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You Finally Realized our Christian God Isn't in the Old Testament: Now What?


For some it's a sudden cleansing epiphany - for others it's a gargantuan struggle encompassing all five stages of a painful journey - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance. In today's episode we look at life outside of the 'Judeo-Christian' prison complex.

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For some, it's a sudden cleansingepiphany for others. It's a gargantuan struggle in compassing, all five stagesof a painful journey, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally,acceptance. In today's episode. We look at life outside of the judeo christianprison complex. The latest news, history and analysis from theperspective of the first christians tune into the fbi white, twenty fourseven radio scream. Now your host daren kalama. My first word is, of coursecongratulations. You managed to escape, but one of the most fortified andguarded theological mental prisons ever built and since its construction inthree twenty five, a d at the council of nicea few have managed to get out,enjoy the sunshine and freedom of not...

...being chained to an alien deity inbeliefs. You are now reconnected to the first christians, and now you know, godis revealed to us only through jesus christ. Your original christian bibleof one forty four, a d with the gospel of the lord, is your corner stone offaith. Now two thoughts are probably going to come to the forefront afteryou had this epiphany. One is regret, regret at having lost so much time inthat prison. The other thought is that you want to go back and help othersescape so that they can also be free now. Both of these are valid thoughts,but i want to address them, especially the latter thought, and urge you toexercise a little bit of caution. You see some people react badly when theirentire perspective of reality is turned upside down. They can become angry, notonly the idea, but also at you...

...personally, let's hearken back toplato's allegory of the cave, maybe you're familiar with it, and how thefree man went back and was confronted by the reality of the consequences oftrying to help the other prisoners. They mocked him. They said he was afool to think that there was anything other than the reality of the cave andits shadows, and they were angered by what he was telling them now we'reobligated to be a tunnel of life for others, there's no dodging thatresponsibility, but we're also obligated to use a little bit of commonsense now. A further example would be of trying to rescue some one who isdrowning without training in common sense. It may be you that ends updrowning. The first christian bible in the pre nicene christian denominationslike the marcionites that sprang from it are still here, they're, not goinganywhere and it's a blessing that...'ve become a part of it, and we wantyou to remain a rate of light for others. This is why we urge you to besensible now, in light of this satanic, coved scam. Currently in play, it'sespecially important that you seek out and be, among others, of a like mind,we're in the midst of a great separation, the wheat from the chaffand interactions with chaff, hostile, theis, jews and others that refuse tolet go of the carnal ways: they're, like dogs returning to their own vomit.Those interaction should be kept to a minimum and done carefully and withprayer. Now, in some cases, you're dealing with people who believe in agod that commands the murder of women and children cutting off hands withoutpity human sacrifice and giving platters of human four skins is wedding.Gifts- these are probably not mentally...

...stable people, and you should treadcarefully anyway. By now, you probably have a copy of the very first biblefrom hundred and forty four ad, with its gospel of the lord and the tenoriginal epistles, and for those of you who want an academic, deep dive intothe back story of how it was compiled and the people involved the nuts andbolts of the underlying theology and ecclesiastical schematics, i wouldrecommend a book called the first new testament. It's by professor jason,bedon i'll love, a link in the show notes, if you're interested in thatit's extremely well researched and anita you're, going to find that yourfaith is well documented and able to stand up to any academic scrutiny. Nowone of the ways to meet others of the pre nicene faith is through a forum setup by the marcine church, its successive only through a specialtourbrowser which is designed to stay up...

...even in the event the dianes namingservices are shut down. In fact, in the event of a large skill, digitalcensorship attack or mysterious state sponsored hacker attack. Tor may be oneof the few ways to stay, updated and stay in touch i'll, have a link in theshow notes for the mercy, nifor m and for getting a copy of that free torbrowser. Now, brotherhood and assured faith are the building blocks of ourchristian religion, and that means sticking together. Is the world churnsand a satanic wave? Let us pray that more people come to the light asreflected in the gospel of the lord and that they themselves have become a rayof light for others. I'm darent colama- and this is first news on f b,...

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