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While you were waiting for the Book of Revelation, Satan already drove by


As people struggle to make sense of the Satanic wave sweeping over the world right now, most point reflexively to the Book of Revelation. But it's the Apostle Paul, not John, that identifies the enemy and his methods.

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Eschatology as written in The Gospel of the Lord

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As people struggle to make sense of this satanic wave sweeping over the world right now, most point reflexively to the book of revelation, but it's the Apostle Paul, not John, that identifies the enemy and his methods. As some of our listeners and viewers are aware, we've done innumerable episodes on the satanic wave engulfing the world. Is Satan and his children hide behind the mask of Covid as. They kill, maim and enslave humanity, and they do it with a special focus on Christians. Recently we also did a special episode on Eschatology and what the Gospel of the Lord says about the final days and signs. The Gospel of the Lord, of course, is the revelation received by the Apostle Paul directly from Jesus on the road to Damascus, and that Gospel is the center piece of the First Christians and Bible, which was compiled in one hundred and forty four a d. There are no other gospels contained within it. The rest is comprised of the Apostle Paul's ten original epistles. So One Gospel, ten books, never edited, never changed, which brings us, in a roundabout way, to today's episode. We want to talk about what those epistles say, to contrast and compare, is it were, those writings from two thousand years ago to the dark events of today. We're also going to look at the much more known and popular book of revelation as found in the Modern Bible and, after doing so, perhaps be able to come to a conclusion about which writings are more Germane to current events. First, let's pop the hood open on revelation and see what we have here and what everybody agrees on. The first thing is that the gospel of John, just like all of the other Gospels, has an unknown author and anonymous author. Now, the best clue we get from the Gospel itself of the identity of the author. Is Written by somebody who is not an apostle, again anonymous, and they write in John Two, one hundred and twenty four. This is the disciple which testifieth of these things and wrote these things, and we know that is testimony is true. His testimony is true. Now, unless John is writing in the third person, it's not him that wrote that verse.

But be that as it may, the Roman Catholic Church added it to official New Testament cannon in three eighty two a d there's a long history of it both being accepted and disputed by various synods and bishops over the centuries. But that's someone else's fight. Now. Before I get into all this, let me just say that we're not here to disparage the Modern Bible or any Christian denominations, Catholic or otherwise. In fact, most of today's Marcianites and followers of the first the pre niceen Bible, they used to be Catholics themselves. Moreover, now is the time when all Christians need to come together, not fight with each other. Now our fight is with the Jesus killers and those who are persecuting Christians right now. Or is Paul explained in First Thessalonians to fifteen those, quote unquote, who both killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets and drove us out. They displease God and are hostile to all mankind, unquote. Now that's the ball that we need to keep our eye on. The same people that through the ball two thousand years ago are throwing it at us today. So back to revelation and the subject of today's episode. A few days ago I saw a story that the United Nations had placed a very odd looking statue in front of their building in New York City. It was huge. It had a lion's head and dragon wings and compassed all in one body. I had the same reaction to it as, I guess, everyone else when I saw it, and this quote that I read from one observer really sums it up. He says, with wars, rumors of wars, widespread corruption, pestilence and disease, along with the ominous exploitation of covid by global interest to serve as a basis for vaccine passports that will be essential to buy and sell and participate in daily existence. Already being likened to biblical prophecy, it's understandable that an open display of such a monstrosity would give people of faith the Willie's unquote. Now you have to admit it's some pretty brazen gas lighting. I mean they're shoving the book of revelation on a Silver Platter and saying here it is, look what we're doing. I mean, come on, just open up a Satanic Rave Club next to it and decorate it with bonfires and glow sticks. Get it over with. I mean talk about in your face and over the top. And, of course, the event, Angelical TV preachers heard the cash registers ringing and they jumped all over this story with a I told you so type of Glee and exuberance. The same TV preachers and churches that are urging you to submit to the vacts. Think about that. Make no mistake, unveiling that type of statue at this...

...specific point in time was deliberate. They knew exactly what they were doing and they knew exactly what kind of reaction it would create. Knew exactly how it would play and resonate in the minds of Christians. Satan's children are not stupid people. They're evil to the core, but they're far from stupid. So let's step away from the UN plaza. Let's go inside the UN building itself for another example. But you know what, before we continue, are UN tour let's talk about this book of revelation and why the Jesus killers are using its imagery and symbolism. Well, it's simple. Just as every Gospel in the Modern Bible is written by unknown authors, so too are each of them rife with editing by Judaizers, all four of them, including acts. Now, these edits all have an overarching goal to convince you that the God and the Old Testament is the same as the one in the new test of it, even though everything points to the contrary. The Old Testament, it's real named the Torah, the Hebrew Bible. Everything in it is antithetical to the teachings of Christ, whether it's stories of their deity ordering that women and children be murdered or hands cut off. The people their culture in the deity that they worship, our polar opposites of Christians, Jesus and Christianity as a whole. Ironically, even portions of the Modern Bible confirm this. Go ahead, pick up a copy and turn to John Forty four, where Jesus tells the Jews their father is the devil, literally calls them Satan's children, literally tells them that their father, their deity, is the father of lies. And yet the crafty editing and Judaizing is done so skillfully that people still think Jesus is talking about his own father. Now tell me which God were they praying to and offering sacrifices to when they killed Jesus? which God were they praying to for help as they hunted down and murdered his apostles, the same Christian God you pray to. Think again. That is cognitive dissonance on parade, a complete disconnection from reality. Again, what did we read in First Thessalonians, who both killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets and drove us out. They displease God and are hostile to all mankind. See that Torah isn't your book and that Deity isn't your God. And for the millions of us that adhere to the first Christian Bible, it's clear as day, just as it was clear for the pre nicene Christians before us. Now, the fact of the matter is, I don't even like doing these episodes with this type...

