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Episode · 10 months ago

A prayer of protection from the Covid Satanists


The New Testament is filled with stories of people possessed by demons but aside from an occasional book or movie it's as if they disappeared. Not anymore - the Covid scam shows them to be all around us now. Join us in this special episode for a prayer of protection from the Covid Satanists.

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Prayers of the first Christians 

Time for another edition of the RightBible, podcast stripping away two thousand years of Halse doctrine isn'teasy, but we've had a lots of coffee. Now your host Daren Kalama, you live ina world where the lies drift downward like a blanket of snow flakes coveringthe truth until it's unrecognizable up is down right is wrong. Boys are girls.Evil is good, a total inversion of reality and truth. You think it was bychance or happinstance the natural progression of society flush out yourhead, goar new guy. It's by design, careful, orchestrated design planned anexecuted decades ago, each step carefully introduced and faded intoreality, similar to the way a frame of a video fades in you see it a little,maybe get distracted by something a big event, and then it's all there in fullresolution, but you remember seeing it...

...a little, so you figure it was justthere the whole time and you just go on with life a lot of fades andtransitions and cuts went into making the bad movie that we're all in right.Now, in the past, these waves of evil and inversion were confined to regionsof country, maybe even empires, but they were confined to a large degree today is different, that Satanic Wave Isn'n confined now, thanks totechnology and finance, it went worldwide and now we're seeing a newfade in beginning to appear on the screen. It looks like a syringe andit's glitching in and out with the word mandatory, it's starting to come intofocus just behind the masks and lockdowns and troops, and it's coming and you're going to have to make a hardchoice. a life changing choice, prayer always helps but make sure you're notgetting tricked again the first...

Christians knew the Deity portrayed inthe Old Testament, wasn't their Christian God. That's why the First Bible didn't havean Old Testament. They just had the Gospel preached by the Apostle Paul andten epistles, but imagine making a mistake like that, praying to Satan. Iwonder if he gets powered from that. I wonder if that's how we got where weare today. What we don't have to wonder about is the satanic tyranny at thelevers of power. In the world right now the same people that killed Jesus andhis apostles now manipulating governments to keep you lockdown inmask like slaves, with the needle coming right around the corner. Andwhat do you suppose they have in that needle something that'll kill you quickor maybe something that kills you later? Maybe it can make you forget about God. Do you trust the same people that KilleJesus to inject you with an unknown substance? Who Do you think the CEOS offiser and Madurnahar you better wake up?...

Satan's children have already killedparalyzed, sickened and sterilized thousands of people with their telmaticmystery juice. Do you really want to get in line to protect yourself fromthe common cold virus? That has a ninety nine point: Nine, nine percentrecovery rate. I mean how monyu mentally stupid. Do you have to be todo that? Some say if you're, that stupid deathreally won't make that much of a difference anyway. Sometimes that isbout, but this podcast is for the people who know something is wrong, butthey can't quite put their finger on it. You're on the right path. Trust yourinstincts, the instincts that your Christian God gifted you with I'm goingto put a link in the show notes. You can download a free copy of that veryfirst Bible that I talked about earlier or you can just type fourwords in yourbrowser, the very first Bible. I hope... take the opportunity to read it anduse it daily. Let's close out today's show with a special prayer for theTimes that we live in father. We ask Your Holy Spirit to come upon and helpguide us just as Satan's children conspired to murder your only son andhis apostles. They conspire to day against us they leverage, fear and technology toadvance, satanic tyranny. We ask you to help us see through theirdeceptions and ask you to help those injured and killed after being injectedwith their bioweapons those evil substances that pervert the DNA of yourperfect creation. Lord, we pray your guiding hand and shield for those whowill fight against the ponds of the evil one we pray, you crush them underyour feet and so salt into the earth in the places where they remain amen. In our next episode, we're goingto take a look at how mass and Baptisms...

...were constructed and the rights andsacraments used by those first Christians, I'm during Kolama with theRight Bible, podcast.

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