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Episode 35 · 3 months ago

How Title X Clinics Defy Parental Consent Laws and 'Vaccinate' Children


To get the needle into your kids they don't need to go door-to-door: you're going to do all the work for them by sending them to school. In today's episode we show you the Satanic deception being employed by Title X clinics to sidestep parental consent laws and poison your children with Covid shots.

Title X clinic propaganda:

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To get the needle into your kids, theywon't need to go door to door you're going to do all the work for them bysending them to school. In today's episode, we show you this satanicdeception being employed by title ten clinics to sidestep parental consent,laws and poison. Your children with covic shots. The latest news, historyand analysis from the perspective of the first christians tune into the fbi,world white, twenty four seven radio scream. Now your host daren kalama. For decades now it's been an ongoingand uninterrupted drum, beat of bad news and unavoidable hints in oureducational system, prayer and school band, school shooting staged in realmetal detectors, common corn, nonsense masquerading his education, non binary,pronouns drag queen story, our critical race theory, whatever that is barelyliterate. Teachers in diversity, hire... guards and police in thehallways. Now add to that masks, face scanners and medical tyranny, kidstaught every day, they're, just an insignificant speck, spinning it athousand miles an hour in a vast abyss created by accident and a cloud ofswamp gas after descending from feathered, dinosaurs and walking fishin atheistic, mindless consumerist, empty world view hammered home andreinforced by a centralized propaganda in medium machine, so massive and yetcontrolled by so few. In short, it's a bolshevik freak show and the last placeyou would ever want to go to learn anything. These structures have more incommon with a mess hall at a state penitentiary than they do with a realschool and almost impossibly it's...

...actually going to get worse a lot worse,you see the jesus killers have a favorite saying by way of deception,thou shalt do war and that war is on christians and now, specifically ontheir children. Most parents are under the false impression that, becausetheir state has parental consent laws and almost all of them do that nobodycan inject their child with an experimental coved vaccine withouttheir prior knowledge or permission and play. Are they in, for a surprise,actually, several surprises, and one of those surprises is named rachel levine,his friends know him is richard. You see he's the drag queen that wasrecently appointed to health in human services and he's in charge of ashadowy area of government sponsored drug trafficking to minors. They'recalled title x clinics title ten clinics they were created in one thannine hundred and seventy and there...

...operated through h, h s, taxpayer,funding and the office of population of fairs, now a better name for that wouldbe deep population of fairs, but as with everything involving these jesuskillers, there's a lot of deception and word games going on, not the least ofwhich is installing a drag queen to be in charge of injecting your kids with abio weapon in secret. You see it went from drag queen story hour in a publiclibrary to drag queen injection hour in a dark room. These tidal ex clinics arethe conduit through which the enemy gains access to your children and makesthem aware of lots of fun. Things like birth control, condoms abortions, antifamily, brainwashing, material and now and now literally injecting them withan arna, coved bio weapon, and it's all done despite laws on the bookspreventing it. In fact, it's been...

...somewhat of an open secret, but intheir zeal to get the voodoo juice into as many children as possible. The bullshippes are using social media outlets and strategically placed articles incentralized propaganda outlets. Like the new york times, yahoo news and teenvogue to let kids know how and where to get the injection, even if they live ina state with laws that forbid it. You see they just type in the city thatthey live in in the little box and out pops a special number. They can callthey even get a free uber ride at the title ex clinic and, of course, acrispy cream donut when they show their shiny new vaccine card. The drank queenholding the syringe, is happy now, and you won't know anything about it asapparent. The deck is stacked against you, you're living an enemy occupiedterritory and the enemy would love nothing moree than to turn your ownchildren against you. It's a well worn...

...tactic perfected by the bolsheviks whenthey overran russia, germany in mexico a hundred years ago and slaughteredover fifty million christians, and the same thing is happening here in america,and there are a handful of institutions that are warning about it. One of themis the marcionite christian church, and last week they advised all parishionersto remove their children from public schools immediately the mercy knightsbanned. These are on a bio weapons. A year ago and they've been at theforefront of fighting against the fake play and its bolshevist agenda. It's achurch that uses the first christian bible from one hundred and forty four ad, and they know all about the enemy that you're only just now starting torealize is here. Remember if you enroll your kids into this coming school year,you are literally sending them into a physical and spiritual wood, shipperdupon a rival and the usual bolshevik...

...indoctrination. They will all be toldabout the title ex clinics and where to get the shots now, some schools willuse the military approach of intimidation and inducement any unitwith unvaccinated troops couldn't go on liberty until every member wasvaccinated and guess what it doesn't take long for every one to get themessage that unless they want their head beaten in in the middle of thenight, they're going to get the shot. Now this same carrot and stick approachwill be used in the schools. Vaccination equals freedom, and if youwant to be one of the cool kids, you will get the shot. Unfortunately, we'regoing to be seeing a lot of dead, kids and they'll be cool as a result of thesudden drop and body temperature after the fake vaccine kills them as we speak.Thousands of christian families across the country are starting micro, schoolsor simply rotating houses for home schooling, as the country dividesbetween those willing to live under the...

...tyranny of the bolsheviks and jesuskillers, and those who refuse words like secession are going to start beingused and regardless of that outcome, extricating yourself from governmenttentacles needs to start now and that begins with protecting your childrenand not ruining their lives by sending them to a spiritual, goole lagmasquerading as a public school i'll live links in the show notes for allthe topics that we touched on. This episode, along with the link where youcan download the f b n first app and have all of our award winning contentright on your phone or tablet i'm during colama, and this is first newson fbom.

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