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The wolf in shepherd's clothing: How Covid exposed centuries of Christian subversion


While everyone was focused on the delusional nature of the Covid scam and the experimental DNA voodoo juice injections, a new religious truth was quietly revealed - and it changed everything.

God gene?

'Judeo-Christian' is a recently invented word:

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While every one was focused on thedelusional nature of the Covin scam in the experimental DNA, boudu juiceinjections, a new truth was quietly revealed and it changed everything. Thelatest news, history and analysis from the perspective of the first Christianstune into the FBOM twenty four seven radio stream when you're analyzing, something isobvious- is the preplanned ovid world wide reset a violent movement of socioeconomic tectonic plates that jars and stuns people into a new reality? It'seasy to get lost in conspiracy, rabbit holes. Many of them were designed toconfuse and frighten you to keep you guessing as the one percent got down tothe serious business of injecting a D N, a bio weapon into as many people aspossible as quickly as possible. We've done numerous episodes on the wise andhowls of the Covin scam and demonstrated why we know it's part of alarger satanic agenda. Now, that's not hyperbole! It's a fact and that's whymany of the pre nisin faiths, including the marcine Christian church band,these DNA bio weapons almost a year ago, but let's set theology aside for amoment and put to rest a few secular fairy tales masquerading his sciencefirst, the mercy nite church isn't anti VAX. We are anti bio weapon, you seefor us to be charged with being anti vacks. They first have to have avaccine and they don't. They have an experimental D N, a bio weapon, not avaccine at best it might reduce flu symptoms depending on the Lunar Cycleand what planet you happen to be on, but that's not a vaccine. It's calledAspirin. The second delusion being marketed by the one percent centralizedmedia propaganda outlets. Is that we're... the midst of an emergency of medicalpandemic? No were not the sickness and death rate since the coved fraud wasfirst rolled out or no different than other years, and just as the onepercent quietly erased the term natural immunity from mention on theirpropaganda outlets and literally change. The definition of what a vaccine is inthe dictionary to include experimental, Rona Bio weapons. We also expect themto change what the definition of the word pandemic is, so that it fits theirfalse narrative and marketing campaign. Now, just as you need to be trickedinto taking the injection, your cells need to be tricked into allowing thebio weapon inside of them. In short, we have a vinal of vaccine in name only,and this Vino is a gene mutating bio weapon. Now, that's assuming you livelong enough for it to begin altering your DNA, thousands get the injectionand simply die immediately. In fact, the EU the European Union defines theseovid. JABS IS G Moos and they had to hold in a mergency session to changetheir anti g Mo laws in order for them to be tested and used in Europe. LongStory Short we're talking about Frankenstein Voodoo juice in a syringeto what end are they employing these Gen Mutatos? The enter is usually anendless array of rabbit holes in conjecture, good for selling productson a podcast or TV show, but not much else have they found a way to isolateand destroy. What is known, is the God gene our genetic connection to receiveand transmit to subconsciously vibrate with God, it's pretty interesting in the earlyyears of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations, the military fundedstudies that they hoped would help them...

...identify people that were likely to bethe enemy people that were most likely to rebel and fight back and many ofthose rebel military leaders were also spiritual leaders and brain scansshowed that they all shared a common trade of heightened brainwave activityin specific areas. Now, on a genetic level, the so called God, gene iscalled t mat to the Mat dash two I'll led links to the irrelevant material inthe show notes if you're interested in exploring as further now simply putthese caballo wizards want you to believe that they're mutating yourgenetic code to save you from the common cold. Now, if you're stupidenough to believe that, were you really destined to be around that much longeranyway, think about the CEOS of Maduna and Finzer, one of whom is aveterinarian by the way think about Schwab that Carl Schwab over it thatwea the world economic form think about who has the control over yourcentralized media and banking industries? Think about how they've allmoved is one in lack step as the Ovid scam was unveiled and the Gen mutatorinjections were rolled out. No heated arguments, no debates, no back trackingon what the solution is: Total Lockstep and movement in the same direction.That's not a coincidence. It's called a plan and it was planned from day onenow think about what would have happened two thousand years ago, if thePharisees had had the ability to kill and control their enemies in slaves ona genetic level. With these people that Jesus called Satan's children have usedthe technology to kill and injure and enslave think about beliefs that theyhold even to this day that their deity in the Hebrew Bible. What was later renamed to be the Old Testament? What it...

