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The masked, the blind and the vaxxed: deciphering the Covid delusion


"The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not." Sound confusing? It's a verse from the first Christian bible of 144 A.D. and after visits with friends and family this holiday season, you'll know exactly what it means. FBN breaks it down for you in today's episode.

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The God of this World Hath, blinded theminds of them that believe, not sound, confusing it's a verse from the firstChristian Bible of undred, an forty four, a D and after visits with friendsand family, this holiday season you'll know exactly what it means as pure blood Christians that remaintrue to the faith and reject Satan shot and the B system that's joined at thehip. With it we just collectively shake our heads as friends and family. Keeprolling up their sleeves. There's no logical explanation for why peoplewould risk debilitating injury and death over maybe not getting. Thesniffles is bad when they get the flu eventually, really it's just a deadlysymptom suppressor I mean who does that? WHO opens a bottle of thirty aspirinwhen they get a headache and knowing that one of the thirty is a cyanidepill takes it anyway says yeah wow the pain from a headache just isn't worthit. Anything is better than a head ache, so the benefits outweigh the risk. I'lljust grab an aspirin, and hopefully it won't be. The cyanide pill now at firstglance, there's a tendency to write it off as simple stupidity. After all,even real scientists say that zero point, five percent of the world'spopulation of eight billion is extremely prone to suggestion they leanheavily to being hypochondriac they're,...

...almost child like in their willingnessto obey and that half a percent of the total role population is equivalent toforty million people. We're talking about a really big box of gulliblepeople. Now we have a link to a live tracker of these vinos. These vaccines,in name only and as of today, it shows seven point. Six, nine billion doses ofthe experimental bio weapon have been injected into people, often more thanonce some over three times. In fact, some frequent travellers have had morethan that after finding out that the country that they wanted to visitdidn't accept the brand of vinyl that they took so they had to be in check itall over again. So at the end of it, we have forty million people that we canjust automatically put in the Druel Cup column, but we're talking billions here.How do we account for this? How do we account for billions of people willingto knowingly play Russian Roulette and get the shot not just once, but manytimes pulling the trigger three or four times? Click click boom. Now, at leastwith Russian Roulette. You get to spin the cylinder and start fresh betweentrigger poles, not so with the bio weapon injections at all, accumulatesand gets worse with each plunge of the needle immune system. Decimated heartattack just waiting for you to walk to the bathroom or up a flight of stairs.Maybe you get it in your sleep if you're lucky, of course, those are justthe physical ramifications on the spiritual side, it's a death sentenceand there's no reset button. Think of it as a spiritual circumcision in asyringe and with the magic of Crisper cast nine technology, its a spiritualcircumcision, mutated and altered jens pass down to your offspring. Even ifyou don't understand it or want to...

...pretend research has never been done onv Mat to there's one thing that everyone agrees on all of the Vinobrands: All of the Gen utatur have been tested and developed at minimum, usingthe fetal cell lines of murdered babies, babies born alive in Vitis sectionedwithout anesthesia, the use of Anastasia you see, would riskimpurities being introduced to the cells and organs of the baby, and wecan have that even pigs and chickens at the Slaughter House get a more mercifuldeath than that. Two things happen when you knowingly submit to that injectionto Satan's shot number one. You sever your connection with God and number two,the fun part you invite Satan to control and own your soul. Now before Iget into this, I m going to lay a couple things out about the timewe'rein and how it's addressed in the First Bible and why it's very different fromwhat you read in the Modern Bible, we're coming full circle to our openingof the confusion we have about why people would willingly commit physicaland spiritual suicide. Now most people grab their modern Bible andenthusiastically point to second thysel Nians to eleven and shout look it'sright here. This is why they do it. Well, okay, let's have a look, let's see whatit says quote unquote and for this cause, God shall send them a strongdelusion that they should believe a lie that they all might be damned whobelieved not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Unquotenow that looks like a perfect fit. Doesn't it the key that unlocks ourunderstanding of what's happening with the Covin scam and the satanicinjections wow, I mean it's right there.

