially when you've got government saying hey, you can't meet anymore, you can go to church. And what a better subversive way to do it than just meeting your own house? Yeah, I mean there's that and and you know, with with these churches there, and I know it sounds extreme, but when they start pushing these RNA injections, when they start closing their doors, when they start agreeing to no singing, no communion at mass, when they start literally making lists of their parishioners and handing it over to the government, I got to say, are you at Church or are you a pizza hut at a suburban Strip mall? Because I don't see the difference right. And and if they want to maintain their five o three seat tax free status, they have to play these little games. So what they're doing is they're saying. Essentially, what they're saying is the money is more important to us than your eternal soul as our parishioner. And they've made their choice clear. In fact, not only are they choosing the government money there, I don't know if you know that's but they're literally throwing their doors open and creating mass vaccination centers in their church. They are injecting people with this substance into their parishioners inside of their church. No, I didn't know that at is. It's, it's, it's I can't even think of something more disgusting and blasphemous than that. And they're doing it. In fact, you know what, it even gets better it or worse. The we use the term evangelicals, and I'm sure you're familiar with the these are the the people who prance around on television, the TV preachers, the fall wells, the heygees. Some of these people have actually gotten on television and said to their parishioners, and I quote, Jesus would have taken the vaccine and quote, and then. And then they've also made statements that these vaccines are, quote unquote, a gift from God. It is even even when you forget that every one of these are any vaccines, are the are part and parcel of at minimum, at minimum testing with aborted fetal cell lines at minimum, even if you discount all of that, when you get into a who is pushing these injections? And then be the genetic changes that happen as a result of the injections. What we're talking about here is essentially circumcision, spiritual circumcision in a syringe. It's cutting you off from God and at the same time it's offering Satan and invitation to come in after you've severed that connection with God. Now we're getting into some pretty metaphysical stuff here. But nobody, Aaron rolls out a worldwide program like this, shuts down the world economy and issues mandate it totally illogical mandates over a flu bug, if there wasn't something more to it. Now, right, you, you. I don't care if you're a Bible a thumper Bible Believer, or if you're if you're Richard Dawkins, if you're in a hardcore atheist, anybody with functioning brain cells is going to come to the conclusion that there is something else going on here. Well, I mean it sure seems obvious to me. You know, I don't know how deep you want to get into the maybe you just want to stay focused on the marcion eight angle, which is we have. A year and a half ago,...

...we in fact put out a press release and the church band these RNA and nanotech vaccines, and it turns out that this got not only good attention but also very negative attention, to the point where, in fact, we just did a episode yesterday dealing with something that just came up, which is we were wikis timed. The church never had a Wiki page before and out of the blue, these shadowy people created a wiki page just for the Marcy Night Church just so they could smear it, and they did smear it in ways that Mayri may not be that obvious, but I tried to address some of this in an episode that we did. Yeah, I listened to that and I thought you made some good points in there. I mean they they pointed out the fact that you guys have made a statement against covid nineteen and rn a vaccines, or I think they just said in the article covid vaccines, and you know no other and no other church on the wikipedia site. Do they say anything health related about any true any other churches. Stands exactly. Yeah, exactly, and you know it. It and it's not it. There were two specific slurs that they put in there that were especially egregious. One was the non Trinitarian. That is a kind of a dog whistle for theologians that says these guys are their whack jobs, you know, they're like the equivalent of scientologists or something. So there was that slur, which was false. Then the other one because, and I got to tell you, I mean when I first looked at the page, I thought it could be worse, but then I saw the crafty editing that went in there, especially when they when they said that the that Prett Nice Sen Bible that the church follows was made up of something called the gospel of Marcion, which is just what and again they come up with this stuff and they do it for a reason. They do it because it it makes you look like a cult. So it's done with with careful design, in fact, you know, I don't know how far out. And then the weeds you want to get on this, but the editing that they do there is very interesting in that it it's similar to the editing that was done to the Bible, two portions of the New Testament. Now, obviously, as Marcy Knights, we reject the the Old Testament. And, by the way, just a backtrack quickly on that wiki article, they mentioned the fact that we reject the Old Testament, which is kind of true in a way. It's not some or that we reject that the Old Testament God is being a lesser God, I think was our exact quote, and that's kind of true ish. In other words, we don't see the God depicted in the Old Testament is being a god. It's a deity. There is only one God, our God, the Christian God, that was revealed to us through Jesus Christ. He wasn't God. Our Christian God wasn't revealed to us through the scribblings of a wandering desert tribe somewhere thousands of years ago. He was only revealed to US through Jesus Christ. So anything prior to Jesus Christ doesn't apply to us. So people say, well, Darren, why you know, why isn't the Old Testament in there? My answer would be for the same reasons that we don't have the book of Vishnu in there either. Or whatever the Indians use, or or the book of Buddha, you'll find, is also not in there. So these are extraneous religions that have nothing to do with us. The Jews have their deity and their book and they're welcome to it. We're just saying it's not what was revealed to us as being our Christian God. You're more than welcome to it. Nobody. And by the way, this this also I you know, I'm surprised, I'm the one that's bringing it up, but one of the claims against Marcion and Marcianism is that he's an anti semid or that Marcia and its here a anti semi. Nothing could be farther from the...

