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Episode 8 · 1 year ago

Covid Cult Intervention: Is it Even Worth Trying?


Today we look at the ravaged victims of the Covid cult - some may be too far gone to help. But there may be a way to reach others before it's too late and they take the RNA vaccine.

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Intercessory Prayers (Mass, Baptism & Prayers of the Very First Christians)

War on Christians


Time for another edition of the Right Bible podcast, your weekly deep dive into the story of the very first Bible and the Marcion I Christian Church. Find out more at the very first Bible Dot Org. Stripping away two thousand years a false doctrine isn't easy, but we've had lots of coffee. Now your host, Darren Klama. Hey everybody, Darren Colomba again with the Right Bible podcast. You know, we've all seen the numbers. What is it? A recovery rate of ninety nine point ninety percent on this flu bug that's been weaponized in a way to terrify the public in a submission. It's just an excuse to lock everybody down, exert control and flux the muscles of the state. Unfortunately, once tyrants get a taste of that kind of power, they always like it and they always want more of it. They never want less...

...of it than ever. Just give you back your freedoms or your liberties. You know, it's not something you can just make go away at a voting booth. And even if you could, with a allow your vote to actually matter. You know, as we saw recently, probably not. And in normal times we could just wait for the inevitable to play out like it always has in the past. In normal times, the situation would be resolved with a shovel upside the head or massive financial loss, and then things would kind of get back to normal after some time. But these aren't normal times. What's happening now? The only way you can put it is it's satanically inspired, and even atheists recognize that something is very, very wrong. And to those atheists, I would say now is a good time to open your heart and your minds to the larger world and the reality at play around you. Use this as an opportunity to grow, to become larger than the pathetic materialism... worship presently, try to escape from the spiritual void that literally kills a piece of you with each passing day. So No, these aren't normal times, and the enemy isn't looking for a quick, cheap victory. He's not looking for a fast pay day and we all go back to our normal existence. No, this time Satan is going for the whole inch a Lata and the corrupted souls that he's recruited to help them are definitely playing for keeps. They're creating a new, permanent socioeconomic reality with pure evil is its foundation, and these RN a vaccines, or a variant of them, play a very important role in their plan. Now, by their very nature, these RN a vaccines alter and mutate your genetic structure permanently and forever, and not just yours, your children's and their children and so on and so on. You...

...don't just agree to an injection for you, you condemn literally all generations ahead of you to a satanic plan and slavery. Are you willing to do that? I mean are you? I've even heard talk that a way has been devised to somehow remove man's natural connection with, and affinity for seeking God. is a desire to connect with God somehow, I don't know, sever it on a genetic level. Who knows? But what we do know is that the church has banned the RNA vaccines and will have a link in the show notes so you can download a religious exemption affidavit. I mean really, you need to wake up people and the time to wake up was yes ster day, and when you're awake you need to wake others. And that kind of gets us back and a roundabout way, to the topic of today's show, which is how do we talk to, how do we reach out and interact with these covid cult members? Now, according to experts at cult watch and...

...some of the other groups that are dedicated to combating dangerous cults like the Covid is, one of the recommendations is to take the victim out on a trip or a vacation kind of get them away from the constant drumbeat of influence and but that's one of the problems, because virtually all the corporate media, all the media outlets, are reinforcing the lies of the COVID scamp. So from the top down they've permeated virtually every aspect of life and society. I mean there's there's an where to go, there's no where to run. The the the message is constant seven and this isn't just any enemy that we're dealing with here. It's the same enemy of twozero years ago the killed Christ, the same enemy of a hundred years ago that murdered sixty million Christian Russians and their God, their father, is Satan, make no mistake, and we're in...

...the first ending of a very long satanic game. So our advice is know your enemy and keep your eye on the ball sport. Now what we can do is pray for these covid Ists, for these cold victims, but not just any prayer. Now is Christians, we have a special subset of prayers. You may have known about them but never really paid much attention to them, and they're called intercessory prayers and they can be quite powerful. Now, these are prayers that you say on behalf of the victim. Remember, these people may not even be capable of helping themselves at this point. A lot of them are just too far gone to brainwashed. Some may even be possessed by demonic spirits. Who knows? What you can be sure of is that when you look at them, it's not just a physical mask that you're seeing. These people have other problems, and they're very deep seated problems. Now,... of the first intercessory prayers was invoked in the first century, and I'm going to go ahead and put a link in the show notes, but the Mercian Knights have created a special prayer, one made especially for the covid cult victims. So at this point please join me in its recitation. Father, we pray that it is Satan hides behind the mask of a fake plague and delivers tyranny. Help us, your children, see through his deceptions. We pray for your Holy Spirit to take off the veil covering the eyes and minds of the covid cult victims, just as the Apostle Paul warned us of the veil of the Old Testament. We pray that Your Holy Spirit enters them and they stop hurting themselves and others. Amen. Now we'll just close out the show of a little reminder that the way to stop a fake plague is... stop getting tested for it, and we'll see you next time on the right Bible podcast. Darren kilomb here with the right Bible podcast, reminding you that the Cross can also be your shield. Protect yourself with religious exemption affidavits for covid testing, masks and dangerous vaccinations, church approved and sanctioned by scripture. Download yours instantly at MARCIANITE CHURCH DOT org.

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