God is sending them a delusion andthat's why it's happening Omro now before I tell you what this scriptureisn't, let's talk about what it is now, unlike most episodes, I'm not gearingthis to New People, so if some of the slides over the top I'm sorry- but wereally have to get to some meet here- let's really hone in on that sentenceand for this cause, God shall send them a strong delusion that they shouldbelieve a lie. Now think about the flavor of that the nuance: Theprojection, the projection of human traits implicit in that statement? Whatdoes that remind us of what other writing style? Does that remind us ofthat? They should believe a lie Alex I'll, take the old testament for fivehundred yeah. That's exactly where scripture like that comes from the samepeople that right about cutting hands off and killing women and babies onorders from God. They're now telling you that God wants to delude you andmake you believe in lies same style, same attribution and projection ofcarnal human emotion, vengeance and frailty. This is simply one in a longline of edits, editions and emissions. We find in the Modern Bible, thecreative writing and editing of the Judies who finally won their greatvictory at the Council of NICEA. Remember the episode we did onGalatians, four four in the intricate dissection laying bear their crafty,handy, work and dissembling same thing here now you might be thinking g Darrin.Even for you, that's quite a leap. I mean you're, really sticking your neckout on this. Am I simply destroying the premise of the verse is too easy? Wehave bigger fish to FRY here, so I'll make it fast as fast as I can pick up acopy of the very first Bible and open... to second thesaloniki eleven and open it to second that, oh, that's right! It's not in the FirstBible. Not only is it not in the First Bible Paul directly and forcefullyrejects any such thinking or verse when he says, for God, is not the author ofconfusion, but of peace as in all churches of the saints we find that inFirst Corinthians, fourteen twenty three so much for the Judi isers intheir wanting you to believe God would lie to you. But there is someone whodoes lie and is the father of lies, their father Satan. You see what theytried to do. They try to convince you that our Christian God is no differentfrom their Deity Satan the same trick they used when they stapled their Toraunder the New Testament and said it was the same God the same tricks they usedin callations for four, and the only reason we know for a fact it was liesis because we had a copy of the First Bible, the pre Nicene Bible, and wecould see for ourselves exactly how they did it, where they did it and whythey did it and without it you would be fumbling around in the dark mist. Justlike everyone else. Another analogy would be the gospel of the Lord is themachine and Paul's original epistles as the operating manual. This is why youhave to have the original epistles simply extracting them from the ModernBible does more harm than good. So now you see why they've spent millenniatrying to suppress it and why we're working so hard to get it out there.Somehow these episodes end up turning into sermons, but if that's how theycome out, so be it now that we've taken out the theological trash of the Judiisers. Let's now turn to the First...

Bible and see what guidance it gives uson this coved confusion we're in right now and we read, but if our Gospel behid, it is hid to them that are lost in whom the God of this World Hath,blinded the minds of them, which believe not lest the light of theGlorious Gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine, unto themthat's from Second Corinthians for one through two and well now, Oh my whowould do that. What Deity of this world would want to blind the minds of peopleand prevent them from receiving from Understanding The Gospel of Christ, theGospel of the Lord? Well, that would be none other than Satan. Now you knowwhat they say. One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist andone man Satan is another man's Messiah. Throughout history we've watched is theJesus killers infested one country or another, behind the mask of communismor Bolshevism a hundred years ago. They murdered over thirty million ChristianRussians, Catholic priests and bishops gutted like fish in the streets, asthey did the bidding of their Messiah Satan fast forward to today, and thingsare as different as they are the same same actors, different names instead ofinfesting and terrorizing, a single country they're assaulting the worldand they're doing it from behind the mask of a fake plague called coved. Nowit should come as no surprise at all of the excuses they use to quote unquote.Fight Ovid are always used as a battering ram on Christians, churchburnings, lockdowns, no communion, no singing anti social distancingmandating injections with the fetal...