...truth. It would be like saying we're anti Microhnesians. I mean we, we it's just not not our book, not our God. That's, you know, really all we're saying. So again, you know, I don't know where we're going on this, on this conversation, but specifically with with, you know, with with with the covid that's kind of where we're at. We put out that press release and we did get that negative attention. With with the wikipedia incident. We also got some good attention, you know, and at this point all we can do is we issue our our members and their friends or people they know, we issue them religious exemptions. We don't charge for that. It's free. It's a complicated process on our end to put those together and and maintain a verification hotline and database for the people in that registry, but we've had success with that, especially people in the military. A couple air force guys use our religious, religious exemption and we're able to stay away from it. Now. This is all good. We've had these winds ends on the on the war, you know, on these mandates. Some places, though, typically where we lose. We can't get any traction, as with the testing, and that's the testing where people are going to is really where the rubber meets the road. We don't we don't like this testing at all, and that's it's one of the things we banned a year and a half ago. Now. You could say, well, why the testing? Why the masks? Why The you know, the vaccines? Would kind of understand, but why all this other stuff? Well, it's all if you were to look at it from from a biblical perspective, you think of the parable of the corrupt tree. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't, maybe your listeners have, maybe they haven't, but within the Biblers is parable of the corrupt tree and one of the things they talked about is the corrupt tree cannot bear good fruit. In other words, anything that comes off of the covid scam is not going to be good fruit. So the testing that you do as a result of the covid scam, the so the antisocial distancing, the injections, the testing, there's no good that can come from the underlying core corrupt tree of the covid scam. So we essentially banned everything that has anything to do with it, and one of the those is the testing. And we issued religious exemptions for the testing, which, for the most part, I'll be honest with you, are not being accepted by companies. They're saying no, you have to get that. We don't care about your religious perspective. You have to get tested in anyway. We don't want our people having objects shoved up their nose. We don't know what's on those swabs. Now I don't want to sound like some you know, whack job from the ninth sphere of you know, some other planet. But we don't know what's on those swabs. We don't know what's going to happen. Maybe there's nothing on them. But what happens? You know, at nine, ten, twenty, thirty times I have those things shoved up your nose for quote unquote testing. Well, we know one of the direct results of getting tested like that is your DNA has just now been collected, thank you very much, and it's been collected using a government issued ID. Go ahead and try getting one of these tests without using a government ID. So they have your ID, that's verified, they know who you are and when they pull that mucus out of your nasal cavity, they now have your DNA matched to that ID car. So we you know there's there's two levels. One is what's on the swab to begin with. The second is what happened to that DNA sample. We don't know. So we don't want our people having anything to do with it. So, long story short, yeah, we issue these exemptions. They've been successful for the most part, except for the testing area. The mass have been okay, the the vaccines have been exemptions have been okay. But we're at the point now I'm going to be honest with you. We we're not sure that these exemptions are even a good idea anymore, and I'll tell you why. Because, let's say you get the exemption approved. Great, Confetti, we're all happy, celebration,... in the gang. But now you're in that where you're one of the few people in that workplace with an exemption. You are now surrounded, one hundred percent guaranteed, by other people who have been, quote unquote, vaccinated. They've taken the RNA injection. Now they're shedding. You don't know. Look, let me back up here a little bit. We call these experimental injections, but they've been playing around with RNA technology for the last twenty years. So when they said, well, we came up with it over a weekend, it's a miracle operation. What was it? Overspeed, whatever it is, and here it is miraculously suddenly and you can go ahead take it. We just now invented it. Now they've been playing with our and a for twenty years. We don't know what's in that syringe. We don't know what it's going to do to you after you've been injected with it. We do know that babies are being infected with something from their mother's breast milk. We know that women get around other women who have been injected and their menstrual period gets weird. You know, these can just be anecdotal stories, but at the same time we don't know what this this stuff is doing. So you've now gotten the exemption. Happy, happy, joy, joy. You're in your cube. You're now around other people that have been vaxed, for sure, and they're shedding on you. I'm not