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Episode 5 · 1 year ago

The First Heresy is Back...and Deadlier Than Ever


The apostles thought they had killed and buried the heresies of the first judaizers during the Council of Jerusalem in 48 A.D. They were wrong - and the evidence is all around us.

Time for another edition of the RightBible podcast, your weekly deep dive into the story of the very first Bibleand the marcion eight Christian church. Find out more at the very first BibleDot Org. Stripping away two thousand years a false doctrine isn't easy, butwe've had lots of coffee. Now your host, Darren Klama. Hey everybody, thanks for coming back to another edition of the Right Bible podcast. I'mDarren Klama. You know, as everyone debates, if we have a fakepandemic and a fake election, we're going to take a side trip to abouttwo thousand years ago. On our last episode we covered how and why thefirst Christians rejected over six hundred Hebrew laws at the council of Jerusalem and fortyeight a d actually six hundred thirteen laws... be exact, and those lawsare still contained as commandments in the Hebrew Bible, or what you've come toknow as the Old Testament. But there's another common ground that the first Christiansand the Marcian night share with the Catholic Church, and it has to dowith her seat, and it should come as no surprise that it stems fromthe same alien religion and faith that spawned the six hundred rejected laws we talkedabout earlier. Now, the first documented case of heresy is found in boththe very first Bible and the Modern Bible of Catholics, and it's the heresyof the Judaizers and circumcision. Circumcision cuts physically and spiritually. Is it attemptsto subvert the finished work of Christ. It's a barbaric carnal mutilation that's reallybest left in the desert sands along with human sacrifice, burnt offerings and magicrituals. Now in the Modern Bible,... Acts Fifteen, we learn alittle bit about how these judaizers operated, how they traveled far and wide seekingto poison the faith of the first Christians in the early church. In fact, they were even circulating a perverted, False version of the gospel of theLord at that point. So these were some busy bees indeed. And weread an acts quote unquote. Certain people came down from Judea to Antioch andwe're teaching the believers, unless you are circumcised, according to the custom taughtby Moses, you cannot be saved. Unquote. Now, because use Paulwas making such a big deal out of this. The apostles knew that thesituation had to be dealt with, and it had to be dealt with quickly. So all the apostles gathered together and they decided how they were going totry to respond to this poisoning of the well, as it were, tothis this new existential threat to the young... And after some time,the Apostle Peter announced their decision. Quote Unquote. Now then, why doyou try to test God by putting on the necks of gentiles a yoke thatneither we nor our ancestors have been able to bear? No, we believeit is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, justas they are. Unquote. Now we're also reminded of the Apostle Paul's warningin the very first Bible. Quote Unquote. Beware of those dogs, beware ofthe evil workers. But where of those that mutilate with circumcision? Unquote. And we find that in Philippians three, two. And then, just tokind of put the final nail in the coffin, Paul then ended thedebate with what he hoped would be a killing blow to these judaizers and theirpoisonous heresies, quote unquote, for if...

...righteousness come by the law, thenChrist died for nothing, unquote. That's from Galatians to sixteen. And,by the way, you can find that on page seventy eight of your paperbackversion of the Very First Bible. If you don't have one, will havea some links in the show notes. You can you can get it forfree, or you can just go to Amazon and type in the for wordsthe very first Bible and it should be the first thing that shows up onyour screen. Now, for the next three hundred years the matter was consideredsettled over and down. The Christians had realized that the Hebrew Bible, again, your Old Testament, was completely divorced and separate from the salvation of JesusChrist, and there was unity in this. Unity came under the very first Bible, which was compiled later in one hundred and forty four a d forthe first time we had the New Testament... toto and it consisted of theGospel of the Lord and Paul's original ten epistles. But the danger wasn't over. Now these Judaizers, although they were gravely wounded, you know, andtheir own Jewish temple had been destroyed in seventy a D, and there areten said. You could really only call it a Bolshevik style power grab thatthey pulled in Jerusalem. Later on, in one hundred and thirty five aD was subsequently put down and crushed by the Romans. These same Judaizers keptup their subversive, poisonous efforts to undermine the faith of the first Christians.They didn't let it go and they stayed on them. They were like zombiesand they just wouldn't stop. And then finally, in three hundred and twentyfive a D, they engineered a crippling, almost fatal blow against the Christians andthey finally managed to insert their poisonous...

...satanic beliefs into the very bible itself. Now these same people never went away. There are even among us today,and the forms of the Evangelical Churches and people like John Hague, theseare there. They're like serpents cloaked in prayer shawls and they dance on theedges of Gamatre and Kabbala and the Talmud, the same evil branches of the sameheresy rejected by the apostles two thousand years ago that we just got donetalking about and you can, you know, you can almost see them work inother areas of our society. Even today, I mean as you weara mask and told where and when you can move around, as post electiontoday, do you even wonder who your president is? I mean, theevidence is all around you. You're surrounded by it. Now in our nextepisode we're going to travel back to three...

...hundred and twenty five a d andfind out exactly what happened during those dark days at the Council of Nice,see how these Judaizers were able to subvert the the very Bible itself. Andjust on a note, if you're interested in reconnecting with the faith of thefirst Christians and the First Bible, the very first Bible, you can learnmore about the Martian night Christian church at Marcy Night Church Dot Org, DotOrg. And we'll wrap it up there with a reminder that you can geta paperback version of the very first Bible on Amazon. Just type in thosefour words, the very first Bible, or click on our show note linksat the bottom of the page and get it for free. And of course, don't forget to like and share the video on podcast. We appreciate itin Christ. This is Darren Kolama, and we'll see you next time.

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