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Welcome to Moloch Island: Pregnant Dominicans told 'take Satan's Shot or no food'


Like the cloying stench that surrounds a dead body, the smell and Satanic actions of a certain high-ranking U.S. official linger with fatal consequences in the countries she visits. In today's episode we look at the wave of death and destruction that followed after Samantha Power's recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

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Like the cloying stench that surrounds a dead body, the smell and satanic actions of a certain high ranking US official linger with fatal consequences in the countries that she visits. In today's episode, we look at the wave of death and destruction that followed after Samantha Power's recent trip to the Dominican Republic. Sometimes an individual manages to personify the country that they were born in. And after Ireland became a sandbox for big tach and began celebrating abortion and enslaving its citizens,...

Samantha power is the poster child of Ireland. Her friends call her Sam, but you may know er as the head of US aid, the US Agency for International Development. Sam became a citizen in one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, and it didn't take long for Sam to become the US ambassador to the United Nations. Under the Barack Obamba presidency, and with Biden now in office, dual citizens, SAM has a very important new job to do. It US aid, and that job is making sure that third world countries inject their population at the fastest pace possible. With Satan's are an a shot, USA IDA is the Smiley face sticker that goes on the Palettes of covid vials, the Vinos, those vaccines in name only, being shipped to impoverished countries around the world through the Kovacs Program think of them as a spiritual circumcision in...

...a syringe. Now we used to ship aid in the form of food, disturbing people. Now, in a cruel satanic twist, we ship them physical and spiritual death. Now it would be bad enough if they were only tainted with fetal cell lines from babies born alive and then murdered, but these shots do so much more, including altering your DNA and ways that nobody really wants to talk about. Now, much like the deity worship by the Jesus killers as portrayed in their Talmud, Sam is pretty non binary. Gender Fluid is they say? Is it a woman? Is it a man? Sam Or Samantha? Is that Samantha power or Willem Dafoe? Nice High and tight business haircut? Their Sam one is reminded of the old SNL skid called and Ragin is pat but there's nothing funny about Sam. Just ask any Dominican right now. A couple of weeks ago, Sam in the US aid entourage flew down...

...there to Santa Domingo. The covid crew had been pretty busy in the Caribbean lately, pushing their Satan shots on poor people, but the Dominican Republic holds special interest for them. You See, the Dr is over ninety percent Christian and they're about as pro life and anti abortion is any country on the planet. And yet here they are right in America's backyard, flaunting it and barely even paying attention to the fake covid plague. Well, Sam in the Jesus killers had to put a stop to that, and boy did they ever. In between highly publicized events with rainbow flag draped homosexual activists, you know, just to remind the Dominicans about what America's values are really all about, Sam spent some quality time with the newly elected leader of the country, a Lewis Abenader. That meeting happened on October ten. Now nobody knows what Sam threatened...

...him with. In fact, we haven't even invaded the Dominican Republic since one thousand nine hundred and sixty five. But whatever or Sam told him was pretty powerful, because less than twenty four hours later, the Ministry of Public Health announced that everybody twelve and older had to be injected with Satan shot, no exceptions. You now have to show the passport proving you took the bondage mark to enter any store, of bank, a school, to get on a bus, to get food in a supermarket or grocery store, you must show the bondage mark passport. Pregnant, we don't care. No exceptions. And it all starts in just ten days, they said, by October eighteen, everybody must have Satan shot to buy or sell. Now this was a big win for the Jesus killers and their DNA altering poisons, as every injection represents a physical or spiritual killing of a Christian, and if the woman is pregnant,...'s kind of a two for one. Now, when the inevitable miscarriages and deaths skyrocket, it's difficult to predict how the public will respond, but I can assure you anyone who plunge that needle and promoted these kill shots has a fate awaiting them in the next world that makes anything done to them in this one pale and comparison. In the Gospel of the Lord, Chapter Three, Jesus is talking with the disciples about troubling times the Christians will have, and he talks about the people that cause trouble for his children. Listen carefully about his warning to those people. Then he said under the disciples it is inconceivable, but that occasions of stumbling will come, but woe undo him, through whom they come, it were, again if he had not been born, or if a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea. Rather than that, he should cause one of these little ones... stumble. Unquote. Sam and the covid crew and their apparatchiks have a date with destiny and it is sealed. I've prayed on this. Meanwhile, in the capital, a lawsuit was filed to stop the Satan shot laws and it was tossed out by a judge because he claims to have found a spelling air in one of the documents. Now is you can see, the government has been hijacked and they're leaving no option except that the situation come to a head and be settled in the streets. This is a situation of their own making and written by their own hand. Christian simply asked to be left alone, and instead they're being assaulted now, some religious leaders, including those at the Marciani Christian church, are urging tourists to leave the country immediately, and they're encouraging a boycott of the country until the evil order is lifted or the people themselves bring Christian order back to the country. Abenator and his government have...

