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Episode · 1 year ago

Last Rites and Prayer for the Vaxxed


This is the prayer authorized by the Marcionite Christian Church to be recited to those who have been injected with the Covid RNA gene-mutator.

The victim, if conscious, should ask God for forgiveness prior to recitation of the prayer.

Text, video and a still image of the prayer can be viewed at:

If time allows, the Lord's Prayer should be read aloud prior to the Last Rites.

Father, we ask Your Holy Spirit to come upon and help guide us. Just as Satan's children conspire to murder your only son and his apostles, they conspire to day against us. They leverage fear and technology to advance satanic tyranny. We ask you to help us see through their deceptions and ask you to help those injured and killed after being injected with their bio weapons, those evil substances that pervert the DNA of your perfect creation. Lord, we pray your guiding hand and shield for those who will fight against the pawns of the evil one. We pray you crush them under your feet and so salt into the earth in the places where they remain. Amen.

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