so sure from a from a church perspective, that we've really done you any favors now, but you know, we do what we can and then we come back and we say, you know, by the way, try to stay away from people that have been injected. Try to stay away from these shutters. The other issue is they may take the exemption now, but they're doing it as part of a larger what we call the BOA constrictor strategy, which is tight squeeze on mandates. Everybody must get it. Then relax a little bit. Okay, well, we'll take some exemptions here and there, then another tight squ we's on mandates and everybody must get it. And I think it's in large part this is part of a psychological warfare. So they'll take the exemption now, but then, like we saw with the United Airlines, a couple months later they'll say, yeah, your exemptions no good, you're fired anyway. But but by accepting the exist the exemption in the beginning, it made it look like everything was still kind of normal. You know, we're dealing with normal people here. They're willing to accept exemptions this. These aren't crazy VACs, Zombie nut jobs, that we can work with these people. But really it was just a facade. It was just psychological warfare to make people think that, and then a couple months later they dumped the exemptions and said they're no good, you're fired by so you know, yeah, I don't know, I'm not sure. I'm not sure we're doing anyone any favors with these exemptions. Right, right. I mean, it's very interesting how it's all playing out and it's it's amazing that there's at least one shirt that people can go to and you've got a ton of media, podcast videos to consume, and you've also what I thought was really cool was that you also have an an onion website which you access through tour, which is like a browser that allows you to remain anonymous. And then the onion website, I believe can't be shut down very easily and there's a like a forum on there where you can interact with other people. That seems to that seems to have required a lot of force. When did you guys come up with that idea? Well, to be honest, you probably know more about it than I do. Had we set it up, but we haven't maintained it's paid for for like the next however long it's set up. It's ready to go. It's kind of our digital Alamo. We fully anticipate that a lot of websites are going to be going away, there's going to be a shutdown, there's going to be a purge and to get back on after that purge you're going to have to go through some kind of government process, I'm kind of vetting process, to get your website back on for public viewing, and we feel that that's pretty much inevitable. That's where things because because we know the kinds of people that we're dealing with, the same people we've dealt with for the last two...

...thousand years. We already know where they're going with this and and part of that is going to be a crackdown on the Internet. So we set up the tour site just in anticipation of what we already know is going to happen. And so our parishioners, who are already decentralized, as we talked about with the meeting houses, they have this backup now that they can go to, you know, and still be able to communicate with us at the at the church, and then also with other parishioners, with other mercy units or other friends, and then at we actually took it a level deeper than that, then tour. The next level is something called Briar br I a are like the Bush, and that's a let me just say it's it's not like spytach or spy where or anything like that, but it just allows you to have another layer even beyond tour, in terms of anonymity and keeping in touch with people. In other words, even if the entire Internet went not just DNS, but, and by the way, DNS is like, you know, where we look at Anchor FM or Marcy and I church Doog, that's your DNS, that's the name of your website and that's how your Ip address is translated. Well, if they if they junk the DNS portion of that your if someone types in your name now, they can't get to your website. So we're saying all that goes away. How are people still going to get in touch with each other? What if they really hit the kill switch and just knock everything out completely? Well, with Briar your members can still be in touch with each other through Bluetooth. So if you're at least in the same area and you have your Bluetooth on, you know you're within I don't even know what it is. I think it's like within a mile of another member. They'll know even if Internet is down. So it's it's there's technology. You know, as the as the as that BOA constrictor gets tighter, we, we and others find ways to avoid that a there authoritarian constriction, and you know it's not easy, but you know, life finds a way. We will find a way to do it. You know, is it? You know? Let me say this, mm. One of the things you'll know, and you mentioned that you've heard a few of our podcasts. One of the things you're not going to hear, ever, on any of the podcast is me or anyone else begging for donations. So the church is not looking for donations, nor is First Bible Network. We are self funded. The church, although not willing to divulge where that money comes from, is in a position, Shan where they can do the type of digital outreach that they do and not have to rely on donations and not have to rely on government money like you know other churches do to maintain