...instructs them to do, how it instructsthem to kill every man, woman or child that they find, who is geneticallyrelated to the AMELEKITES? Their rabbis teach that even to day in their Oshebaand shoals, their tatus is mother's milk. This is simply part of theirchildhood curriculum. Imagine the six psychosis behind something like thatgeneration after generation wallowing the same troth of eternal hateinventions, so much so that their holidays are literally celebrations ofthe death of their enemies from thousands of years ago, with the exactdays dictated by the lunar cycle, talk about Barking, Moon, bats and you're,going to roll up your sleeve and let them inject you with some unknownexperimental gene mutator. Let's look a little deeper into their reprobateminds and read what else they have to say what their colonel did, commandsthem to do quote: Unquote, Kill Them all old and young girls and women andlittle children defile the temple. The Lord commanded fill its courtyards withcorpses. Go that's from Zehen six. Now, that's from the mind of a demonicallypossessed person. That is not something that Jesus for his father would eversay or tell you to do. But let's look at another example from their manual ofdepravity quote: Unquote. If two men are fighting and the wife of one stepsin to rescue her husband from the one striking him and she reaches out herhand and grabs his genitals, you are to cut off her hand. You must show her nopity. That's from Du Doron, my twenty five twelve think about that. They evenadded psychological guidance at the end of it show her no pity is she screamingand struggling the blood is gushing out. Tendons are popping as they're beingsevered, but show her. No pity is that...

...the word of God or a page of scriptfrom the horror movie saw whatever it is. It has nothing to do with theChristian God only reveal to us through his son Jesus Christ. You see these aresome very sick and disturbed people and they've been this way for thousands ofyears and all of this without even discussing their Tamen, that's anothersubject for another show when Jesus told them. You do not know, God, andGod does not know you. He was very clear and direct with these people, andnow they are, as we see them so often do there they're going to invert whatJesus said. Imagine if, through this Voodoo juice injection, it is you thatwill no longer know God. Now, one of the present day thought leaders of thePharisees is an attorney named Allen. Derschau may know him from his day's,representing Geoffrey Epstein and president trump he's an advocate oftorturing prisoners and says nobody has a right not to be vaccinated or maskedhe's a very skilled debater. So I would put the Amaleck question to him remembering his did's commandment inthe Old Testament his Tora. If he was confronted with an infant who was knownto him. One hundred per cent no question to be a descendant of theAMALEKITES. Would he kill it and after hours of dissembling, Olympiansemantics work games, verbal gymnastics, narrative, reframing and three hundredAMIC is briefs filed by international human rights groups. Allen wouldultimately be forced to give his one word answer, which of course, can onlybe. Yes, you see the same people that cut off hands and murder, women andchildren on instructions from their Hebrew Deity. Now want you to roll upyour sleeve and extend your arms, so they can inject you with somethingexperimental created by companies they...

...own and that has been tested usingmurdered babies, they're, even twirling magic chickens and injecting this fatalvoodoo juice into children. Children who have a better chance of beingstruck by lightning than dying of what they claim is ovid now. Are you surethat you've, given this in have thought and by the way you won't find that OldTestament? In the first Christian Bible of one forty four d you see in thebeginning, Christians knew who killed Christ and they knew their God wasdifferent. I'll, have a link in the show notes if you want to download thefree e book version now, back to the point, we don't have a medical healthpandemic. What we have is a satanic marketing campaign and it's beingfunded with your tax dollars, thanks to a change in the Smith month, act backin two thousand and fourteen now that act allows military, great propagandato be broadcast inside of America's borders. The third leg of the scaminvolved outright bribery, getting the leaders of smaller countries to goalong with the lack downs, the mass and other security theater commonly used inColton doctrinated techniques. That was all relatively easy with billions ofdollars in the form of payoffs. From the I M F in World Bank. Now, on itsface, it looks like all the elements are in place and interlocked everythingis together. That would be necessary to pull off one of the biggest hoaxes inhistory, while maybe the second biggest hoax. You see in many ways we're a mereimage of the late. Neen is Germany. That was a country whose industries andinstitutions were one hundred percent subverted by an alien culture ofcaustic fifth column, that held sway over every aspect of their lives. Butthis time, instead of merely infesting...

