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Episode 27 · 1 year ago

Would Paul the Apostle submit to a Covid RNA injection or church lockdowns?


As listeners of the show know, one of the things we like to do here sometimes is look at current events through the prism of the first Christians. It gives us a fresh perspective and unique take on news and subjects - and of course the Covid scam is no exception.

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The First Bible network is your home for the gospel of the Lord, the latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the first Christians. Tune into the FBN worldwide twenty four seven radio stream at the very first Bible Dot Org. You have to open the door for Satan, just as you have to roll up your sleeve for the vaccine. Would Paul the Apostle I submitted to a COVID RNA injection and church lockdowns is listeners of the show know, one of the things we like to do here sometimes is look at current events through the prism of the first Christians. It gives us a fresh perspective and unique take on news and subjects, and of course the COVID scam is no exception, because the underpinnings of the covid deception trace their roots to the same people who killed Jesus and murdered over fifty million Christian Russians during the Bolshevik reset in one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. Some Christian churches, like the mercy...

...nights immediately want to read alert and they issued an emergency medical edict banning RNA and nanotech vaccines last July and only now it's becoming clear why, as news begins to leak out, that it's actually the experience ornamental bio weapon masquerading is a vaccine that's actually killing people. Worse, we now know the Satanic Concoction will hijack your immune system and force it, at genetic gun point, to create new mutant strains of a killer virus, in effect making you a super spreader of a deadly disease, and it's forever a permanent genetic defect that has passed on to your children. Recently, Dr Geared van den Bosch, top facts and Ologist who actually headed up the operations for Bill Gates and major pharmaceutical companies. He went public, risking not only his reputation but is very life,... warn us about these vinos, these vaccines in name only, and how they could wipe out a large portion of the human race. Interesting, isn't it, that a small church saw all of this coming nine months ago and banned its members from partaking in the RNA injections, the mass and the testing. They banned all of it. But how did they know? Did one of their bishops receive a secret vision? was there a prophecy? Will Dan Brown write a novel about it. The answer to all of that is no. In fact, we did an exclusive interview with Bishop Andrew Theophilis of the Mars Tonight Christian Church recently and we asked him what prompted the band at such an early juncture, and we're going to have a link in the show notes for the Bashi Statement and the Bishop theophilis interview. The bishop was emphatic about two key elements the murderers of Christ Satan's children among us today and a...

...simple but powerful verse of Scripture from the Apostle Paul and Galatian nineteen. Now, strangely, our show actually gets a lot of atheist listeners, and that's because we cover a wide variety of subjects as we apply that first Christian prism to current events. So let's take a quick step back and look at this covid deception from a secular angle. If doctors, professors and experts like Bashi and Vernon Coleman are correct, the warning is about an extinction level event. Make no mistake about what they're talking about, and if they're right, virtually everybody that's been vaccinated will probably be dead by this fallen winters the normal flu season rolls in and those hijacked immune systems kill the host, just as they were designed to do. Again, if they're right, those people are right off. You're talking about a Zombie. Right now, that person next to... who was just vaccinated, there a Zombie. They're already dead, but they're not going to know it for another eight months. But these millions of deaths are just the beginning of the covid deception reset, because four months before they died, as you're looking at one right now, literally before your eyes, that vaccinated person is producing mutant strains of a new fatal virus, and they're spreading it, shedding it is what the scientists call it. That hijacked immune system is churning out more mutations than you could possibly ever get vaccinated for, and the process starts just ten hours after being given the shot. These are VACs zombies, and if you had sex with one of them, the child produced from that union will also be a carrier of the mutated gene. Now that's assuming the mother lives long enough to give birth. Interestingly, in Israeli company has just announced they're patenting a new nasal spray that supposedly kills the...

...viruses, and several government bureaucrats have announced that vaccinations will likely have to be done monthly just to keep people alive. This is bubble boy meets vulture capitalism. Problem, reaction solution. They destroy your natural immune system and then offer a faulty, temporary replacement for it. For money, of course. If you want to live, you have to pay them. Doctor Boushee and the other experts hope they're wrong about all of this, and so do we. The only thing you can do for the people who foolishly ignore the warnings is prey for them and limit your contact with them until after the winter at the very least. Now let's turn back to the title of the show and reflect on how Paul the Apostle would have reacted to the covid deception. But I must warn you that we're going to be reading some scripture here, so if you're an atheist, you might want to turn it off and go read Darwin's...

...books about Finch Beeks and maybe look at some pictures of pilt down man, or whatever it is that you people do. Morning Scripture Lette, morning scricturing, coming Kurraine, durine up up, morning scripture, lette morning scripture and coming all right now. First, all of these vaccines use aborted babies at minimum and the testing and development phase, which makes the discussion a non starter to begin with. It's very simple. Would the product exist without the use of aboarded babies? No, then don't use it. If the answers yes, then start over and make it without using aboarded babies. Very simple. Paul would have rejected this or any other murdered baby vaccine or vinyo vaccine, and name only, based on that alone. But let's keep going. These rn a vaccines change your genetic structure forever. If they didn't, they wouldn't... called urn a vaccines, would that? No, they just be called vaccines. And because these experimental, UNTESTED RNA bio weapon vaccines change and pervert your genetic code, they're a violation of Galatian nineteen. Let's read it together. What know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which Ye have of God, and Ye are not your own closed quote. Let's move along. Masks. Paul would not have worn a mask as a requirement to perform routine daily activities. He would have recognized for the Pagan Satanic costume gear that it really is. And of course now we're finding out that these masks are making people sick. They're causing oxygen deprivation disorders, bacterial infections. I mean, rebreathing your own carbon dioxide cannot... good over a sustained period of time and then keeping it into that tiny little masked area. It's not good. And now we've got studies coming out that show these plasticized nanoparticles that are in some of the masks. You breathe those in and they can cause cancer. So this is just I mean, everywhere you turn on this whole covid scam, no matter which direction you turn, it's bad news and is by design. None of this is by accident. All right, let's see what does Paul not what or why? What I say that Paul wouldn't wear a mask? Let's see what Paul says in the scripture itself. Quote. We are not like Moses, who would put a veil over his face. Closed quote. That's from Second Corinthians three and thirteen. Or how about this one? A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God. Close quote. When we find that in First Corinthians, eleven, seven. Now this is...

...exactly why the very First Bible, in the gospel of the Lord, are so important, because it is within them, within those unedited original words, that we find the guidance that can help keep us alive and survive this new wave of tyranny from these Jesus killers. Remember, you have the power to simply say no. Practice saying it. Maybe you forgot how to say it and mean it without feeling like you have to explain it. Just say no. I'm Darren Klama and a reminder that you can listen to the new first Bible network and it's seven worldwide stream at fbn dot the very first Bible Dot Org. It's also where you can download the ebook version for free of the very first Bible. Please remember help others share the links and especially the new stream for the URL. We don't beg for donations, so you don't have... worry about what a friend will hear if you recommend one of our links. In fact, we don't even have a donation link now. So, now that I think about it, it's kind of a nonissue. We don't ask for them and I'd rather keep it that way. Wouldn't you will see you next time on the First Bible Network. The First Bible network is your home for the gospel of the Lord, the latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the first Christian's tune into the FBN worldwide, twenty four seven radio stream at the very first Bible don't Org.

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