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Whose God are you praying to? Better check that bible.


We're in a spiritual war - and praying to the same God as your enemy is a deadly mistake.  The first Christians had protection that you lack - find out the difference between their bible and yours.

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The Very First Bible 

Lots of changes in the world rightnow, and almost none of them are good. But there's one thing thathasn't changed, the very first Bible. That's right same as the day itwas compiled back in one hundred and forty four a d first of its kind, the original, and it looks a lot different from that modern, editedBible that people read today. You See, the first one just had ten books, we call them epistles, and one Gospel, and it's called thegospel of the Lord, the one that the Apostle Paul kept calling my gospel. And of course it just had one God in it, the God revealedto us through his son Jesus Christ, and that's just the way millions ofthe first Christians liked it. Then came all those changes a few hundred yearslater, kind of like they do it today. All a sudden, thatBible went from ten books and one Gospel and blew up into seventy three booksand four different gospels written by unknown authors.

Yep, they gave them names likeLuke, but luke never met Jesus, and that's just a fact. Andforty nine of those seventy three books came from the Hebrew Bible, atall. Right, speaking nay he, Chaka, he's he. You see, they stapled on a whole different religion and God and they ended up callingit the Old Testament, whatever that means. Not sure what they're selling, butyou sure don't want to be praying to it. And that Gospel thatPaul always talked about, the one he preached around the world, yeah,they got rid of that too. You won't find it in that Modern Bible. You know, there's no better time to get right with God, andthat starts with getting the Right Bible, the first one used by millions ofChristians. Just type in for words in your browser, the very first Bible, download it free or pick up the...

...paperback at Amazon, because if you'renot reading the very first Bible, you're reading just another book.

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