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New Year Episode: Why Christians Should Not Wear Masks (or use Uber)


What was once old is now new again - welcome back to the world of the persecuted Pre-Nicene Christians. In todays episode, we explore the Covid mask fetish, its biblical backstory and why Christians shouldn't be wearing them - or using Uber. And a dash of good news later in the show.

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What was once old as now knew again. Welcome back to the world of the persecuted pre Nicene Christians. In today's episode we explore the Covid Mask Fetish, it's Biblical back story and why Christians shouldn't be using Uber. And some good news later in the show. As regular listeners and viewers are aware, we've done innumerable episodes on why covid is simply the name for a worldwide satanic coup. In fact, we could spend days telling you about how these genetic bio weapons masquerading as vaccines are designed to change and mutate your DNA and at the same time, do they sever or delete your vmt too? Jeans, the so called God Jean? Well, nobody knows yet, but we know they've been working on it for the last twenty years. There's nothing experimental about these ran a bio weapons. They were designed with a specific purpose and nothing has been left to chance. It will probably take us another twenty years just to reverse engineer what's in those syringes. And now, predictably, the government and fiser have gone to court to seal all the data and research regarding the RN A bio weapons. For the next seventy five years. I mean even the Kennedy hit didn't get that kind of obfuscation. This is the dark and murky ecosystem of the lie, and the father of lies is calling the shots in this world. Right now. When you engage Satan's minions and debates about..., facts and logic, you've already lost the debate, not because you weren't right, but because you allowed them to frame the parameters of the discussion and define the boundaries of the OVERTON window. You see, they already know that none of their positions are grounded in logic, facts and actual science. Their goal is to waste your time talking about it and hope your brain short circuits on the insanity of it all as they keep plunging the needle. It's like discussing how to divide a pizza is the other person keeps eating it while accusing you of wanting to eat it before they do. You see, we're in a spiritual war and very few atheists and agnostics will survive it. Most have already submitted to Satan's shot. Now is the time to rededicate yourself to our Christian faith, not the institutions and churches that have sold you out, but to the core faith of all Christians and our belief in Jesus Christ, our belief in the Christian God. That was only revealed by Jesus, and the only place you can get that is in the very first Christian Bible, compiled in one hundred and forty four a d unchanged and unedited for Millennia, the same now as it was then, back when Christians were being hunted down and killed by Jews and being fed to lions by Romans. And if you don't have it yet, I suggest you pick one up because you're going to need it. And for the first time in history, it's also been published and translated into Spanish, and it's available as a free download. If you want to help translate it into your language, contact the Marcianite Church. I'll have links in the show notes, or just go to Marcyanite Church doorg. Anyway, what we have here is a worldwide satanic coup, plain and simple, and the only discussion worth having revolves around removing Satan's children from positions of power, with all options on the table. Right now, it's primarily the...

...white, predominantly Christian countries under the most vicious of attacks. But don't be fooled if you live in Africa, Asia, India or South America, because you're next. So enjoy your Indian summer, because the blizzard of tyranny is right around the corner and you'll be instantly crushed when they get done with America, Australia and Europe. Now, just as he's has transcended race, so to we all must come together, Christians of all denominations, and form a common defense and a united offense against the satanic coup. Now, Satan's command to the world is very simple. Submit to his mandate, submit to his will. He wants to mutate and destroy God's perfect creation. He wants to mutate your DNA forever, permanently, and there is no reset button, there's no court decision that can restore your soul. Satan wants to sever your connection to God and, thanks to advances in Crisper cast nine technology, the Satan DNA, the freak non human mutation, is passed onto your offspring. Oh, you didn't know. Look how they've now targeted children and even toddlers. None will be spared, which, in a roundabout way, brings us back to the title of the episode. The masks. From a medical and health perspective, there's really nothing to talk about. They're simply decorative and do nothing in terms of a virus. It's pure theater, if anything. Wearing them constantly will make you sick, thus becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. Now they know it, we know it and they know we know they know it. You know, it would be funny if it weren't part of a much more sophistic cated and evil agenda. The mass are just one of many layers of...

...psychological warfare working as an interlocked weapon to bring about compliance with the bioweapon injections. Each time you see a mask, it acts as a visual and subconscious trigger, reinforcing the thought that Covid is real and dangerous, not just some flu that we've been living with for thousands of years. Now, when you understand the military grade propaganda and sophisticated psychological warfare being used to market the Satan shots, you can't help but feel a sense of anger or resentment. When you see someone wearing a mask or being told that you have to wear one, you see their insulting your intelligence and daring you to do something about it. Saying, look at our power and control. We transcend logic and reason. We have the power and eventually, you two will submit two plus two equals five. Look around you for the proof to plus two really does equal five. Now is humans. We rely heavily on coping mechanisms when faced with issues too complex and broad for us to easily grasp. For many people, there was a hurdle after they realize nothing was going to stop after the two week flatten the curve lie. So they coped with well, this is about the elections, it will be over after the elections and everything will get back to normal. Well, that Cope didn't age very well, did it? And within the covid scam there are many copes working simultaneously, creating layers or stratas of cope, cope after cope, cope on top of cope. That is to say, you begin lying to yourself as a way to deal with the intractable reality that you're powerless against the satanic coup that's in play. After...