...a few countries, as we saw in Germany,the Bolshevik takeover in Russia and Mexico, this time they're going rulewide and to go world wide. You need a fake plague. You need a mechanism thatcan be used to justify actions and changes anywhere and everywhere on theplanet and that's what the word coved does. But there was still a piecemissing before the coved scam could be rolled out and it was important.Frankly, it was the key that would decide if the fraud could be pulled offsuccessfully and without its participation agreement and endorsementcovil would be dead on arrival. That key was the churches or what we nowknow. As the wolf in Shepherd's clothing, every major church anddenomination has rolled over and submitted the Covin scam and itsprotocols. Since the day it was first rolled out instant, genuflection andgrovelling to this invisible entity. This unseen power with the ability toshut down the world economy and put the planet under house arrest, maskedpriests, communion and singing band people separated, like cattle lists ofprisoners, turned over to authorities Bolshevism on parade, and then the fakevaccines were rolled out each in every one of them at minimum has been testedusing a boarded baby cells. Now I'm not even going to get into the details ofwhat happens when those babies are removed alive. All the churches knewthis, and not only did they tell the parishioners to get injected with it.They opened their doors wide and converted their churches into massinjection centers. Keeping in mind that these were the very same doors thatthey kept closed for mass. It's one hundred percent capitulation onehundred percent submission to say: Let's go to the tape, Lutherans,Catholics, Baptists, Episcopalians,...

Anglicans, Mormons seventh day andVentis Church of England Jehovah witnesses, although to be honest, theykind of weasled out of it a little bit. They tell their people to just listento the authorities, so they're, just completely spineless, I mean do theyeven do their own praying or do they contract it out? It's pretty disgusting,but the good news is that they stop going door the door with their coldpamphlet. So it's not a total loss anyway. Yes, even the Amish are gettingjabbed, they all rolled over and converted to Satanic Ovids, and it wasa lot easier than you thought. You See. These churches were all wobbling, JengaTowers, built on sand, and there were two key points in history that causedfractures that were simply not survival. The first one was in three twenty five,a d at the Council of NICEA and the most recent was in the nineteenthcentury. When the word Judaeo Christian was first invented. I'm going to havelinks in the show notes in which we cover both of those events in death andcertainly worth watching if you're interested, but believe it or not. Somegood did come from this unmitigated disaster. You see when they submittedto this satanic reset and started injecting their own parishioners withbio weapons. It allowed everyone anyone all of us with eyes to see to knowwhich churches are true, which shepherds really are shepherds and notwolves in Shepherd's clothing. No longer do you have to guess and wonderwho is on the side of Christ and who is trying to lead you to the SpiritualDead Sea. You can now see that for yourself, it's a definitive litmus test.Very few churches stood their ground when the Satan resaid the Fellas, butthe mercy, and I Christian church is among the few that did in fact theybanned these RNA coved injections a year ago, and they went on recordcalling out the reset for what it was... Of course, there was laughing andmocking afterwards, a year ago nobody could see where this was all headed andnobody is laughing. Now. Remember you didn't leave your church, your churchleft you when they took off their masks and revealed themselves as Wol. TheApostle Paul tells us what to do when confronted with situations like this,you are to shun them, find a new church that didn't submit, and, in themeantime now it's a good time to read that First Bible of ondred forty four,a d. It was the corner stone of faith for millions of these first Christians,these pre nicene Christians and you can get that as a free e book at the VeryFirst Bible dot word. We are reminded that when one door closes, anotheropens recheck the mask, reject the testing reject of Voodoo Jewsinjections, I'm Deren Kalama- and this is first news on f PM, original videos. Interviews andarticles read the very first Bible anywhere the FN goes everywhere. Your passportis one click away.

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