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Episode 46 · 2 weeks ago

We're all Galatians now: Pre-Nicene guidance on resisting Satan's RNA Shot


If the Apostle Paul teleported to the present day, his words and warnings would ring just as true now as they did 2,000 years ago. In today's episode we look at his blueprint for identifying and defeating the demonic forces behind the Covid reset and the VINO's - vaccines in name only.

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If the Apostle Paul teleported to thepresent day, his words and warnings would ring just as true now as they didtwo thousand years ago, in today's episode, we look at his blue print foridentifying and defeating the demonic forces behind the ovid reset and thevinos the vaccines in name only. The latest news history and analysis fromthe perspective of the first Christians tune into the FBI, World White, twentyfour seven radio stream. Now your host Daren Kalama, you can here and feel the anguish inthe apostle Paul's words almost as if you were next to you, saying them, OFool Escalation, Who hath bewitched due that he should not obey the truthbefore whose Eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth. Crucifiedamong you, this only what I learn of you, preceive Ye, the spirit by theworks of the law or by the hearing of faith, are Ye so foolish having begunin the spirit. Are He now made perfect by the flesh? Paul had been beaten,whipped stones, starved nearly drowned and left for dead, as he traveled theknown world evangelizing and setting up the first Christian churches, includingthe one in Galatia, and after all of that one of the churches turned theirback on Paul and the Gospel he had received directly from Christ and hisrevelation on the road to Damascus. But how could this happen? These people hadprobably included some who had been among the crowds that it personallyseen Jesus performed miracles and knew of His crucifixion and Resurrection Or,at the very least, had known people who had seen it, and yet here they werejust a few years, remove from those monumental events, and they werebacksliding into Judaism of all things he writes to them shocked. I marvelledthat year so quickly changed from him that called you in the grace undo adifferent gospel, the same enemies that attempted to turn Christians from thespirit of Christ and dragged them back to the murky world of toral laws to theColonel World of laws and the tyranny that thrives under such a system yousee back, then they used false gospels as part of their deceptive magic show.Those same enemies are with us today and they're engineering, the coved scamin the Satan, shot injections and biometric passports, and two thousandyears after Paul's warning. The Jesus killers are back with a new bag ofsubversive magic tricks. You see it's invisible and they call it ovid. No,you can't see it taste, it touch it or feel it. You have to go on faith, youhave to believe the Jesus killers that... exists and only their special magicRNA vaccines can save you from this invisible enemy. Luckily, they alsohappened to be the CEOS of Fizer, Maderna and Johnson and Johnson. Theyalso happen to run the CDC and the propaganda outlets in broadcast andsocial media, and they insist on controlling words and the meaning ofwords. For example, what do you mean? It's, not a vaccine, no problem, MiriamWebster Dictionary and the CDC simply change the definition of what a vaccineis viola. Now it's a vaccine see its magic, curd immunity. You can only getthat through the magic fact seenes. Now they change that definition to fakedeath, videos from China, replacing normal flu deaths and calling themcovil deaths die after falling off a skyscraper while holding a live grenadeand landing on electrical wires. Oh, he died of coved. Add another death to theCovin Tally Abracadabra in Alberta, Canada. They now count people whorefuse coved tests as having coved children have a better chance of beingstruck by lightning multiple times than they do of dying from the scary,invisible coved, no matter the Jesus killers, insist even toddlers beinjected with their magic Irina Vaccines. They have shut down the worldeconomy, sparked riots, ruined lives, destroyed families all in a wild, eyed,demonic frenzy to get whatever is in that syringe into every arm on theplanet, but why? The easy answer is that without the fact there's no reasonfor the passport, you see you can'thave one without the other, or ratherthere's no need for one without the other and without the passport. There'sno reset. There's no biometric base, centralized world wide control andsurveillance regime, no palm scanners in every doorway, but imagine havingthat kind of power. It's a big payoff and it pays off for generations,generations of compliant low maintenance, slaves, one after theother. Now for the Jesus Killers, that means no more having to worry aboutbeing forcibly expelled from a host countries for the one hundred and tentime. Can you imagine what the Pharisees would have done with suchpower? Well, you won't have long to find out again. That was the easyanswer of the secular answer and on its face, it answers a lot of questions andgives us a glimpse at the housing wise of the coved agenda. In fact, that'sreason enough to hop out right now and...

