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Church that banned RNA Covid jabs warns parishioners to stay away from 'vaccinated' people


Nine months ago, the Marcionite Christian Church issued an emergency medical edict banning its members from receiving RNA Covid 'vaccinations.' Today they expanded that warning and are urging parishioners to exercise extreme caution near anyone who has been 'vaccinated' with the experimental RNA bioweapons because of infection risk. In this episode we look at the science and scripture behind the ban.

The church is also publicly shaming TV preachers for promoting the deadly RNA cocktails, likening them to merchants of death.

Mentioned in the show:

Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction - and Could Wipe out the Human Race - Dr. Vernon Coleman

Marcionite RNA Covid Ban 7/31/2020

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The First Bible network is your homefor the gospel of the Lord, the latest news history and analysisfrom the perspective of the First Christians tune into the FB worldwide. Twenty fourseven Radio Streem at the very first Bible, duttog nine months after banningArna Covid Jabs, the Mercini Christian Churches Bank, in the news and itsexpanded its guidance and warning to include limiting your exposure tovaccinated people they're also calling out the judy, isers and false churchesthat are promoting the covid fraud and the deadly bioweapon injectionsmasquerating. As vaccines. We got a copy of the press release before itgoes public and I had a chance to get a few comments from Bishop AndrewTheopolis on some of the key areas that the pressor addressed. Now. As we getinto this, it's important to remember that the mercy nite ban on Auranavaccines was instituted five months...

...before the EUA. The emergency useauthorization that was given to fizer that's when they began killing andparalyzing people in the US with their experimental bio weapon. For manypeople around the world, the COVID fraug will be their first meaningfulcontact with the Jesus killers and their satanic agenda. This is going togive them first mover advantage, but before we begin, I wint to show you abrief clip of one of these Jesus killers captured on film, as it goes alittle offscript and demands that we all be injected now watch closely, lookat the dead eyes and listen to the tone and tenor of the voice, the sound as itmakes it satanic pronouncements. Oh, you have no right not to be vaccinated.You have no right not to wear a mask. You have no right to open up yourbusiness. Wait and I stop you et did...

...yeah no right is not to be vaccinated,meaning if they decide you have to be vaccinated. We have tobe vaccinatedabsolutely and if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state as a powerliterally take you to adopthors office and plunge a needle into your arm. Ifthe back, where is that in the condecition pervent? If the vaccination?Okay? First, let's get a few things out of the way one. It's not experimental,they know exactly how it's going to disrupt compromise and hijack yourimmune system and genetic structure. They've been working on the RNA,operating system platform and delivery system for over twenty years. Two yearsago, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place, with a break through anheredity using crisper. Nine cast nine technology, but the wordexperimentalist in there for a reason that word offers them the linguisticlife boat of possible denial. The magic...

...words of we didn't know when thehorrific effects of these irona bio weapons become impossible. To ignore tocovid is simply the seasonal flu. This allowed its definition to shape shiftdepending on the need of the current propagandic campaign. It's how theywere able to magically make covid appear to be everywhere yet nowhere atthe same time, kind of like a fun house hallway of meares. Let's do some deepthoughts with Jack Handy here and really give this some thought. If youweren't bomparded with Covid News, twent y four, seven, you would havenever known about covid and it would have been just another year of theseasonal flue, because there was no increase in the death rate from theprior year. We call what happened. Manufactured Hysteria, Hysterian fearthat was used to justify stripping you...

...of Rights and liberties. It's astandard technique used in cult initiations to soften you up, think ofit as a type of boot camp with head, shaving and screaming. Remember theentire covid fraud is based on multiple layers of deception, all linked inworking together to achieve their goal, getting that needle into your arm, nomatter what they will not stop until they achieved that goal, pointing a gunat your head and issuing threats only achieves temporary results incompliance, but controlling your immune system and that of your offspring.That's forever imagine having the power of a remote control with which tomanage your slaves. That's the power that this are an a operating system.This platform gives them three. The IRONA bio weapons do not make youimmune to anything. They do not claim... stops you from transmitting anything.The only claim being made is that they lessen the symptoms that you get aftergetting the flu. If you get a specific kind of flu therapeutically speaking,there is no difference between this bioweapon and taking thera flu orTamaflu. Nor are they claiming that there is number four covid is theseasonal flu, but the new Frankenstein strains created by people that havebeen given the or an a injection, the so called vaccine. Those are actuallydeadly by design anyone that has been given. That injection is literally awalking biohazard, not unlike a Zambi until they die and many experts predictthey'll die off within six months as the next normal flu season approachesuntil they die their hijacked immune...

