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As secession looms, resources for Christians looking to avoid incurring the wrath of their Regional Warlord.


The church that has been at the forefront of banning experimental RNA injections shares with us the links and resources they use as they stay up to date on the latest executive orders on a city, state, federal and territorial level. (city) (state) (federal) (territories) (start) 

The church that has been at theforefront of banning experimental iron, a injection shares with us the linksand resources they use is they stay up to date on the latest executive orderson a city, state, federal and territorial level. I'm daring Kalama inthis is the first Bible network. The latest news, history and analysis fromthe perspective of the first Christians tune into the FBOM twenty four seven,Ladies Stream, as Americans adjust to living in a postconstitutional country, now run by the whims and edicts of regional warlords.You know them as governors and mayors, it's important to stay on top of whattheir latest edits and pronouncements are. These war lords decide where youcan go when you can go, how you dress when you get there and what you can door say when you get there, they even decide if you can sing in a church howmany people are allowed in the church...

...or as in the case of Honolulu, how faraway from others, you must be when playing a wind instrument like theflute or saxophone. No, I'm not kidding, and it's the normal flu seasonapproaches your regional war. Lord is likely to double down on their edictsand pronouncements as they feel the ring grow warmer still added to that will be a new layer ofcompliance and surveillance in the form of APPS qr codes and vaccine passportsin some or all areas of the country. In fact, these are already policy in NewYork and growing daily, as Europe has also mandated them. I had a chance totalk with Bishop Andrew Theopolis over the Marcine Christian Church about allthese new laws and how the church stays on top of them. is they try and protectparishioners with religious vaccine exemption forms? The Marcy nite churchband RNA injections about ten months...

...ago and, as a result, they need to knowwhich war Lord is doing what and where the mercy nites are credited withcompiling the first Christian Bible in one forty, four, a D and it doesn'tcontain what you know to day is the Old Testament. Their belief is that ourChristian God was only revealed through Jesus Christ and whatever deity theHebrews are worshipping. has nothing to do with us as Christians simply puttheir different books with different Gods? As a result, they have adifferent world view than the Modern Judie Churches of to day now, BishopTheopolis says in his opinion, America has two possible paths. Unless paper,ballots and transparent counting are reinstituted. If the present opaqueelectronic voting system remains, the people will be left with two choicesand the least violence of those two...

...paths is succession. The country is ina moral death spiral by design, it's very similar to the one that facedGermany during the Wymore Blick, completely overrun and debased by analien culture. Every industry, banking, media, education, medicine totallysubverted by this tiny but powerful caustic fifth column, is similar to avirus. I suppose in a lot of ways in fact we're a mere image of what thoseGerman Christians faced in their day. In their case, they rejected secession,although it would have been the easier choice. Instead, they rose up from thecountry side and reclaim their cities and made the country whole again. Nowit's easy to get lost in stories about the war, but the more interesting storyby far is what happened preceding the war at street level. Most people wouldbe shocked to their core to see the perversions and sickness that permeatedcities like Berlin, much as we see in...

...our own cities, in schools and in themedia today, satanic celebration of filth by reprobates, but it's not afair comparison to make with today, because, unlike our fracturedemographic structure in America, the Germany of the late e s was homogeneous,a majority Christian country with shared faith, values, culture, historyand lineage. This made it easier for them to come together as one body andexpel that alien virus, the parasite that was destroying the body. Such isnot the case in America to day it's not even close, you'll be lucky if the guynext to you even speaks the same language, much less have an in depthconversation with him about how to fix the country. If anything he's likely toreport you to the regional war. Lord, you see you can't mix oil and water.You just t end up with oily water: It's...

...neither good for drinking nor for usein an engine diversity. The mixing has destroyed both components, so thatleaves secession, but before we get, there will need to be aware of all ofthe edicts that were subjected to. So we can stay out of the system asvaccine passports are rolled out and groups call, alas, prior to secession.Now that means staying out of jail in staying off of government lists. Thatmeans knowing what the covin edicts in your area are. The church is sharingthe links it uses to monitor these laws and edits, and you can drill down towhatever level you want: City, county state, federal, even by territories,the sorting categories are virtually unlimited and they contain completeannotations. Every edict is dated and signed, and you can see exactly whatagency and what people were involved... This information may come in handyat a later time, as a new government in the future gets down to investigatingwho was involved in the ARONA bio weapon injections and who wasresponsible for instituting and enforcing various coved laws. I'll havelinks in the show notes for all of it, so you can stay safe and stay legal,I'm Daren Kalama, and this is the first Bible network. The latest news, historyand analysis from the perspective of the first Christians tune into the F BWorld Wide Twenty four seven radio stream, a.

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