...cell lines of murdered babies, eachinvasive and onerous measure designed to create division in chaos, biometricpassports, all designed to enslave and humiliate Christians. You really thinkthis is just some big coincidence and the masks the masks now from a medical and healthperspective involving viruses, they're completely useless. Of course, we allknow this has nothing to do with health, so why the mask fixation and fetish.Why are the Jesus killers so adamant about these masks? Well for one theystrip away individual identity and they certainly play a role in the overallgoy humiliation ritual while causing a set of actual and real health problemsin and of themselves. But let's peel away a layer of the onion and as usual,we need look no farther than the first Bible for some insight. First, somefast background. One of the big heroes for the Jesus killers was Moses. Thisis their rock star, the right hand, man of their Messiah, their father, and onething we know about Moses- is that he loved to wear masks constantly now,there's some debate about if he had horns, as we see depicted in somepaintings of him. But one thing there's no debate about he wore masks and heliked to write complicated laws. He liked to carve them into rocks lawsabout everything. In fact, by the time he got done, the Jesus killers had sixhundred and thirteen laws or commandments a lot more than the tenmade famous in Hollywood movies and by the way, all those laws were written byJews for Jews and to be applied only two other Jews. They had nothing to dowith any one else. In fact, they had a separate set of laws for Non Jews. Now,that's something to remember when you... Thou Shalt, not kill or thoushalt, not steal yeah, it comes with a caveat, thou shalt not do it to otherJews, and they forget to write that part into those movies now. The otherthing we know about Moses is that the Apostle Paul didn't like him very muchdidn't like all of his chiseled Colonel Laws and Paul didn't like his maskseither. Let's see what Paul said in Second Corinthians, we are not likeMoses who put a veil over his face that the children of Israel could notsteadfastly look to the end of that which is abolished now in the cartoonversion of reality in the Modern Bible. They want you to believe that the maskis to hide how beautiful and radiant everything is because Moses just gotdone it chatting with God, but, as Paul just explained, nothing could befarther from the truth. The Ugly Satanic Truth of meeting with her Deitywas seared unto the face of Moses. The rest of his people could see his faceand know what their future held for them. They would know the dead end, theDead Sea that awaited all of them. It was so bad. He had to wear a mask nowif we left things there, that would be pretty interesting in and of itself,but this is F B n. So there's more to the story. As usual, you see Moses,wasn't just hiding his face, hiding the dismal shared fate from other Jews. Hewas hiding his face for another reason, this deity that Moses was meeting withthe Deity. If you recall of this world that hath blinded the minds of them,which believe not the father of lies, yeah, that's who wanted Moses to wear amask, he hates the sight of humans, he hates the sight of God's creation. Hehates to be reminded of who we are and...

...where we come from, he can't stand tolook at us. In fact, I'll. Let Paul explain it to you. A man ought notcover his head, since he is the image and glory of God from First Corinthianseleven seven see that's. Why Moses wore that mask and that's why the Jesuskillers want you to wear a mask to day now, as you. Let that sink in you'llunderstand what's happening. Now is a spiritual war and there are battles onmany fronts. They want your mind blinded, they want you severed from Godand your face masked, lest it offend their Deity Satan. This is the simpletruth and you'll see that everything about the coved scam is in thefurtherance of those goals. Everything now, I think, Paul struggled with howto explain things to these new Christians. I think he struggled withnot wanting to throw too much at them too soon and it's a struggle that themercenary Church of today also wrestles with too much and people justdisconnect. They can't deal with it too little and you get lost in the chaosand confusion in the tedious Manushi. Again we turn to Paul and he gives hima hint of how he was trying to find the right balance, and I brethren could notspeak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto Babes inChrist. I have fed you with milk and not with meat for hitherto ye were notable to bear it. Neither yet now are ye able you see Paul knew that theyweren't ready. They weren't ready two thousand years ago, but are they ready?Now is Satan and the Jesus killers are waging a world wide genocide onChristians? Are they ready now? Finally, now for all the scriptures that we citeon these episodes, you can download a free copy of that first, ChristianBible at the very first Bible, dot, Org,... or g, and just some quickhousekeeping notes for church parishioners from Bishop Theophilis,now he's back from his trip, and he wants everyone to know that thefirst marcine church in the Western Hemisphere has been decided upon. Ithas been fully funded and it will be constructed in Central America. Doorswill be opened and mask conducted with the help of the Holy Spirit. In God'sgrace by the first quarter of next year, more information on that can be foundat the Marcine Church, tot O R G mercy, nite church at ord website, and forthose of you in the Presbiterian program next week, will focus onCorinthian's chapters. Three and four. I'm sorry that Second CorinthiansChapter Three and four I'm Daran Calamon, we'll see you next time on.First News on F Ben, a.

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