...reject the arena. Shots no good cancome from it. Only death, injury slavery and a Diston future that makesGeorge war well. Look like a staff writer for the muppet show, butunfortunately, there's more there's a spiritual dynamic at play that mostpeople feel, but they can't quite put their finger on at the most. Somepeople can only describe it as a bad vine something's, not right somethingevil and whatever it is, they don't want any part of it, but that puts youin a tough spot. You see your job is saying you have to get the shot oryou're going to be fired. The smiling retards on TV are there twenty fourseven on Luke telling you there's nothing to be worried about it's a bigwin win when you get injected look, we did it. In fact, some of the judyingEvangelical Pastors on TV are saying it's a pot, unquote gift from God, andthat Jesus himself would have taken Satan shot and by the way I hope theyenjoyed their bag of silver coins, because the nightmare as faith thatawaits them for saying those things is beyond description anyway, even withall that propaganda, you still can't shake that feeling that they're they'repushing something so hard for something that doesn't make any sense, but theydemand that you do it anyway. Now, before we get into this, let me firstsay: congratulations on resisting the most sophisticated and well financedhopes in the history of mankind. You were right to trust your instincts andsay no, it's not the easy path, but it is the right one. Now to those whosubmitted to Satan's shot, nothing more can be done for you in this world, justask for repentance and pray and try not to shed your mutations around too much.Okay, let's start kicking over the wood pile as we click on early life and seewhat we have here. First, on the masks two thousand years ago, they werecalled Vales and they were worn by some mail judeans. Now the APUNTES wasfamiliar with them and even talked about them. He drew a distinctionbetween us and the people who wore them from second Carinthians. Three thirteenwe read. We are not like Moses, who would put a veil over his face toprevent the Israelites from seeing the end of what was passing away, but theirminds were made dull for to this day, the same veil remains when the oldcovenant is read. It has not been removed, because only in Christ is ittaken away. Even to this day, when Moses is read, a veil covers theirheart, but whenever any one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away and wewho, with unveiled faces contemplate...

...the Lord's Glory, are being transferredinto his image with ever increasing glory, which comes from the Lord. Whois the spirit unquote, and things did pass away for these Jews harshly inseventy, a D and finally, in one thirty, two, a D with the Roman army, crushingthe rebellious terrorism and destroying the building. Where they sacrificeliving things to their Colonel Deity, two thousand years later, the roles,though, are reversed. Do they make us wear these masks these Vales tosymbolize the passing away of our Christian world? Obviously, the masksare worthless for preventing the transmission of viruses and, in fact,only help spread disease and return, breathing and reduce oxygen intake.Masks are also traditionally used in cots reducing your sense ofindividualism and Humanitye, but Paul goes further and it gives us anotherhint of what might be going on here with these masks, and we read about itin First Corinthians. Eleven, seven when he says were a man indeed oughtnot to cover his head forasmuch, as he is the image and glory of God. Nowperhaps this cuts closer to home as to why the Jesus killers insist on thesemasks. You see our faces are mere images of our Christian God and thesight of it angers them in their deity. The bottom line is, we have twospecific instances and two mornings from Paul about these masks and wearingthem as something the enemy demands that we do in contrivance of ourChristian teaching and doctrine. Now this is by design and it's part of aGulam humiliation ritual. This is also why the marcianise church band maskwearing for routine activities and even issued religious mask exemptions, butnow, under the Vinos, these vaccines, in name only to fully understand thepeople, the enemy behind these Covic shots. We again find ourselves turningto the Apostle Paul for guidance and direction. Now I want you to rememberthis averse from first Thesaloniki, exact quote from the apostle, as theseexact same people he's talking about our acting as the CEOS of Fizer, Madunaand Johnson and Johnson, the same champions of covert to population andsterility campaigns, transhumanist and abortion mills, the same people who sayin a guttural, plemate, alien voice, you'll have nothing and be happy whosay they have the right to plunge a needle into your arm. This is what Paulsays about them, who both killed the Lord Jesus and their own profits anddrove us out they displease God and are hostile to all mankind, starting to getthe picture now the greeny fuzzy images...