...been found to be adversus Christus, and general absolution has been given to Christians within the country as they take direct action to stop the slaughter of innocence through these kills shots. Now, as Sam arrives back in America, a country which is on the edge of civil war itself, it would be good of her apparent victory could be turned into a defeat as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, religious leaders are being blocked by courts and judges who know full well that the country has now been turned into a military junta that dismisses human rights that used to be recognized in the Dominican Constitution, rights such as Article Thirty Eight on human dignity, article thirty nine on equality, article forty on the right to personal freedom and security, article forty two on the right to personal integrity, article sixty two on the right to work, and article seventy four,...

...which lays out the application and interpretation of fundamental rights and guarantees of citizens. Now the leaders of the medical junta know that if riots begin destroying cities and they face imminent personal danger, they may they have to allow a judge to pretend to hear the case, but until then they're content to just keep injecting as many people with Satan shot as possible. Now, this isn't conjecture or hyperbole. They freely admit that this is the plan. Legal Advisor to the president and to Leano Peralta says, perhaps those who argue against the legality of the resolution requiring vaccination cards are right. The courts will decide on the matter. I hope that if they win, by then that the vaccination level will have reached a level that will reduce the spread unquote. Now that's pretty cute, but one wonders what Perraulta will say to the mothers and fathers of the...

...dead babies and children when they come to him for answers. In the Dominican Republic, engaged and emotional conversation such as this aren't conducted in the sterile digital atmosphere of twitter or facebook. Now they get conducted on someone's driveway or front lawn instead. But perhaps Sam left a little notebook of responses for Ebenator Peralta and the rest of the junta to recite to people when they show up at their houses. Maybe they have a direct line to SAM and she'll be willing to talk with the angry mob on the phone as they decide what to do with the people who murdered their children. Now, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure Sam will save them. Now. The Dominicans are very friendly and they're down to Earth people and they really don't deserve this injustice. But there's no telling what will happen once they realize the extent of the crimes being committed against them at the behest of a foreign power. The way to show...

...solidarity with the people of the Dr if you're a tourist, is to cancel your reservation and make sure you tell them why to come here and to support the economy is a de facto endorsement of the slaughter of innocence and promotion of the Bondage Mark System. Take no part in the spiritual circumcision of God's most vulnerable. In fact, let us pray together for those in the country who may be on the front lines and in danger, and intercessory prayer from the second centuries said for and by those about to face imminent death. O God, born of God, True God of the True God born, you are goodness itself. We confess it. In your kindness, come to our aid. May We never know the day when we shall have to share with Satan the pains of Hell. Be Merciful and hide US under the shadow of your wings. We acknowledge that you are the light. We are as servants in your hands. Do not allow the evil one to snatch us from you.

Prevent us from rebelling against your sovereignty. We know that you are just show us your justice. Lord, we know that you are our savior. Deliver US, save us from evil. We acknowledge your holiness. Make US holly through your body and blood. Having eaten your flesh and drunk your precious blood, may the elect sing your praises. Grant US forgiveness, Kind God, merciful as you are to sinners. Amen. I'll have links in the show notes so you can help support the people on the ground there in this fight in the Dominican Republic I'm Darren Kalama and this has been first news on First Bible Network.

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