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Uri Geller, 'Q' and the Devil's Greatest Trick


Today's show mixes it up with a magician from the 1970's, a fraud from today and the greatest trick the devil played that you never heard of. See if you can guess what they all have in common.

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Abricadabra everybody at Starin Colamawith another edition of the Right Bible podcast. You know some people say thatthe devil's greatest trick is making people believe that he doesn't exist,but no that wouldn't really be much of a trick. Almost the whole world atleast has a vague belief in God, or some form of a higher power. Even thedoubters are edging towards the intelligent design. Theory and evenintelligent design posits the existence of a creator o higher power and chucksopposed to God, or that higher power is invariably an opposite, a Satan, thedevil evil. So, as far as tricks goes, it's kind of a failure there's no trickthere. It didn't work, everybody already knows it now we're not apolitical podcast in terms of parties. In fact, like the founding fathers, wethink they're a bad idea manufactured and easily manipulated to slice throughthe soft underbelly of a republic. The...

...false choice represented by two sidesof the same corrupt coin. Now, for some people not familiar with this podcastor the very first Bible. Most of this is going to fly right over you becauseyou lack perspective or more to the point. You either lack any perspectiveor you've been brainwashed with the wrong perspective. How do peopleactually get to the point where they become members of a q cult thatworships the telmodic code, scribblings and magic numbers Gemmantri of somefast talking? Israeli, with a liberal arts degree like Esra, Cohen, Watnick?Well, you're, no different than the people of the s yeah s. They were fooled by someone namedUry Geller. He was another fast talking, caballa wizard Geller, the magicianlike Q, had the quiet, unspoken approval of his tribe and it'sinteresting that Geller's magic and supernatural powers had been certifiedand affirmed as real by some of...

Americas in Europe's top professors inuniversities and the scam went on for years, but not because gallar alonefooled everybody. It lasted that long, because his tribe helped perpetuated.We even saw Barbara Walters of sixty minutes. Fame, helps sell hissupernatural powers to the public. You See, unlike Christians, they worktogether to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, they never have any goodgoals. In fact, they can't have good goals short of a direct intercession byJesus Christ. It's impossible why the corrupt tree does not bear good fruit,it's impossible. On a side note, the Giller Scam went on until one night,one late night, when Johnny Carson finally exposed him in front of theworld on live television who lor Johnny Carson B anyway. This does ultimately get us a little bitcloser to our topic of the devil's...

...greatest trick, and to do that, we needto understand the lineage of the Bible, or rather f the difference between YourModern Bible that popped onto the scene at the end of the fourth century andthe Christian Bible, the one used by the first Christian since UNDRE, anforty four aid now remember is I tell you what was in that First Bible. Iwant you to be thinking about what the devil's greatest trick was and is thefirst Christian Bible was small compared to the modern edited versionof to day it had ten books or epistles, and it had just one gospel. The Gospelof the Lord Remember Stories of the road to Damascus. The revelation givento the apostle pall- yes, that revelation given to him directly byJesus Christ, is the gospel of the Lord. That's what Paul was referring to whenhe says my Gospel when he warns of False Gospels and says anyone whopreaches a false gospel will be...

...occursed. You see there was only onetrue Gospel, but there were many false and perverted judiized Gospels, writtenafter the Resurrection of Christ. Anyway, that was the whole ChristianBible and for hundreds of years it was the Bible of millions of the firstChristians, ten books, one Gospel, nothing else, hundreds of years laterin three twenty five ad, the Alien Hebrew Bible featuring Satan, theyrenamed it to the Old Testament and false gospels were stapled unto it, andthat was the devil's greatest trick. You're praying to him. Instead of God.In fact, he took over more than half of your Bible. Yury Giller would have beenvery, very proud by the way when it was altered and edited in three twenty fivead ballooning it from ten books and One Gospel to seventy three books and fourgospels. The words actually attributed to Jesus Christ comprised just threepercent of its total content yeah. They...

...also deleted the gospel of the Lord.The Gospel Paul preached isn't found anywhere in your modern Bible and, ifyou doubt may go ahead and look if you'd like to go ahead and read thatFirst Bible Ind the gospel of the Lord just type fourwards into your browser,the very first Bible, dot, Org, the very first spible Dot, O R G I'll. Leta link in the show, notes and Linkd to other shows that we've done in the pastthat go in depth on who. Why and when the Bible was edited, it's really afascinating story. You know: Satan's children and Youregiller's tribehaven't banned the New Testament yet, but how long until they do tick, tuckremember if their lips are moving they're, probably lying. I'm Darren.Calaman will see you next time on the Right Bible, podcast.

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