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The 'God Gene' and protecting yourself under the Covid Regime


In today's episode we look at simple defense strategies Christians can employ while surviving under a Covid regime and Satanic agenda. Intercessory prayers, the 'God gene' and religious exemption forms are among the subjects.

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Religious exemption forms

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The latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the first Christian's tune into the FBN worldwide twenty four seven radio stream. Very few countries have escaped the most obvious effects of the satanic wave that has been sweeping over the world for the last year. And because the Jesus killers and their billionaire accomplices control virtually every media outlet, there's no escape from the incessant, two seven drumbeat of propaganda. People ask themselves, am I the only one that sees something wrong with what's going on? The answer to that is far from it. You're solidly in the majority, but you we. We don't have the bully pulpit of the media and the governmental bureaucracies like they do. They use these organizations as a force multiplier to achieve full spectrum dominance over the narrative and messaging. These are military terms and they're quite fitting because we're in a war now.

You've probably heard the phrase that the first casualty of wars the truth, and you're probably familiar with the phrase the fog of war. These touch on aspects of what we're dealing with today. The lies, the deception that tyranny all hiding behind a real and symbolic mask of a fake plague. Think of it like a pilot that's being given conflicting information from his flight control computer. Simultaneous warnings for overspeed and low terrain conditions, stall warning alarms and blaring, the stick shaking. What's going on? Conflicting warnings, but only one can be right. This is sensory overload and the brain shuts down. The plane crashes. Or in this case, a new paradigm, a new reality, a very evil reality, is introduced. The warnings in our spiritual cockpit are going off and lies are crowding the flight deck, so many lies, in...

...fact, it's difficult to unpack all of them in one episode. And today we want to focus on real life solutions. Measures we can use, defensive measures we can employ in this war of good against evil. In our example of the confusing situation faced by the pilot, this happens in real life when readings from something called a pittoe tube are compromised. The tube can be blocked and give the sensors false data, which in turn feed the pilot false information and warnings. Now, our Pittoe tube for reality is the media, which feeds US daily information and news, which we assume as largely factual for the most part. We also have a spiritual pittoe to and right now both are completely compromised and deliberately feeding US false information. They're trying to crash the plane, they're trying to kill you, and it's by design. For Burgun Air...

...flight three hundred and one, a wasp had made a nest inside the Beteau tube and it killed a hundred eighty nine people. For us, it is the Jesus Killers, the human version of wasps with stingers, and the last time they had this much control, they murdered fifty million Christian Russians in the early nineteen hundreds. The new satanic system being erected, this new Wasp Nest, consists of perpetual slavery and death, and they're very close to achieving their dream. Our nightmare. Like the frantic pilot, we're bombarded with false information and alarms, virtually all of it wrong, and it's night. We can't even use or trust our own eyes. We have to use the instruments being fed bad data and information. Now, in this analogy, the first Christians, the pre niceen Christians, like the Marcian nights have an advantage. Now.

They're still in trouble, with a lot of the same problems as everyone else, but for them it's Day, not night. They use the first Christian Bible, the Very First Bible, compiled in one hundred and forty four a D and it's comprised of the God houspile of the Lord and the original ten epistles from the Apostle Paul. There's spiritual Peteau tube isn't clogged up with the WASP nest of the Hebrew Bible, or is it later became to be called the Old Testament. There's no alien Colonel Deity masquerading as our Christian God feeding them fall scripture. Now, these first Christians still have problems on the flight deck, but with daylight and a true spiritual foundation, their odds of survival just went way up. On our last episode, we did an audio walk through of how you, as a presbiter, would conduct a simple Christian mass in the event your churches lockdown or attending mass there becomes ecclesiastically impossible.

Today we're going to show you how to handle scenarios involving day to day life. For example, many people have already submitted to being injected with these new RNA bio weapons, and because these substances are experimental, nobody knows what effect they'll have on the people who submitted to them. More importantly, we don't know what effect it will have on others around them. Many experts say these people are doing something called viral shedding and they're infecting the rest of us with new mutant strains. The Mercy Night Church banned these RNA injections last July. I but we're still at risk by being around people who didn't listen. And let's be direct about this. With this satanic wave moving through the world, it's hard to know who's who anymore. Who are we going to come in contact with WHO's been injected? Have these injections done more than just cause fatal...

