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Tales from the front: Rejecting workplace Covid testing and masks


For 100 million Americans, the glowing red line is the VINO's - vaccines in name only - and they will fight to the death against taking Satan's Shot. But it's the battle over workplace masks and testing where the enemy is getting easy wins.

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For a hundred million Americans, the glowing red line in the sand as the vinos, the vaccines and name only, and they'll fight to the death against taking that Satan shot. But it's the battle over workplace masks and testing where the enemy is getting some really easy wins. The latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the first Christian's tune into the FBN worldwide twenty four seven radio stream. Now your host, Darren Calamba. When somebody renames the flu to Covid have they created a new global pandemic? No, they've created and weaponized a hoax. When somebody creates a gene mutating rn a bio weapon and renames it a vaccine to fight the hoax, does it magically become a vaccine? No, but you'd be a fool to let them inject you with it. When somebody renames digital slave papers to a vaccine passport to prove you took a fake vaccine to protect you from a hoax, do you have less freedom or more freedom? When somebody says you must wear a mask to help them perpetuate a hoax, should you go along with it? When somebody says you must submit to having an object constantly shoved up your nose to see if you have the hoax? Should you let them do it now? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you can be assured that you've been infected with the Talmud flu and you're either clinically insane or demonically possessed. In either case, you've become a danger to yourself and others. But for the... of normal, pure blooded people, the obvious answer is no. They know it's a fake plague and that the real danger is what's contained in the syringes, and they stay far away from it. Now. Most try and keep distance from the VACs victims, the VACS zombies try to avoid the shedding of their mutant strains. You see, that needle is their red line and it's a hill that they're willing to die on, and now they're willing to take as many with them as possible. Like many Christians, you've probably applied for and received a religious exemption from Satan shot. But you're one of the lucky ones, and for a while there there was a feeling of relief. But then the enormity, the massive size and scope of the satanic hoax began to dawn on you because, as it turned out, it wasn't just your job that would require a religious exemption. The system was rigged. There was no overarching exemption that you could file and just be done with all of it. Now you would need a separate exemption for every place you went. Restaurants, Jim's, theaters, schools, Football Games, bars, clubs. None will let you in without the vaccine passport, the digital slave papers. You now have to apply for religious exemption to order it Burger King, and now I'm not making that up. You literally have to present a vaccine passport at Burger King in New York before you're allowed a whopper. Now we can talk all day about it being junk food and you shouldn't need it anyway, but in a lot of these cities they're called food deserts. In other words, you can't just waltz down the sidewalk and get an avocado or something. It Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell, it's the only game in town that that is your center of sustenance. Anyway, you started to understand that this was no accident. The scam had been designed with a great deal of forethought.

There were stumbling blocks at every turn. In every case, the only way out was to submit to Satan. Shot all eggs. It's blocked all eggs, its walled off. But where did these people come from? I mean, what pit of Hell was this covid hoax derived from? What is in that syringe that they want so badly to put into your names? I mean, logically, it just doesn't make any sense. None of it is grounded in reality. US Sale, I guess maybe we need to be completely a little bit more scary, especially with the Delta variant, which is the hardiest and most contagious very we've seen to date. We need all the protection that we can get. That's why the vaccines are so affective. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. We've got to get them vaccinated and hopefully they will do it willingly. I think we really make need to make it clear that there are privileges associated with being an American. We have to be more pot being more horseful. If you do not want to get vaccinated, you can work from home, you can home school your children, you can shop online. So where is this coming from? People saying I'm now being forced to be vaccinated. If you want to trouble. You better go get that vaccine. You should be wearing masks even when you have vaccinated if you are indoors. If you wish to have these privileges, you need to get vaccinated. We have to say something coming out you don't get back to what's want of these people. But at least you were safe at work, safe in your little cube. You had been granted the exemption and that was that. They couldn't get you in there. Yeah, we'll just lay low for a little while, let this covid craze blow over and will emerge on scathe down...

