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Episode · 9 months ago

The Gospel of the Lord: For the Record


Who wrote it, for whom was it written, when was it written and what's in it? The gospel meant for everybody has been seen by almost nobody - and there's certain people that would like it to stay that way.

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Time for another edition of the RightBible, podcast stripping away two thousand years of Halse doctrine isn'teasy, but we've had lots of coffee. Now your host Daren Kalama, one of the first things that peoplenotice when they read the very first Bible. Is it there's just one gospel,because in the beginning there was only one one: Jesus One Gospel, one faith,but what that first Christian Bible compiled in UNDRE forty four ad lackedforeign size it more than made up for with simple blinding truth. The simpletruth delivered directly from Jesus Christ to the Apostle paw that truthseared into his memory, then written down word for word every jot, an tittlejust as Jesus wanted it delivered to all of us. It's called the gospel ofthe Lord and it's the foundation of the very first Bible, the corner stone offaith for millions of the first...

Christians. Jesush's message ofsalvation was for all of us not just for a specific race of self chosen andself worshipping tribes wandering in a desert, and that's exactly what we readin the gospel of the Lord, a message for all of us. In clear and simpleterms, there's no need for secret numbers, symbols and Word Games, noneed for telmids Cabala magic numbers, wizards and Dan Brown Mysteries Paul,received that Gospel and revelation on the road to Damascus and hidtransformed his life. He spent the rest of that Amazing Life Preaching thatGospel of the Lord traveling across the known world, on four epic journeys andestablishing churches and Yeu know what he got for his troubles. He was exiledbeaten, whipped, stoned, drowned in imprisoned multiple times over a periodof decades and at the end of it all he...

...was margered and Paut was in preachingthe Gospel of Mark Matthew, Luke or John. He was preaching that Gospelseared into his mind directly by Jesus Christ. How do we know he tells us, butI certify you brethren, that the Gospel which was preached of me is not afterman, for I neither received it of man but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.You see it was a spiritual treasure words that held the key to salvationand Paul warned us about false gospels, false gospels written by the judiisers,even rewriting, and perverting the gospel of the Lord, with clever editingto lead Christians astray. Let's remember Paul's warning Ingalations, aswe have said before so now. I say again: If anyone preaches any other gospel toyou than what you have received, let him be accursed. You see thesejudiizers ere serpents. Today we see...

...them on TV trying to get money as theypreach. False Gospels, tricking Christians and trying to Ensnar themback into the Spiritual Dead Sea of toral laws and Paula's heartbroken whenhe learned their deceptions were working in some of the early churchesand he rode to them. I marvel that ye are so quickly changed from him. Theycalled you in the Grace Undo a different gospel which is not another,but there be some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ.Even the apostles, Peter and James had been fooled by the judiisers, and thesituation finally came to a head at the council of Jerusalem. In forty eightaid it was a heated debate and theological battle that Paul a mergedform victoriously, using the words for, if righteousness come by the Tora Law,then Christ died for nothing. You know you're not going to find the Gospelthat Paul Preach The Gospel of the Lord in your Modern Bible, but you will findit in the very first Bible and now you...

...can read it in Standard Bible format.For the first time, with numbered chapters and verses, the enemies ofChristianity went through a lot of effort and expense to keep the gospelof the Lord away from you. But now all of that subterfuge can be swept awaywith a simple mouse click download your free copy to day at the very firstBible, Dot, O R G.

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