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The Oldest Inscription Bearing Jesus' Name (and why you never heard of it)


In 1870, a book was published which covered the exploits of French archeologists deep in the deserts of Syria. They discovered the oldest surviving inscription of Jesus in the world carved into the archway of an ancient church and it was dated 318 A.D. What was shocking wasn't the date - it was who the church belonged to.

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Time for another edition of the RightBible, podcast stripping away two thousand years of Halse doctrine isn'teasy, but we've had lots of coffee. Now your host Daren Kalama, with all thesestories and hypes surrounding the treasures held at the Vatican andfamous religious artifacts, like the shroud of Torin and the Dead SeaScrolls, it's interesting to observe the things that aren't given attentionby the media. The things barely allowed a fleeting footnote in subscript burieddeep in the dusty appendix of a Crumbling Academic Tome. Beyondcontemplating the object itself, it's sometimes more interesting to explorethe possible reasons why something so important isn't just ignored, but moreaccurately aggressively ignored, studiously and purposely ignored. Andmeanwhile the fanciful nonsense contained in Dan Brown novels isglorified and given the air of...

...respectability gilded with thetrappings of pomp and circumstance, it's fictional storylines brought tolife by the biggest movie stars and massive blackbuster Hollywood budgetsand marketing campaigns, breathless nonstop promotion and red carpetaccolades the lie Exalted The truth ignored in today's episode. We take acloser look at one of these ignored wonders like the very first ChristianBible of hundred a forty four ad. You probably never heard of it. It's theoldest inscription in the world, bearing the name of Jesus, a simplething really to look at it. Just Greek letters carved into a stone archway inthree eighteen aighd and dedicating a small Syrian church with the words toour Lord and Saviour Jesus, the good... you would think it would be worthyof mention the oldest inscription of Jesus's name in the world. Surely somefamous novelist or movie producer would find such a thing of interest, if notgive it a story unto itself at least a mention somewhere nope. But why?Probably because it's a huge embarrassment, it's a theological,stick in the eye to the establishment and really there's nothing. They can doabout it, except ignore it and hope nobody pays attention to it. You See,unlike written words, an letters that can be edited or translated to adverseor play games with their meaning. You can't play games with words that arecarved into a rock the problem. Isn't so much the words carved into the Rock,as it is the church that they're dedicated to it's a marcienite church,the Marcienites are their favoured thing to ignore they aggressivelyignore them almost as much as they do...

...the first Christian Bible that servedas the bedrock of faith for the Marconites and the first Christians.You see the mercy knise knew that the DD portrayed in the Hebrew Bible theyrenamed it to the Old Testament that deity isn't the Christian God. We knowfrom the New Testament in the first Christian Bible. It's not the Godrevealed to us through Christ and not only did the mercy. Anites know it,they proved it. Let that sink in. Let the ramifications of such a thing:bounce off the bumpers of the theological, pinball machine. Youthought you knew and understood yeah the barbaric deity in that OldTestament has nothing to do with God. In fact, Jesus knew that and theykilled him because of it. The marcianites also knew it and that's whythe first Christian Bible didn't have an Old Testament and that you see isthe problem. Are you starting to understand why this inscription thisJesus Rock, is such a thorny issue? You...

...start talking about the inscription,and the next question is what church, whose church the Marcinites, who werethey? What did they believe see the problem? The Rock not only gives theMERCYNITES undisputed theological, providence and lineage. It opens up avery large andcumbersome can of worms for the establishment. It's somethingthat Jews and most Christians dagrees should be left alone. So don't expectany Damn Brown novels or stepens speelbird movies, Harrison Ford and hisentorrige won't be swashbuckling their way to this church in Syria. Anytimesoon the inscription is dated thre eight Heen ad, but it's what happenedshortly before when the real story begins.

One of the things I like aboutinscriptions carved into rocks, as in theire impervious to the actions ofliars and editors, dissemblers, judiizers and liars were diamon dozenin the first few centuries after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and theywere masters of their craft no different from today. We often think ofthose years as a time of peace when Christianity was established. Yetnothing really could be farther from the truth. Those years were the unholyvessel of a theological war that raged unabated between the judiizers and thefirst Christians, even Pitting Apostle against apostle in forty eight aighd.That battle didn't end, but a frangil truce was called at the Council ofJerusalem in which six hundred thirteen Hebrew laws of the judiizers wereunceremoniously and rightfully tossed into the theological dumpster. Nolonger would Christians be subject to...