...system is filling the air with Mutanstrains that will infect the rest of us. The reality is much worse than anyhorror move. You've ever seen, and the possible scenarios that could and willplay out are horrific. Others will illustrate those scenariors for you,I'm sure, but we're not here to sell anything or as for donation, so we'regoing to go ahead and just skip the drama. Our purpose is simply to giveyou a final fact based warning. First, with science then was scripture fromthe first Christian vible and the gospel of the Lord. Many of us willsurvive and heares how number one do not submit to the injection under anycircumstances. The Jesus killers are professionals at the art of persuasionand Word Games. Remember that clip. I showed you, but ultimately only you candecide to roll up your sleeve and accept that satanic injection do not beswayed by their lies and have truths.

This is the most important decision youwill ever make and it will also affect your offspring if you live long enoughto have any these same people murdered fifty million Christian Russians backwhen they call themselves Bolsevix and so lying to you about a needle, andwhat's in that, syringe is nothing to them. Remember no job is worth it. Norelationship is worth it. No, not even a year's supply of crispy cream dohnutsis worth it. Please don't be a retard. You'll live longer number two stopwearing a mask. Not only do you look like a nut job, you're, weakening yourimmune system and you're going to likely get sick. Moreover, your helpingperpetuate the Covid, theatere and symbolism of submission, don't be acock. Stop acting like a slave, be a... You should, however, takeprecautions and limit interactions around anyone who has been injectedwith that our anabio weapon within the last three months number three get inshape and stop eating Jonk food you're going to need a strong immune system asthese Vax zambies start shedding mutant viral strains, sunlight, vitamin C,Vitamin D and Zink get it exercise. God gave you the ultimate immune system.It's vastly superior to anything that the Jesus killers claim to have insideof a syringe so take care of it. Get the rust off that tool get a stash ofHu q, infamackton just in case be prepared for whatever curved ball.Satan's children are going to throw at you last but not least, and certainlymost important prey. Ask God to send his Holy Spirit to guide and protectyou, you have to ask you have to pray... connect with God and you won't findour God, the God revealed to us through Jesus Christ, in that Old Testament,download your free copy of the First Bible at the very first Bible dot ordon't be let a stray by these judiizers and evangelical TV preachers prancingaround with their Hebrew prayer shawls as they twirl their bags of thirtysilver coins and tell you to be injected. These people are just as eviltoday as they were in forty eight ad, when they were kicked to the curb bythe apostles at the Council of Jerusalem, the wolves and sheep'sclothing, the Satanas Thei Shepherd. I even saw one of these disgusting money,grubbing serpents, get on TV and say that Jesus would have gotten the covidshot. I mean these people haven't, read the New Testament in quite a while,apparently, and they apparently don't even know who Jesus is. Maybe theyshould spend a little less time,...

...reading the Tora and a little more time,reading the New Testament. You need to shun these frauds, God himself willdeal with them directly and their punishment will be worse than anythingyou and I could ever imagine every second of carnal pleasure that they getin this world in exchange for helping kill, God's children is going to berepaid to them with a thousand years of skin searing misery in the next world.It's nothing short of Vile Satanic blasphemy. Every one of these satanicRNA cocktails uses cell lines from murdered babies and its testing anddevelopment at minimum, and it's an attack on Corinthian six nineteen. It'sno different than stabbing God with a syringe. They need to immediatelyrepent and redact and delete every word every syllable that they've uttered inpromotion of this covid fraud. In...

...twenty four hours. We will check everywebsite of the major Christian churches looking for a retraction at the top oftheir pages and we're going to be looking for guidance for their membersto recheck the RNA injection failure to do so. If we don't see it is going tosubject their church to be listed as at versus Christus against Christ. Thatlist will be made public and announced on the First Bible network and everymedia outlet that we have a presence on that list. An announcement will also bepromoted on Spanish and Shinese outlets. Nine months ago, some people laughedwhen the Mercy Unite. Church banned these Arna bio weapons, but is anyonelaughing today there's nothing funny about death and paralysis? Maybe youshould find out what else they were right about. I'm going to have links inthe show notes for all of the subjects that we discussed today and just areminder that the first Bible Network... has a twenty four seven worldwideradio stream and its own Rau, Kou TV channel and that channel can be seenthroughout central and South America. The United Kingdom, Panama, Canada andthe United States just reminder that all fbn digital outreach content isfree. I'm Daren, Kolama and you've been listening to the First Bible Network O.

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