tax free status. So there's brier project, the tour project, the digital outreach projects are all self funded. The only now I'll just leave it at that. I'll just say, you know, we're happy where we are. Our core mission is to get is two free minds from that mental prison of that Old Testament and its deity construct. I would say that as our number one mission because from from cradle to grave, people are just you know that they're just inculcated with that that bombardment of you know, if you're Christian, you have to believe in this this this crazy deity from the Old Testament that tells you to cut the hands off a woman if she touches someone the wrong way. That, you know, these people who'ven got into child sacrifice. So we I mean, if you want to do another podcast just on that I'd be more than happy to do it, but I'm not going to. I'm not going to torture you too much with it right now, but no, anyway, you know we, let me just say on the tour thing, we're happy about it. We're aware of its existence. Do you know, I believe that there are people who go there every day and Chit Chat or whatever it is they do on it, but it's really a digital alimo so that when things do get bad, and we believe they will, our people have a place to go and of course we encourage them to go go there at least more often than I do. And, you know, get familiar with it and you know what, at the very least, get familiar with tour,...

...get familiar with Bitcoin, get familiar with these these tools that exist that will help you survive outside of the system, because the plug is going to be pulled on the system as we know it next. I mean, you can stay in dreamland all you want or you can accept that fact and start looking at what your options are and what tools exist to help you achieve your goals. And and there I wish there were more tools, but there's enough out there where you can may if you want to, you can disconnect and you can do it. We're telling our people, get your kids out of the public schools, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, now, do it first. Do it now. Get them out of the public schools. The second thing is get out of the major cities. That is the last place that you want to be when, when, boy, what's the I don't want to get too dystopic here. When it really hits the fan, you do not want to be in a city. So you want to be you want to be out of the cities and you want to be reconnected with other unvaccinated Christians. Now, preferably these are going to be other mercy and I its, in other words, people who have the very first Bible that you know aren't into this Old Testament Weird Deity from that book. But the point is you want to be around people similar to you when this happens. I let me just say for anyone who's confused about theologically, where the church is or where we are. Our church is based on Solo Scriptura. So if it's not in that first pre nicene Bible of one hundred forty four a d we don't believe it. So someone says, well, Marcion said this or he said that. First of all, every book and letter written by Marcion, every one of them, has been hunted down and burned. There is no written record of anything that he said. The only thing that we know about him was written by his enemies, like Tertullian, and, true to through Tertullian's attacks on mercy on we get a glimpse of what Marcion may or may not have believed. Problem is it's written by Marcion's enemy. So, you know, we take a step back from that and say look, we don't know what he believed, but what we do know is that, as a result of his efforts, we have that first Christian Bible of one hundred and forty four a d. So I would just say it's important that people separate the two. Marcion is a historical figure who did amazing things. I mean, I don't know if people realize this. He retraced the Apostle Paul's route through the known world and revisited all of the churches that Paul set up and from each one of those visits at each one of those churches and again, remember, this is like a hundred thirty e D hundred eighty. Through those visits he was able to collect the original letters that Paul had sent to these churches after establishing them. We now today, even in the Modern Bible, we now know those letters as Paul's epistles. Galatians, Romans, the Salonians, Philippians, I'm sure you've heard of them. So that's where they came from and they and that ten of those epistles and the gospel of the Lord are what comprise the First Bible, and that's the Bible that the Marcianites believe in and that a lot of the other pretty nice seen Christians believe in. And I just wanted to say that just so people know that. You know, this is the some cult that you know, happened during a full moon last week. Okay, it's been around since one hundred and forty four a D and You know it's what's the word I'm looking for is a Chicago, and I would say it's legit. So if anyone wants to get that Bible, they can get it free at the very first Bible Dot Org. In fact, you literally at this point, you could be on any browser, safari, chrome, whatever, and just type that in and your search engine will find the very first Bible. So that's that's pretty much our story. Yeah, so, so the very first Bible does that contain? I did downloaded. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but there is a gospel account in there. Where what? Who wrote that,...