...self mutilation and laws about whichparts of a bug were okted or under what circumstances they were to cut off thehand of a woman and by the way, these Weren' considered run of the mill lawslike littering or Jay walking. These laws were considered to be the literalword of God. Think about that. That's right. According to the Jews, Godhimself took time out of the day to tell them what leg segments of a bug toeat and how, when cutting off a woman's hand, they were too, and I quote, showher no mercy the deity that these people worshipped is truly barbaric andreprobate. In any event, the apostles agreed Peter James and the Judiizers,with their six hundred thirteen Halien laws had been temporarily defeated andthe Apostle Paul moved on to become the greatest evangelizer in the world,spreading Christianity throughout...

...without Paul and later with advocateslike Marcion, who was responsible for compiling the first Christian Bible,its doubtful, the Church would have survived extremely doubtful, butultimately the judiizers did finally get their way and they won the turfbattle in three twenty five ad at the Council of Nisea, when the Hebrew Biblerenamed the Old Testament to further confuse the issue was stapled on to thefirst Christian Bible, the scrolls celebrating an alien Hebrew war. Godwere nailed onto our faith and from there they launched a full ofsault onthe first Christians. It was a scorched earth campaign that lasted centuries,and it was backed by the full force and fury of the Roman Empire, led byConstantine, who was a worshipper of the Roman Sun, God Saul and Victus. Thefirst Christians like the Marcenites, were hunted down, had their churchessacked and looted, and their bibles, the first Bible, Pur and without thealien Hebrew scribblings were...

...confiscated and burned, but it didn'tstop there, the judiizers employed writers. We know them today as hacks tolie about the MARCIANITES and their beliefs. Hacks, like Turtulian, spenttheir whole career demonizing the first Christians well not his whole career.He was also well known for writing about women's fashion trends of the day.In the end, even the Catholics dismissed him as a fraud with SaintJerome himself from marking quote as to Tertullian. I have nothing else to say,except he was not a man of the church, unquote in some of his poisonousscribblings Tertolian, even lashes out of the Apostle Pall branding him theapostle of heretics well so much for Turtulian cut loose by his paymasterswithout even a proper. Thank you for all those dirty jobs and other hackswould meet similar inglorious fates and...

...banishment, but the first Christians,like the Marcinites, persevered converting millions of people toChristianity and growing larger than even the Catholic Church itself. At onepoint it thrived for a millennia you see back then, when you became aChristian, you embraced and believed in the gospel of the Lord. You were set inthe fact that God was only revealed through Jesus, not through the Hebrewscrolls of the Old Testament and the barbaric dety portrayed within it.Today the Marcianide church is rebuilding and evidence of it stillexists. Not only did they compile the first Christian Bible, they created theearliest known inscription bearing the name of Jesus. It was found by a Frencharghaeologist carved into the doorway of an ancient marcinite church in alittle town in Syria called Lababa. Today, it's known as dear Ali, thearchaeologists featured the inscription... a book in Eighteen, seventy and forpurposes of transcriptions for the show. I just want to read what the book information is. It's WANTINGTONinscriptions, dela, sere, Paris, eighteen. Seventy inscription number,two, five, five, eight page five. Eighty two, the full title of the book,is inscriptions Greek at Latinas, Dila Seri by William Henry Wadington,apparently published by Laarma D Breschneider in eighteen. Seventy, thesight of dear Ali is some three miles south of Damascus. The Tom washistorically a village known as Lababa and contains the archaeological remainsof a marcynite church. These remains include an inscription dated to threeeighteen aigd, three undred, eight, which is the oldest known, survivinginscribed reference anywhere to Jesus. We are further informed that theCoothor of the Syriac cinscription book... Philip Lebas Le B, as the inscription was carved in threeeighteen ad, bearing the words Lord and Saviour Jesus, the good- and it is theoldest inscription of Jesush's name in the world. So there you haveit withthese Marsenites, they had the first Bible and the oldest inscription. Youknow. Maybe you should take a look at the Marcy Night Church, I'm going tohave links in the show notes, so you can check out their website atMarcinite, church Dodorg. This has been Darren Kolam and we'll see you nexttime on the Right Bible, podcast.

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