...of subject matter. I'm not that really interested in discussing someone else's alien culture in Deity, but we're here, so let's circle back to revelation and get this over with now. What else do we know about this revelation? Well, we know that whoever wrote it did so around ninety five a D. again, there's debate about that as well. Some claim it was written in sixty five a d. either way, it was written decades after the revelation received by Paul in thirty four a d now again. You can dick her about exact dates, but we're talking decades after the fact. No matter how you slice it, it was after Paul. And isn't it interesting how everything gets copied and Judaized after Paul writes or does something? How mark and Luke travel with Paul and read as Gospel of the Lord and then end up writing their own Judyi's gospels just years later? How someone were told as John Suddenly has his own revelation decades after Paul. How we find original pieces of the Gospel given to Paul in every one of the four gospels in the Modern Bible, some of it more edited and Judyis than others. Folks, that's not a coincidence. But let's finish circling back on revelation. Let's go to the tape and see what the biblical scholars and Theologians say, quote unquote. The predominant view is that revelation alludes to the Old Testament, although it is difficult among scholars to agree on the exact number of illusions or the illusions themselves. Revelation rarely quotes directly from the Old Testament, yet almost every verse alludes to or Echoes Older Scriptures. Over half of the references stem from Daniel, Ezekiel, psalms and Isaiah, with Daniel providing the largest number in proportion to length, and Ezekiel standing out is the most influential, unquote. Now the book even identifies and references the twelve tribes of Israel and one hundred and forty four thousand Jews leading the way to victory. Now talk about a complete inversion of reality. It's a sick joke, and that's by design, clever and calculating design, everything leading you to one conclusion, just as the statue at the United Nations does. And in both cases the creator of the deception has an escape hatch in case they get called out. The judaizer in the case of revelation, can draw back in whore and proclaim, well, the Old Testament wasn't actually quoted, just as they can point to the wing the lion head at the United Nations and say, well, it's just an ancient Mexican statue...

...that represents peace. See how they do it, see how that works. Perception, inference, allusion, deception, all carefully woven together, no different from a Hollywood movie. And this bad movie has been playing on loop for two thousand years. Now. Are you ready to finish taking a look inside the United Nations? Now follow me. Let's go to their prayer room. It's a special room in the United Nations where people go to pray. Let's open the door and see what's in it. Yeah, and that's a real photo people. Black box in the center of the room was some frame psychotic modern art behind it. Does it remind you of anything? Yeah, that box is called a tephelon. You still think that what's going on has anything to do with a flu bug? Maybe the answer is in that black box. You want to stick your hand in that box and find out? I don't either, so let's turn the lights on in the theater. What the Jesus killers are doing to humanity right now, with the covid vaccine, genocide, gene mutations and worldwide financial biometric reset, is worse than any Hollywood movie ever made. In fact, it's probably even worse than the locusts with Scorpion stingers described in revelation, or seven headed beasts. It worse than all of that and, unlike in revelation, we don't need to wait for it. We don't need to look for this or that sign or this or that seal to be opened. You See, if you're following the playbook and revelations, you're waiting, you're watching and waiting. You're not acting, you're not being proactive, and that's exactly what the Jesus killer's COUNTA. They count on being able to hide in the open, to literally inject and murdered children right in front of you, and they know that you'll do nothing about it because you're waiting for scary monsters from the movies to show up. Meanwhile, the enemy stands right in front of you with a needle filled with death and kills. You think about that, think about how somebody or some thing could pull that off. Yeah, it's happening right now as you hear my words. You See, that's how Satan really works. He stands in front of you and does it, but you can't recognize it. He's blinded your mind with fairy tales of stinging locusts and winged lions as you stare down at your dead child or loved one or friend. Now, the Marcian nights knew this. Millions of the pre niceen Christians knew this. And what they all had in common was that first Christian Bible of one hundred and forty four, a d you see, with that Bible, Satan and the Jesus killers cannot deceive you.