...starting to come together. So far wehave Moses masks, Goy, humiliation, rituals, Gen, mutating Satan shocks,and what could this be? What else does Paul say right in the next verse quote:Unquote Hindering Us in speaking to the gentiles that they may be saved to fillup their sins, but wrath is come upon them to the utmost. Think about thathindering us in speaking to the gentiles that they may be saved. Well,let me work that out for you, church closures, church, burnings, lockdowns,no singing, no communion priest told to keep bullshevist Le List ofparishioners as they're, beaten and arrested by police. Okay. How about nowis the resolution getting a little crisper for you, you see it's verysimple: Christians are being targeted, hunted and killed just as Jesus and hisapostles were two thousand years ago same enemy, different Millenni and, ofcourse, in Philippians chapter three, just in case. There's still somecopleys all summarizes with this. Beware of the curves. Beware of theevil workers. Beware of those that mutilate with circumcision. Now, who doyou think Paul is talking about? That's right, the same people that want tomutate your DNA and change, God's, perfect creation, like game members,spray painting graffiti on this Istean Chapel. Now here at F B N, we use thepre Nice Scene Bible when we croll scripture, it's the first Bible, theone that's original unchanged. It's the Christian Bible from undred, an fortyfour ED, but even in the Modern Bible, does Jesus not give us the samemornings. In fact, he even calls them out harder than Paul did as we see inJohnny. Forty four ye are of your father, the devil and the lusts of yourfather. Ye will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode, not inthe truth, because there is no truth in him when he speaketh a lie he speakethof his own, for he is a liar and the fatherish you see this is their nature,just as it is the nature of the snake to bite and the Scorpion, the stingit's in their DNA, it's what they do changing names, changing appearanceswith plastic surgery. Blending in these are only masks that hide the truenature and that true nature always emerges. Eventually it can't be coveredup for ever. Chaos, destruction, perversion, subversion. This is thenature of Satan. Thus, it is the nature that proven historical nature of hischildren, their handss for ever stained...

...with the blood of Christ. A more recentexample of how they operate can be found just a hundred years ago whenthey wore a different mask. They called themselves a Bolshevik and theyslaughtered millions of Christian Russians that genocide was confined toa region, but now they're going world wide. But why now simply put all thepieces are in place? There are no levers of power removed from theircontrol. Even the Vatican now completely subverted his genialest edto their takeover. All the careful planning that has brought us to thismoment a path the path has been prepared for the arrival of theirfather, let's think back again to the snakes and Scorpions we were talkingabout and why it is in their nature to do what they do. I mention if someonesaid to you: Well, I'm going to make these snakes and Scorpions save for usto be around I'm going to convert them, so they stop biting and stinging. Well,you would laugh and tell him to lay off the booze and sleep it off, so it iswith the Jesus killers. Just as you can't convert the snake or Scorpion yousee, it would take a direct intercession by Jesus Christ to do sucha thing. So what are we as Christians to do about these dangerous people?Well, once again Paul steps in with timely and time last guidance. They areto be shone just as their gene mutating bio weapons masquerading as vaccinesare to be shone. The mark of bondage, just as any biometric passport systemderived from these bio weapons, is to be shown. You see they are congenitalliars berthed by their deity, the father of lies and all options are onthe table when it comes to trying to make you take the shot, take theirbondage mark, but because of the ingrained in voluble rules of warbetween good and evil, it does them no good to strap you down and force theinjection into you. It does them no good to walk around with blow darts andshoot people in the neck by surprise. You see that's not how this works. Ifthey did such a thing, it would have no effect on your Christian soul. This isimportant and I want you to listen carefully. You have to knowingly andwillingly take Satan shop. You have to know their line, you have to know it'sevil and you have to do it anyway with this act from which there is no return,you have taken the mark of bondage and nothing more can be done for you. Youhave invited Satan to take your soul worse, you have willingly severed yourconnection with Christ, it's a spiritual circumcision and there is noreset button for such an act again. Paul warns and implores us in Galationsfive in the freedom wherewith Christ...