...a while, government's feel less inclined even put much effort into new lies that strip away even more freedoms from you. I mean, why bother? You're at the point now where you lie to yourself and we'll do anything just to get it all over with. One of the more insidious copes, and it's insidious because even intelligent people fall into the soothing trap. Is it covid in the reset is all about money. They think it's all about billionaires getting richer and the Jesus killers, CEOS at fiser, Maderna and Johnson and Johnson getting richer. Yeah, they tell themselves it's all about greed. Still another cope works by tempting your inner patriot, saying this is all about government wanting more control. Now, this is exactly why they're so insidious and evil. They allow us to project human traits and emotions, human weaknesses that were all familiar with, project them onto something that is not human, has nothing to do with humanity and, in fact, is the enemy of humanity. This is a satanic coup with the ultimate goal of mutating human DNA and severing your connection to God. It's the ultimate power play against God and his perfect creation. You are that perfect creation. Consider this verse in first the Salonians to fifteen, talking about the same enemy then as now, who both killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets and drove us out. They displease God and our hostile to all mankind, unquote. Now money is so irrelevant to what's at stake right now. It's really just a sick joke. I mean, why do you think Uber, for example, is more than happy to just hemorrhage money over forcing drivers and riders to wear masks and force them to do it at all times? They even got to the point where drivers couldn't even log into their APP without uploading as Selfie of themselves wearing a face diper. First,...

...riders forced to Upload Face Diper selfies if their driver reported them to Uber for not wearing a mask. In entire toxic snitch culture created within an APP. You really think they just delete all that juicy biometric data? And Uber enforces this slave mask policy everywhere, even in places with no mask orders. This is their role to play in the big show security, theater, biometric data and real time surveillance of travel and movement. They couldn't care less about losing money, and this is the case with every fortune. Five hundred company each has been assigned a role and task. The battle that's happening now already occurred two thousand years ago, but in a more primitive form and without the ability to make Satan's victory permanent generation after generation. What do you think the Pharisees would have done with crisper cast nine technology and RNA injections? The same people whose Deity told them do murder women and children by the city full told them to kill Jesus and hunt down in murder his apostles. Today that technology exists and they exist and it's happening as you listen to this episode. Two thousand years ago, they wore masks and they used vaccine passports, although again in a primitive form. You see, into fifty eight D Christians were required to carry on their person a libellous, also called a certificate of sacrifice, attesting to the fact that they had made a sacrifice to the Roman Pagan Gods. Jews, however, were exempt from having to carry the certificate mandated by Emperor Decius. You see, Jews were already performing sacrifice is in honor of...

Roman emperors and their temples and doing it in the name of their deities, so they were exempt from having to carry their certificates. And did you know Pope Fabian was beheaded for refusing to carry the certificate and perform the ritual. Yeah, just as we refuse to submit to the shot. What was once old is now new again. Yes, you still think this is about money. Remember No less than the Apostle Paul himself tells Christians not to comply with wearing a mask and going along with his satanic coup. As we see in the following verses, quote unquote, a man ought not to cover his head since he is the image and glory of God. First Corinthians eleven seven. And here we are not like Moses, who would put a veil over his face. Unquote. From Second Corinthians three hundred and thirteen. We also recall the analogy used in the first Christian Bible by Jesus when he says a corrupt tree cannot produce good fruit. COVID and the Satanic coup is that corrupt tree, and the masks and the mandates are it's corrupt fruit. Now you can get that original unedited Bible at the very first Bible Dot Org. There is no upside to submitting to Satan shot. The only payoff is physical death and slavery, followed by severance from God. In fact, it is a spiritual circumcision in a syringe. Now that concludes today's episode on masks, but I do now need to turn to Owen, by the way. Thank you for listening. Now, though, I do want to turn to some housekeeping for our mercy night listeners. The churches winnowing down its selections for land for the new structure in Central America. Obviously, it will be in a country without...

...vaccine mandates, so that our prishoners can travel there safely and freely. Bishop theophilis has remarked that he has taken a personal interest in the project and has determined it will need a flowing water feature of some sort. It looks like a river or water fall for baptisms. Is What they're focusing on and, as you all know, right now baptisms are priority one. Also, in keeping with this new endeavor, the Church has, for the first time in history, professionally translated and published the first Christian Bible of one hundred and forty four a D in Spanish, and a website has been dedicated to aid in its dispersal. It can be viewed at La Prima Biblia Dot Org. La Pr I am Ra a BBLIA DOT org. Lap I'm sorry, Law Primera Biblia Dot Org, and if you want to help with translations in other languages, send an email to outreach at mercy night church Dot Org. I'll have links in the show notes for subjects covered this episode, including a link for the religious mask exemptions from the church is. You may be aware of the mercy and night church band RNA injections and routine mask wearing almost two years ago, and more information on that can be found at mercy and night church Dot Org. May Our father's Holy Spirit come upon and guide you this New Year. I'm Darn Kalama and this is first news on FBN.

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