There's no crevice within it for them to catch hold, for their virus to mutate and spread, for their cancer to metastasize. You will be able to see them for what they are and you will also see that needle for what it is. It's a spiritual circumcision and a syringe. It is the brand mark of bondage to Satan. Let's look in the First Bible, at one of Paul's original epistles, and see what he says about the bondage mark in Galatians five. Four exempt is he with the brand mark of bondage. Whosoever in law are justified from grace. Ye have fallen. Think about that and you say, well, but I followed the mandate, I followed the law, I took the shot, I took the mark. Yes, and from grace they have now fallen. They are exempted from it. Not only was a physical mark made with the injection, but also a mark on a genetic, in spiritual level, the mark of bondage to Satan. It is interesting, is it not, that just as Paul's revelation experiences copied by the writers of John's Gospel and revelation decades later, we also see them using Paul's description of the mark of bondage, except they call it the mark of the beast. Paul's examples and teachings about the bondage mark continueing Galatians four five, since, indeed then ye were in bondage to those who not by nature are gods. But now, having known God, or rather being known by God, how do ye turn again to the weak and beggarly elements to which again a new Ye desire to be in bondage? Is that what you want? To be, enslaved in a satanic digital biometric metaverse, severed from God? Now, is crazy as it sounds, some people would, just as some of the Galatians who would personally heard Paul Preach the gospel of the Lord, turned back to the colonel Jew Torah laws just years after Christ's resurrection, like a dog returning to its vomit. And now these vomit liquors, in the form of governments and debase churches, want to give you orders again. Listen when Paul says in the Freedom wherewith Christ made us free, stand fast and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage. The battle today is no different from, and just as deadly as the battles at the pre niceen Christians fought as they were being persecuted by Satan's children. When you look at the power, media and money behind the Satanic Wave, remember Paul's warning when he says in Philippians three two, beware of the Curs, beware of the evil workers,...

...beware of those that mutilate with circumcision. Now, for those interest at all, have a link in the show notes for the episode we did on Eschatology as revealed in the gospel of the Lord. For everyone that has a digital copy and ebook of the first Christian Bible of one hundred and forty four a D purchased from Amazon or Apple, I just want you to know that there are ways that you can protect it from retroactive edits or deletion from those Amazon or apple servers. It's actually fairly simple. You just download a free copy of the utility called Caliber Cel Ibur and then convert the ebook from its Dot epub format to a PDF format. And then just save that on a USB flash drive. I love links in the show notes for that as well. And, as always, to get a free copy of the very first Bible of one hundred and forty four a d just go to the very first Bible Dot Org. Now that's going to do it in terms of episodic content for today. I want to thank you for joining us. I'm going to shift gears here a little bit and do a little bit of housekeeping for the Marci night Christian Church members. Now we have a few items this week, and leading the pack is the new church that's being built. We've gotten thousands of new members and, as you can imagine, many were in North America, but with the still a pretty good number in South America as well and the Central Punch, it decided some time ago to kind of split the difference, is it were, and open the first physical Marci Night Church in the Western Hemisphere Open it in Central America. Now more details will soon be released, but suffice it to say that the project is fully funded and it is on track. But we're looking for translators, bilingual people in English and Spanish, preferably who live in that region, along with realtors and attorneys who would like to offer advice and guidance to the church in this new venture. Now you can send an email directly to me, and my capacity is the outreach director for the church and my email address is d as in dog, K as in kangaroo, Dklam as in Mary a at Marcy Night Church Dotorg, D Kalama at Mercy Night Church Doorg. Now we're almost done with our pilot program for new presbyter training. If you're the leader of Marcy Knight Meeting House, we encourage you to sign up for presbyter training now. This will help you gain confidence in conducting mass and performing various rights and sacraments. Now,...

...most of it is pretty similar to modern Christian denominations, but there are some key differences in some critical areas of faith. And in the meantime we encourage you to download the free MBP liturgical guide. I'll have a link in the show notes for that. And again you can drive me an email at the outreach office and I'll get you put on the list for the next round of presbyter classes. Now, looking ahead, we envision some of that training to be done optionally in person at the new church in Central America, and we also have a special note from Bishop Theophilis on Baptisms. Baptism is not optional. Everybody in your meeting house must be baptized. If they're not baptized, they might as well be watching Netflix somewhere, for all the good that it's going to do them. Make sure that your people are baptized, as nothing is more important than this right now and then, lastly, make sure you download the free religious exemption forms for the RNA injections. If you're having any issues on that, let me know, but from our end it's been running pretty smoothly and our exemptions are being approved. And lastly, the audiobook version of the very first Bible is almost done being produced. We have decided against signing any exclusivity deals with distributors because that would prevent us from giving away the audiobooks free to our own parishioners. So if you see the audiobook for sale and you want to buy it as a form of Dona nation, that's fine, but remember we will have a link to download it for free always, so just check over at the First Bible Networkcom first before you let the mob that's out of your wallet. Lastly, the hardcover version is available from Barnes and noble. It's been available at Amazon, but we're looking to kind of phase out our relationship with Amazon. I'll have the new link in the show notes for that Burns and noble option. I'm Darren Kalaman. Will see you next time, maybe from a new studio. At first news on FBN.

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