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It's Viewer Mail Friday and we respond to TruNews


Friday's viewer mailbag is filled with some interesting nuggets this week including a question about the daily life of the Marcionites and our response to TruNews and Milo after they name-dropped us on air.

Mass of the First Christians

Oldest inscription of Jesus' name

Origins of 'Judeo-Christian' and how it subverted the church

The Very First Bible 

Friday's viewer mail bag is filled with some interesting nuggets this week, including a question about the daily life of Marcianites and our response to true news after they name dropped us on air. I'm Darren Kalama and this is first news on FBN, the latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the First Christians. Tune into the FBN worldwide twenty four seven radio stream. There's usually not much drama and excitement here at FBN. We tend to just cover pre nice seen history and events, but sometimes we get great questions from viewers, and Friday seems like a good day to pull the stack out and get right to them. Our first email comes to us from Peter and Costa Rica. Hi, Darren. We recently learned about the Marcian nights and I'm trying to get a sense of what day to day living for them was like. What is known about it? Well, Peter, that's a good question and it's not really very different from other pre nice seen Christians, except in a few...

...relatively important aspects. For example, in their dietary habits, the Marcian nights were known for being Pasketarians, which is just a fancy way of saying they ate a lot of fish instead of me, and they also fasted on Saturdays and they worked on Saturdays, so there was a know eating or laying around on Saturday. It's kind of symbolic of shared sacrifice. And Their Sundays were a little bit different as well. They went to church on Sunday, actually twice on Sunday, and maybe that's where that saying comes from that we've all heard. Twice on Sunday. And that Sunday started it dawn with what they called a service of the word, which was basically a quick prayer and an oath not to engage in adultery or theft. Then they went about their day just as you normally would, and then they all met again as dusk approached, so just around sunset, and they met for their main mass for that... and then after mass they all shared in a big meal together. It was like a sign of, you know, brotherhood. Everybody brought some food. You know, these were not rich people. For the most part, people had very little and Sunday was a big day. It meant, you know, not only getting together, but it also meant, you know, a chance to really load up on some food and so everybody brought some and they all shared it equally, and if somebody was sick or they couldn't make it to mass, then their share of that food was delivered to them by one of the other parishioners, probably most likely by the presbyter himself. And for or the Marcia Nights, that presbyter is the same thing as a priest, and I'll put a link in the show notes for an episode that we did on that. It'll do an entire walk through on the mass, including the hymns that they used and the various rights and sacraments as they were performed two thousand years ago. It's a great episode if you're interested now. The...

...other day it was glancing over it to true news, as I do from time to time, to see what they're covering, and low and behold, I see that my low Yanapolis, and another Israel first sidekick, our guest hosting the program over there. And Long Story Short, I was just sick and and after a succession of dry heaves and blurred vision, I regained my balance and sent them a short and sincerely concerned to email regarding what I had just seen. Now remember it was sent for me personally and not from the first Bible network email account. I didn't reference who I was, I didn't reference my position as host of FBN first news. I just simply signed it Darren Colomba. So last night I go and take a look at their show again to see if they had fixed their my low mistake, and to my surprise, not only had they not fixed it, they're actually reading my email...

...on air. It's another one. Whoever told you this type of format and these people is a good idea of giving you some extraordinarily bad advice. I have to wonder if this isn't some kind of hostage situation. Is Everyone okay? They're at the studio. Okay, Darren, I'm blinking in Morse Code. Help me. All right, there's another one now. By way of background, this milow person is the ex editor of bright part which is a far flung suburb of Tel Aviv masquerading as a news site, and it's frequented by the Israeli a man corner here in America. And like many shapeshifters before him, Milow went from Gay crypto Jew to magically not gay Judeo Christian.

About the only thing that didn't change is his love for the TV cameras, his hair and, of course, Israel. Milo is everything Joseph Wolf wanted to be back in one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine. Wolf was a Jew and son of a rabbi who converted to Catholicism then converted again to the Church of England. He spent a lifetime subverting Christianity and we discussed him on an episode a few weeks ago. He's known for the creation and marketing of the term Judeo Christian and he has quite a bio for himself as a shapeshifter. I'll have a link in the show notes so you can watch it and get a better idea of who he was and how he kind of mirrors exactly this, this milow person. In any event, we all await what new magical transformation milow takes on in, say, the next month. Perhaps I'll become a newly ordained minister. Nothing would surprise me, and short of an...

...exorcism being performed on the entire staff and studios of True News, I'm really not sure how they recover from this. I mean, was this just bad judgment or simply an unveiling of ideology that's always been present there? Did Founder Rick Wiles have a board printed with ten of the top worst possible decisions he could make and then just started throwing darts at it from his hospital bed? I really don't know, but we of course pray for all of them, and I understand Mr Wiles is back home now. Maybe when he's feeling better, he'd like to come on our show and explain to us how the Alien Hebrew Colonel De de portrayed in the Old Testament has anything remotely to do with the Christian God revealed to us only through Jesus Christ. I think that would be an interesting little sit down with him. I'm going to go ahead and leave that as a open invitation anyway. The real talent over there are true news is their research department and their production staff. These guys are really top...

...notch and I watch mainly for their work. Now I'm also going to include a link in the show notes so they can get a copy, free copy, of the very first Bible. I think reading the same Bible as the first Christians of one hundred and forty four a d might help them snap out of whatever is going on over there. You know, we all make mistakes, of few more than me and our next email comes to us from Alison in Kentucky. Where is the oldest Martian night church and is it still around? I'll hi, Alison. That's kind of a tricky question, but let me take a whack at it. At one point the Marcian nights were larger than even the Catholic Church. A lot of people don't know that. Millions of them and they were spread across the known world after being founded in one hundred and forty four a D and they compile the very first Christian Bible that same year. But in the year three hundred and thirty two a d they hit kind of a rough patch. Roman Emperor Constantine issued something called the edict...

...against heretics and he ordered all of their church is throughout the entire Roman Empire, ordered them seized by forced and turned over to the Catholic Church. So yes, Marcia and I churches are still around, but you could say they got pretty heavily redecorated. But as it turns out, Constantine didn't get everything. The Catholic Church didn't get everything owned by the Marcian Nights. In one thousand eight hundred and seventy two French archeologists exploring in Syria, discovered not only a standing marcianite church but carved in its stone doorway, they also discovered what is today still the oldest inscription in the world bearing the name of Jesus, and it read to our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the good and it was data October first three hundred and eighteen, a d a level link in the show notes. If you want to learn more about it, and if you have questions or show ideas, we always like reading them. Please email...

...them to D Klama, Dk Lama at First Bible Networkcom. And speaking of D Kalama, I am Darren Klama and we'll see you next time at first news on FBN the latest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the first Christian's tune into the FBN worldwide twenty four seven Radio Stream.

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