...made us free stand fast and be notentangled again in the yoke of bondage. Listen carefully exempt. Is he with thebrand mark of bondage? Whosoever in law are justified from grace. Ye havefallen now. Compare this to when you hear someone say: Oh well, I needed itto travel. I needed it for my job. I needed it to go to the mall. My Pastorsaid it was okay, it's the low, but deep down, you know. What's it stay,you know. What's behind the mask, you know what's really in that sringe andmake no mistake, everybody will have skin in the game in some form oranother. When it's there turn to make the ultimate choice, nobody will beable to run and hide from the test. Only your faith in God will give youthe strength to do what's right when your name is called and it will becalled and as the tribulation unfolds it's interesting. Is it not that,though, we as Christians simply want to be left alone and not have theseexperimental June mutatos injected into our veins. The Jesus killers haveframed the narrative in such a way that they are the victim and Christians arethe ones that are the existential threat see. This is how they invert andpervert reality just as their father does they cry out in pain as theystrike you and just as they did a hundred years ago, while callingthemselves Bolsheviks they're hunting Christians again and they're huntingthem world Wi, in keeping with the instructions of the Apostle Paul as wefind them in the pre nice scene. Bible. Disconnection from this satanic systemis the first step. That means removing your children from the public schoolsand moving out of the cities. You need to mentally prepare for the realitythat everything in valving the government in private industry willrequire that mark of bondage that shot Satan shot. Now from there you begin toreconnect reconnect with other pure blood unvexed Christians, others thathave refused the mark of bondage and coved laws, and now you beginrebuilding a parallel. Society is the enemy assaults, your senses, with acontinuous barrage of propaganda about Covin laws and restrictions, and theytry to convince you that slavery is freedom, all the while tying a maskover your face and shoving a needle in your arm. Remember Galatians, two!Sixteen for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ died for nothing.Now inclosing is Christians. We not only have the right to defend ourselves.We also have the obligation to protect others and stop the actions of theenemy during the satanic war against us.

Satan's children are hiding behind acoved mask as they kill and injure, but they don't Ho anyone grounded in thefaith and knowledge of the gospel of the law. I see their adverses Christusagainst Christ and, as Paul tells us the enemy of all humanity. Now, withthis in mind, some Christian churches, including the marcianise ChristianChurch, through Bishop and Ertel's, it issued a absolutio, Generalis Peccati.It's a general absolution of sin for actions taken in defence of yourselfand others in this battle. The central Ponchet is aware that events will befast moving in some areas and there will be great confusion of fog if youwill and opportunities for confession, and even last rights may not be readilyavailable. The absolution of Generalis peccati applies to all baptizedChristians and you may register your name with the Church and receiveacknowledgment of the dispensation if you desire, but it's not necessary.Remember these words from the Gospel of the Lord, for there is no good treethat produces corrup Fru nor corruptor that produces good fruit. Now, let uspray we're going to read the original Lord's prayer is found. On page thirtyof the Very First Bible, pre nice scene, Bible, its chapter, eight versal,father, like your Holy Spirit, come upon US Hallo, be your name. Yourkingdom come your will be done as in heaven, so on Earth Give us day by dayour bread for the coming day and forgive us our sins, for we alsoforgive every one that is indebted to us and lead us not into Temptation Ama, I'm during Kalama- and this isfirst news on the First Bible Network, a.

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