...the other side after the Big Vax die off this winter. or at least that was the plan. But then the government, which likes to pretend that it isn't a direct extension of the fortune five hundred, the government, ordered companies to start these mandates, and that's a little bit like Fox number one pretending that Fox number two made him eat the chickens and he didn't really have a choice in the matter. I wonder if people are still falling for that trick. So you have the exemption, great, but now you're surrounded by vaxed shedders. Your workplace is a guaranteed bio hazard. So I hope you're taking prophylactic doses of Iver Mechtin and zinc getting some sunshine. I mean, who knows what was in the syringes that your co workers were injected with? Who knows what they're transmitting before they die off? And now they're starting with these masks and testing security theater again. Now, just as there are religious exemptions for the RNA shots, there are exemptions for the mass and the testing, and in this episode we wanted to share with you what it looks like for a worker trying to use them and what it looks like for the Church that issues them. One of the best known of the few remaining pre nice in Christian churches is is the Marcianite Church, and last year they banned urn a covid vaccines, the covid mass and the covid testing that involves invasive nasal and oral swabs. Now, this determination that they made came partially from New Testament scripture that we find in both the modern edited Bible and the original pre Nicene Bible of one hundred and forty four a d. They both agree with each other and it says, for there is no good tree that produces corrupt fruit, nor corrupt tree that produces good fruit, for each tree is known... its own fruit, and this is how we view the covid reset, a satanic, corrupt tree and it's fruit of injections, masks and testing are also corrupt. We don't eat, we don't interact with this corrupt fruit. Every interaction and participation helps the corrupt tree grow. When you wear a mask, when you get tested, these actions add to the illusion that the hoax is real. You see, you become part of the problem as you aid into bet the covid reset. The church is also concerned about what may or may not be on the swabs and the intentional collection and cataloging of DNA. The mercyanite church, for purposes of the band, does not have a problem with a Simil People's spit or saliva test where you spit into a tube. You might have seen this on the some of the video that they took at the con film festival. All the attendees, the guests, they just simply spit into a tube for their big COVID test. Now it's noninvasive and there are no swabs involved. It's up to the parishioner if they want to do that. The reason for the bands also serves another purpose. It takes the decision to participate in the security theater out of the hands of the individual parishioner. So when the company gives them a big Qa sheet and then demands to know their specific, exact reasons for refusal, they can't be tricked. Their answer is simply that their church forbids it. End of discussion. The matter is out of their hands. Now the Jesus killers are quite skilled at semantics, word games, parsoning of meaning and linguistic inversions and perversions and gymnastics. This is one way that the church negates or neutralizes that nefarious skill that they...

...possessed. But some of the cases are more difficult than others. So I asked the church to give me an example of a tough case and how it was resolved. Now here I have in my folder a single case which involves all three the injections, the mass and the testing. So it's going to be kind of interesting to look at and dissect the email exchanges and calls with the parishioner, of been redacted to protect their privacy. FBN TV viewers will see the documents and, for the benefit of the FBN first news podcast listeners, I'll be reading some of it as well so we can all follow along. Hello, I'm a fairly new member of the mercy and I Christian Church. I am honored to be part of the amazing history of this church, founded in one hundred and forty four a D and founders of the very first Bible. I've been a Christian, but the Holy Spirit is Lem me to you and my faith is stronger than I was. I'm sorry. It was the satanically inspired covid deception that led me to you and I am so happy to see you waking up the world to this deception. I am truly in need of your help and am facing a difficult situation. I work for redacted, who has mandated the vaccine for all employees effect of October. First, the Holy Spirit to record mean not to take the vaccine and lend me to you. I filled out a religious exemption form for the vaccine with the assistance of your pdf form, which was accepted by HR. I'm assuming what happened here is that they got the church vaccine exemption, they filled it out and it was accepted by their human resources department. Okay, so that's great, that's good news, that's a win, but but it doesn't look like it was a win for long. Continuing in the letter, unfortunately, I also filed for the Covid test exemption using the downloadable affidavid form on your website,...

...and it was denied. They want me to submit to bi weekly rapid antigen testing through an invasive nasal swab, which the Holy Spirit is telling me to reject. I want to protect my body as instructed in First Corinthians three hundred and sixteen. Okay. And then, just so you know, there's a little bit of back and forth with phone calls and emails, but we're just going to stick with the redaction, the redacted portions of the emails. So it continues on. I met with my redacted and head of HR today and they said there are no religious exemptions allowed for covid testing and I will be terminated if I don't comply. This hurts because they have put me in a position where I have to have my finances hurt and income taken for me, but I have faith God will provide the help I need to get through this. I can't comply with this because the Holy Spirit has given me a strong conviction on this. I've been and redacted, redacted, redacted for five years and was promoted last year to redacted. I'm assuming some kind of promotion continues on. What doesn't make sense to me is that they will not accommodate my request to work remote on religious grounds due to the contradiction I'm facing with the COVID tests. And then more redactions, and that is a little weird when you think about it. I mean, if you're going to work remotely, why do they care if you're getting tested for covid that doesn't make any sense. But you know what, none of this makes any sense. Okay, it looks like there was another exchange between this individual and some big wigs at the church, and then we have a follow up email from the individual. I have an update for you. I did inquire with my employer about spit covid testing and hire explain they are not sure about availability of tests and told me to check out wall Greens or CVS. I did find a spit test at Wall Greens, but it costs a hundred nineteen bucks and they would want...

...results twice per week, which would cost nine hundred sixty dollars per month, not affordable for me and I doubt they would cover it. I do have concerns about the extraction and unethical use of my DNA by these tests. We were made in the image of God and my DNA and genetic information is precious. Certain powers that be want to collect this DNA and try to play God. And by the way, just so you know, or he knows or everybody knows, the church is in complete agreement with that statement and we're going to get into that as we go on. Then email continues on a different note. I feel very conflicted about this continued mask mandate at redacted. I feel this is a violation of the word Second Corinthians three hundred and thirteen, and then Ma. Shame to capitulate to this. I've only complied thus far out of fear of losing my job. This was never a problem because I had been working remote redacted and did not have to wear a mask, but they essentially forced me back redacted and I've been wearing the masks since. I'm not sure what to do, except pray and consult spiritual leaders like yourself. Wearing the mask feels like a violation, and I have and I feel like telling my employer this, but it may result in my termination. Redacted, and that's the end of his correspondence, or what we have his correspondence for purposes of this show. Okay, now, this is the initial response from the Marcianite Church to the letters that we just read. All of these changes, the masks, testing, etc. Were thrust upon you without your foreknowledge or consent. This is my understanding of the situation. EG. These conditions were not present when you accepted the job, in other words, when you were initially hired. God does not want you to suffer through no fault of your own, and is aware of the tricks, traps and treachery employed by...

Satan and, as children on Earth, we see such a situation as developed in your personal circumstances, and the solution is applicable to the mask and testing impass. Assuming the normal avenues of negotiation, exception and exemptions have been exhausted and walking off the job would represent an immediate, painful financial burden to yourself and your loved ones, you may temporarily comply with the new mandates under the following conditions. Number one, you begin immediately looking for new employment where such mandates are not required. This must be an active and ongoing process with the goal of leaving your current employer as quickly as possible. So long as this is your intention and will, as you temporarily comply with the new mandates, there is no affront to God. Number two, put in writing to your employer and outline of the history of the situation which is brought you both to this impast and your efforts to mitigate it, while still being true to your faith, will at the same time adhering to the new company policy. This outline will include the fact that you have consulted with the church on the matter and they have decided that you will comply. It is not necessary that they be made aware specifically of your active and involved interest in immediately finding new employment, and the response finishes with the bottom of the letter will include the sentence. Upon receipt of this letter, you understand the Marcy and I Christian Church has determined the people involved in enforcing adherence to these new conditions to be adversus Christus. It is not necessary that you explain the sentence or even acknowledge that you understand what it means the the matter is now out of your hands. So there you have it. We just wanted to give you an idea of what's going on on the front lines of this satanic covid war, and if you want to learn more about the mercy night church and the pre nice scene...

...that that first Christian Bible that they use, I'll have links to it in the show notes. The church is also reminding all Christians to remove their children from the public schools and move out of the cities as quickly as possible. The time to reconnect with other unvaxed pure blood Christians is now. The time to rebuild a parallel society is now. I'm Darren Kalama and this is first news on FBN.

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