The First Heresy is Back...and Deadlier Than Ever


The apostles thought they had killed and buried the heresies of the first judaizers during the Council of Jerusalem in 48 A.D. They were wrong - and the evidence is all around us.

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Episode · 1 month ago

Whose God are you praying to? Better check that bible.

We're in a spiritual war - and praying to the same God as your enemy is a deadly mistake.  The first Christians had protection that you lack - find out the difference between their bible and yours.

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The Very First Bible 

Episode 11 · 1 month ago

Christians Warned to Prepare Catacomb Churches Now

As lockdowns grow across the world and governments demand citizens be injected with bioweapons masquerading as experimental RNA vaccines, the Marcionite Christian Church is urging all denominations to prepare underground Catacomb Churches for the safety of parishioners. In today's show we'll discuss the liturgical guide issued by the church that helps lay people (regular parishioners) prepare to conduct a simple mass or baptism as it's expected we'll lose many priests and pastors during the coming purge. 

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Liturgical Guide for Mass, Baptisms and Prayers

The Very First Bible of 144 A.D.

War on Christians

Religious Vaccination Exemption Affidavit 

Episode · 1 month ago


Should you be concerned that the CEO of Pfizer is a veterinarian? Is it worrisome that both of the companies manufacturing the vaccines have deep ties to a country that refuses to sign the Biological Weapons Convention treaty? What you don't know can kill you.

#covid #vaccine

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Episode · 2 months ago

Grand Theft Edit: Deconstructing how and why Galatians 4:4 was intentionally altered

You asked for examples of how the first Christian bible was edited and judaized and today we delivered with a full deconstruction and dissection of Galatians 4:4. How eight words were used to fundamentally alter our perception of the roots of Christianity - and how it was used to bolster the narrative of false gospels. You won't need your imagination for this episode - just a copy of the bible.

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The Very First Bible Paperback

Free ebook version:

Marcionite Christian Church: