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Talmudocracy and You: Christian Internet Access Under a Hostile Occupation


As the same people that hunted down and murdered Christ and his apostles cement their control over America, we're reminded of the techniques they used as Bolsheviks to suppress and silence dissent. And the internet represents a danger to their new rule - in today's episode we'll explore ways you can help safeguard your access to information and protect yourself from Talmudic surveillance using alternatives like Tor.

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Stripping away two thousand years a falsedoctrine isn't easy, but we've had lots of coffee. Now your host,Darren Klama. Hey everybody, Darren Klama here with another addition of the RightBible podcast. I guess a special edition is we watch a new criminal cabalbe inaugurated into office, not much different from the last one, but nonethelessit's different and it signifies a cementing in of a new way, a neworder of things, and none of it is good. People are fearful ofthe new regime, and they should be, but for reasons that maybe haven't occurredto them yet. Because gone or the days when you could pretend thatthere were two parties, the excitement of Political Kabuki Theater, where we couldpick a side, like with sports teams, and pretend that it all actually mattered. Well, that fantasy is gone...

...forever. Now the curtains remove,the brick wall of reality now laid bare, and the people behind that brick wallare of an alien race and culture. Now they're easily dismissed as rent seekingparasites, but that comparison trivializes their true goals and purpose. And onthis podcast we tend to analyze history and current events from the perspective of theFirst Christians, that is to say, we try to view these things throughtheir prism of understanding, using the very first Bible as that lens or filter. And there were many different denominations of the first Christians, and ours isthe Marcianights, and the MARCIANITE church banned covid testing, masks and RNA vaccinationslast July. So that should give you kind of an idea about how tunedin they are to the telmudist problem in the world right now. For Twothousand years they've been aware of and fighting...

...the enemy that you're only just nowbecoming familiar with. It's the same enemy that murdered fifty million Christian Russians justa hundred years ago. So it might not hurt to take their advice ona few things, just like you would have benefited from their advice last Julywhen they did the bands. But today we want to talk about the immediateproblem with the Internet and they're tightening grip over it and what you can doto protect your access to information. You see, they're beginning to narrow thefunnel of what you're allowed to access and, in some cases literal early eracing entirewebsites or blacklisting their DNS, like they do with shadow banning on twitter. It's the same concept. It's censorship, but with Word Games semantics, butat the end of the day it's the same result no matter what.There's a couple goals that you want to achieve. The first one is tomigrate away and off of any sites or... that use United States based servers. They are one hundred percent radioactive, backdoored and monitored by the telmudists,and you can be assured that unit eight two hundred is also watching very closely. Senator Shift, one of the high priests of Talmudocracy, heads up ourintelligence committee. It's completely compromised and sharing intelligence and your data with talmudists inother governments. Remember, talmudocracy isn't limited to just the US. The Jesuskillers don't have boarders, only assets and agents. It's worldwide. They haveno allegiance except to their shared goals and, of course, to their deity,Satan. It doesn't really matter if you agree with me or believe anyof this. What should matter is the new reality that you now live inand how you can protect yourself and your family from the tellmudists and their alienoccupation of your country. Obviously, people...

...should have heated the warnings of themercy N it's a long time ago, but what's done is done. Soback to the Internet. Aside from switching services and platforms to non US servers, we need to address what we use every day. Yeah, what you'relooking at right now your browser. You need to get off that browser andthe Internet that they control and monitor. Now that means using a different kindof internet. They call it the dark web, but they always like todemonize things that they don't control. So let's just call it the free web. Now it has other acronyms like tour and onion, and the URL's thething you type in the address bar to get to a website. Yeah,that's all completely different. On the Free Web. It's mainly a lot ofelphanumeric characters. Everything is encrypted, so instead of typing in Bob's hardware storecom, you would type in something like g five, thhs one and sixty sevenWBN dot onion, on ion. So...'s it's just very different and it'ssomething that you're just going to have to get used to. It's just oneof the tradeoffs. Okay, now, we don't want to get lost inthe weeds on this, so let's keep it results oriented. You can't geton this free web, this tour, using your browser. You need aspecial browser and it's called a tour browser. To our tour, by the way, it is going to be huge this year. Is Christian seek refugefrom these Talmud is hunting them down and monitoring them. So, although rightnow there aren't as many sites on tours much you know, selection and varietiesyou have on the regular Internet, it's growing very fast, very quickly,and all of the alternative sites, like bitch shoot, they're all going tobe forced to go there. They're all going to have to go to touror they're going to be shut down or centered into a relevancy. There isno alternative, there is no third way...

...and for people with a little visionit could be an opportunity, and a sizeable opportunity when you really think aboutit. Now to get the browser, and yes, it's free, justgo to tour project DOT Org, tour project, to our project DOT org. You can get it for your desktop or your phone. I believe italso comes on an APP. Now, of course, the Marcia units alreadyknow the directions that this war is going to be taking. So we havea tour site set up just for the church. It has a forum fordiscussions, sections for our podcasts and videos. It's basically a place for Christians tointeract in a safe environment, in that tour environment. And our Toraaddress is g for D as and dog fs and Frank K SS and Samare P as and Paul six M as...

...and Mary J are K I hDot Onion, g d FK, SRP six, m Jr kih dot onion, Oh and ion. And I'm also going to have a link in theshow notes for it and a link to download the free tour browser and,by the way, brave which you may be familiar with, the brave browser, that also has a tour browser built right into it. So if you'reusing that brave browser you can already access the free web. But if youwant one hundred percent assuredness on security, I would go ahead and use thetour browser right from the source, from that site url that I gave you. So on this day that the Jesus killers officially start their war on Christiansin America. Let us also make this... special and start using alternatives liketour our tour site is new and we're adding to it every day, butthe forums are operational right now, so stop by and say hi. Onour next episode we'll talk about other alternatives for things like email and messaging.This has been Darren Kalama with the Right Bible podcast. Hoping you have aterrific day. Lots of changes in the world right now and almost none ofthem are good. But there's one thing that hasn't changed. The Very FirstBible. That's right same as the day it was compiled back in one hundredand forty four, a d first of its kind, the original, andit looks a lot different from that modern, edited Bible that people read today.You See, the first one just had ten books, we call themepistles, and one Gospel, and it's called the gospel of the Lord,the one that the Apostle Paul kept calling... gospel. And of course itjust had one God in it, the God revealed to us through his sonJesus Christ, and that's just the way millions of the first Christians liked it. Then came all those changes. A few hundred years later, kind oflike they do it today. All of a sudden that Bible went from tenbooks and one Gospel and blew up into seventy three books and four different gospelswritten by unknown authors. YEA, they gave them names leg luke, butluke never met Jesus, and that's just a fact. And forty nine ofthose seventy three books came from the Hebrew Bible at all. Right, speakingnay he, Chaka, he's he. You see, they stapled on awhole different religion and God and they ended up calling it the Old Testament,whatever that means. Not sure what they're selling, but you sure don't wantto be praying to it. And that...

Gospel that Paul always talked about,the one he preached around the world, yeah, they got rid of thattoo. You won't find it in that Modern Bible. You know, there'sno better time to get right with God, and that starts with getting the RightBible, the first one used by millions of Christians. Just type infor words in your browser, the very first Bible, download it free orpick up the paperback at Amazon, because if you're not reading the very firstBible, you're reading just another book.

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