...or is there any do they know who wrote that? Sure that's that. In fact, that was the issue that we had with that wikipedia article. They claim. All right, let me back the truck up a little bit. Our Bible, or the first Bible that ever existed, prior to the Nice Scene Bible or the Modern Bible that everyone is familiar with now. The First Bible only consisted of the gospel of the Lord and the ten epistles from Paul. That gospel of the there was no gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke, Gospel of John Acts Any of that gospel of Matthew. It was only the gospel of the Lord, and that Gospel came from the Apostle Paul. People may be familiar with this, but there's a story of Paul, on the road to Damascus, received a revelation and it is that revelation that is the gospel of the Lord. In other words, this was Jesus telling Paul, giving Paul through revelation, the story that he was to tell to the gentiles, to the rest of the world, so that when you read that, and by the way, you won't find the gospel of the Lord in the Modern Bible. It's not there. But what's interesting is that all those other Gospel that the four other gospels and acts all contain, I really should do an episode on I may have touched on this, but all contain bits and pieces, in one former another, of that original gospel of the Lord. And it's our contention. And, by the way, mark and Luke, those two gospels. Well, those two characters, those two people, Mark and Luke, they weren't apostles. They never met Jesus. I don't know if people are aware of that. You know, People Think, Oh, the Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke, they must hung out with Jesus and broke bread. No, they never met him, they never knew him. They were not even apostles. But right, here's where they come in. Both mark and Luke were traveling companions of Guess who, the Apostle Paul. So when the Apostle Paul was going out throughout the Roman Empire setting up these churches. Guess who was tagging along with them? Mark and Luke. And guess what both mark and Luke did after they left traveling around with Paul? They both wrote Gospels. Now you don't need to be Columbo to figure this out. So not only did luke, and by the way, you can look at look, look at the first paragraph of Luke. Luke comes right out and says, I I'm getting all this second and third hand. I'm writing this to you. Most excellent theophilis. Apparently he was writing Luke as a letter explanation of Christianity to some Roman magistrate or friend or someone that he knew. You can read it yourself. I mean no one, no one's making this up. So the the the the lineage of these gospels is very shaky, very shady. You know, we're you just it's just so hard to explain to people what a relief it is to finally have some firm theological footing, to know where Your Gospel came from, to know what's in your Bible, the people that are that are mentioned in it. You know, we as Marcy Knights, we don't have to, you know, go oh my wife may have cheated on me, so I needed to eat this dirt and then we'll do a ritual to see if she was telling the truth. You know, all this cobbalistic red heffer's talking carp nonsense. We don't have to worry about that. Moreover, is Marcy Knights. We're not put in that uncomfortable position that Christians are today where they have to defend the Jews, they have to go back and defend what happened in the Old Testament. They're put in the position of hand of having to defend a people and a deity that are completely alien to true Christianity. That's that's that's a very sad position to be in. So I would hope that, if nothing else, we help people escape that mental prison that they're in. Yeah, but I mean, I'll everything you shared with me today is really interesting and it's definitely food for thought. And I'm wondering is the you know, I've read a few books. One was by Bart d airmen and another by Bishops...