...genetic mutations? And was scientists already on record talking about looking for ways to identify and remove what they call the God Jene vesicular monoamine transporter to, or Vmat to, proteins. These injections could be doing anything. Experts say Vmat to predisposes humans towards spiritual or mystic experiences and that the underlying tendency to spirituality is partially heritable. Part of this heritability can be attributed to the Gene v Mat too, and that this gene acts by altering monoamine levels, and spirituality provides an evolutionary advantage by providing individuals with innate sense of optimism. Fifteen years ago, when the subject first came up, it was the military looking for a way to defeat the Taliban and religious fundamentalists in Iraq and Afghanistan. The...

...idea then was to use an aerosolized flu virus as the vector to attack and neutralize the Vmat to gene and, as a result, subdue the populations spiritual belief system and make them less resistant to change. And with trillions of dollars at their disposal, the military had nothing but time and barrels of money to come up with a solution to this Vmat to problem, the God problem, not to put too fine a point on it, but they were and have been, at war with God. Again. The military has an openly talked about their vmat solutions for fifteen years, but since then there have been huge advances in genetic manipulation. Using crisper crisper cast nine technology, did something that started as a big budget project for the military, become hijacked and used against the general population of the world through vaccines, in a fake plague and with...

...cast nine. Can you remove Vmat to and just one generation? The answer to that is yes, and it's heredity that does all the work. Set it and forget it. Not only is it possible, it's probable and probably a lot worse than we can imagine. For example, does the elimination of vmat subsequently make it easier for evil to gain a foothold in the human mind, create a pathway for demonic possession? And you know, the New Testament is filled with stories of demonically possessed people. Every time Jesus turned around, he was having a cast out devils. Do you think demonic possession just stopped after his resurrection? Take a look round after you put on your Nike six, six six gym shoes and walk on down to the local library for a little tranny story hour. Now I'll leave it to others to expound on the possibilities and explore the dystopian endgame here, but we are not here to hyper...

...sell anything and I don't want to get too deep in the weeds on all of this. Our focus today is on practical things you can do as a Christian in Daytoday, living while surviving under satanic rule and governance. Now that day to day living will involve visits with other people and going to stores for shopping, and doing so, we'll put you in contact with unfamiliar mass people in places, government buildings and structures, and especially with police and security guards. Now there's a simple way to ask for God's protection and support and situations like this, should you feel the need, is you approach the unknown person or as they approach you, your response should be practice and purposeful. You will do the sign of the Cross, just as you've been taught to do it, but immediately afterwards, you will all so do the sign of the Cross in the direction of the person or building. For listeners of the radio... not seeing the video clip, picture a priest giving a blessings. The narrow edge of your palm facing towards the person. Raise your hand up, then down, then left then right, the sign of the cross, except facing away from you. Now, as you do this, you will recite a very brief sentence and intercessory prayer is what it's called. You're going to be invoking God's assistance in the upcoming encounter or exchange. The words are taken from the first sentence of the Lord's prayer, is found in the very first Bible. It's the prayer Jesus taught the apostles when they asked him how to pray to God. Now, for our purposes, we're only invoking the first sentence, which is father, let your Holy Spirit come upon us. Hallowed be your name. This invocation is for your benefit and the benefit of the person you are motioning towards. It also has a symbolic impact on the people...

...around you, which they will find comforting. Practice the motion until it becomes fluid and reflexive, and teach others how to do it as well. Remember, let your faith fill you with confidences. The Satanic Wave Churns around us. Remember you can get your own copy of the very first Bible for free at the very first Bible Dot Org, dot O rg. I'm going to go ahead and include a link in the show notes so you can print a copy of your own prayer card to use with the blessing motion and invocation. We're going to have that in PDF and JPEG J P g formats and just a reminder. Don't get tested, don't wear a face diaper and, above all, do not get the covid injection. You can get free religious exemption forms for all three at the Marcy Night Church Dot Org, Dot Org. This has been Darren Kalam and we'll see you next time on the First Bible...

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