Bong and they talked about how there was a common source, a Common Gospel, which some of the other gospel writers either copied from or partially copied, and they refer to that as like the que document. Is that? Does that have anything to do with the mark the Gospel that's in the Marcie Night Bible? I'm vaguely familiar with it. I I think they're all, a lot of the theologians, a lot of the historians are, are, for whatever reason, right now wrestling with this problem of the Gospels and they're having a very hard time, you know, making sense of them and where they came from and their providence. And so q came up as a explanation for things that don't make any sense. But they do. They don't need to invent just like we have our modern day queue, that complete bullshit story. Well, the queue of two thousand years ago is the same kind of thing, where you've got this mysterious, hovering explanation for all that is unexplained. And that's what they're trying to use Q as and q is like they're you know, they're they're there, their touchstone, that that solves all of their problems, and it does. In fact, if you look at acts, and apparently luke also wrote ax will, acts was written as a way to tie up all the loose ends from all the other gospels where the stories just didn't make any sense, and that's what acts did, as it kind of was this band aid that fixed everything for them theologically, and q is kind of the band aid for the theologians to fix things that don't make sense for them. When when there's no need to go through all of these mental contortions, there's no need for all the gymnastics, all they have to do is literally pick up the very first Bible. Everything is answered there. I'll give you an example. One of the biggest debates that people have is the lineage of Jesus Christ. where, you know, was he a Jew? Where did he you know he'd can't. It's all answered literally in the first sentence of the first paragraph of the Gospel of the Lord and it's examples like that of where a lot of this mystery is just dealt with. There's there's really no need for our again, what this gets back to is what I was saying before, which is the sense of relief you feel once you realize what you were looking for not only is there, but it's been there the entire time. Well, think about the enemies that this creates with the Judaizers over the last two thousand years just. I mean it has been relentless the way that they've attacked not only Christians in general, but Marcian nights specifically. They went after them hammer and Tong after the council of NICEA and three and twenty a d. that's really that was the death knell for the Marcian Knights and a lot of the other pre niceeen churches. And, you know, with with the power of the Roman Empire, the Judaizers had their day. You know things. We could do a whole nother episode on this, but things really looked up for these first Christians, these pre niceen Christians. I would say their golden age was about forty eight a D to three hundred and twenty four a d, because in forty eight a d there was something called the council of Jerusalem and it was at that council of jrulism Jerusalem where all of these Judaic, weird traditions were thrown into the theological dumpster. This whole barking at the Moon, full moon holidays, the six hundred thirteen Hebrew laws, all of that were thrown out. The Apostles got together and said look, we can't, we're this has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. We're not going to be getting any new Christians based on this. We might as well just become a messianic Jew cult if we're going to keep all these weird Jewish traditions, which is true. So they got rid of them in forty eight a d. So that began the Golden Age for the pre nice in Christians. And then we had the complete disaster of three hundred and twenty a d... the Council of NICEA. That was I would say, I mean, if you had to look at a timeline, I would say probably just the worst day ever was that council. And it just it's and it's from that mistake that it's that. You know we're talking about corrupt trees earlier. That is your corrupt tree right there, the council of NICEA, and it is from that corrupt tree that we've gotten this bad fruit. Well, what happened at the council that and we may if you don't have time, we may have to do another podcast some time. But it's is that when they decided what the twenty seven books to the New Testament are going to be. Or Yeah, well, yeah, that, that that that's part of it. It's a here. It's really it's it's a great story. It's also a long story, but let me let me just shorten it just a little bit and just say this. The First Bible that I talked about had one gospel of the Lord and ten books. After the Council of NICEA, it ballooned to four gospels plus acts and seventy two books. So or sixty six books, depending on how you want to cut the cake. But that that should be a representation for you, mathematically, of tat a power outage. Hopefully you're still there. I can still okay, I have I have backup for everything except this mic. So whatever. So we went from one Gospel and ten books and ballooned after the Council of Nicea to four Gospels plus acts and seventy two books. Now is do we have all these extra books because Jesus made extra trips that had to be accounted for and written down and talked about? No, all this material came from somewhere else, came from the judy users. This Modern Bible that people read right now contains less than three percent of Jesus's actual words. The rest is fluff. So I would say if people really want to get back in touch with, or reconnect with Christianity as it was, as it was meant to be, you don't even have to join the mercy and I church. All you have to do is pick up a copy of that First Bible and it will act as a as a cryptographic key. I'll tell you, I know this sounds weird, but when I have extra time, I love to take the first Bible and then compare it to the other gospels or what I find in the Modern Bible, and I can literally see where they did the editing, how they did the editing, the message that they were trying to interweave with this parable or that story. It's really it's I mean it'll make a theologian out of a out of Joe Sixpack, it's that interesting. So that would be my my final word. And, by the way, if you want to do another show on just on the Council of NICEA I I think it would be worth your time to do it. Okay, yeah, I'll consider that. And Darren, I just really want to thank you for your time today and sharing all the information with us and I am looking forward to putting this out there. All right, I appreciate it and yeah, anytime happy to do it. Thanks,.

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